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What happened to this site? My God...Category: (general)
Wednesday, 29 July 2009
01:27:27 PM (GMT)
Kupika used to be a great site a couple'a years ago. Back when it was more like a
small community. Things were better when we had the old guys around. Sashikineko,
Raveralchemist, DarkOekaki, Nirrum, etc. Back when things were simple and the entire
site wasn't obsessed with who draws the best or who has the cutest avatar. Then
Sashikineko started drawing just a bit better and got full of herself and got a
legion of rabid fans, Raveralchemist was in a huge scandal involving her pictures,
and DarkOekaki got better and started acting more self-centered and 'special', same
with Nirrum. I don't care if you disagree with my views, and if you're one of their
fantards, don't bother commenting because you'll just put some unintelligent response
like "OHMYGODDDDWHATYOUTALKEENABOUTTTT." I really don't want to deal with that
I used to be a member of this site back then. I didn't draw or anything, so it wasn't
like I was well known. But my god. This site is all about who can draw the cutest
stuff or who has the most friends or who has the prettiest profile or who kisses the
most ass. It's sad. I came back here on a whim because I was curious to see if things
were still the same. Boy, they're not. People are using Kupika to get attention by
posting "BAWWWW!" sob-stories, post their probably fake pictures in the new 'pics'
section so they have a legion of people telling them they're pretty because they're
so insecure, so on and so forth. 
This site is just an encyclopediadramatica article waiting to happen. : / 

Oh. And on a side note, back when I was a member of this site, there wasn't over 9000
people running around going "OMGGGG I'M SCENE YO" or "OMGGG I'M EMO" or "OMGGGG I'M
GOTH" or "OMGGG I'M PREP". There were only a handful of those kids.
Now they're the popular ones here.
Disgusting. xD
Last edited: 29 July 2009

karolinacake says:   29 July 2009   251819  
I would agree with you, but
"This site is just an encyclopediadramatica article waiting to

Get that out of here.
You make me really angry. >:C
OrigamiChinchilla says:   29 July 2009   423153  
Uh, no. xD
I like Encyclopedia Dramatica. Most of the stuff on there deserves to
be on there. 
And it's the truth. It's kinda like gaia. : /
Nostalgia says:   2 August 2009   846982  
Mm, you make valid points, my dear.
Very valid points. My first solid account was created around eight
months ago and I had a good time but then teh internets duh-rama came
about and made this site full of faggotry. In fact, since I left it's
been nothing but a festering cesspool of faggotry.  There are fights
every day. Over stupid shit. God-awful trolls. Fake accounts and
pointless bashing. And the oekakis are even worse. It's all animu
shit. I like anime and all, but that trend needs to stop. 

The least they can do is post Cracky-chan. And ED is a pretty cool
site, by the way. This site is dying. It's infected with
god-knows-what and it needs some chemo.

‹branches› says:   2 August 2009   599929  
Holy crap I'd forgotten about Raver-Sama. o:

I remember the Olde Ye Kupika Days.
I was a total bitch and wanted to be an artist, just like Nirrum.

Yeah, shit changes. Sometimes for the worse. But bad needs to happen
for good.
"Que sera, sera."
Wait, that's about the future isn't it?
. . .
Damn it. Anyway, life goes on.
OrigamiChinchilla says:   3 August 2009   349769  
Yeahh, nothing much you can do to change the way the site is, now. :
/ I guess it could always be worse... But, well, it's gradually
getting worse. I blame the publicity. xD;
Kyun_yo says:   9 August 2009   455798  
Lol, it'll get worse from now on. xP This site is a perfect example
of how our world will look in the future. :'D 
‹Fairy.Wind.› says :   10 August 2009   156377  
I joined in 2007 and yeah. It's changed. All the cuteness is gone and
anorexic scene girls are taking over!


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