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So this is what I'm like.Category: (general)
Tuesday, 28 July 2009
02:17:32 PM (GMT)


You're comfortable expressing yourself in words and actions, with no self-censorship.
You believe that if someone doesn't like what they see it's not your problem, but
theirs. A high score on the "accessible" trait suggests that you have a lot of
friends, socialize often, and enjoy rap/hip-hop music.

You don't see the need to keep your thoughts to yourself, or to have a zone of
privacy that encompasses only yourself and a small circle of friends and relatives.


You often feel balanced and on top of things, even when those around you are freaking
out. You're in a pretty good state all the time, and not subject to drastic mood

You don't usually react before you think; you're not ruled by your emotions.


You are thoughtful, rational, and comfortable in the world of ideas. People find you
interesting to talk to. You're the living embodiment of the saying "You learn
something new every day." In general, those with a high score on the "intellectual"
trait are employed in such fields as teaching and research, and are enthusiastic
about reading, foreign films, and classical music.

You do not avoid abstract conversation, experimenting with new ideas, or studying new
things. It bores you to stick to the straight and narrow of what you already know.


You are a people person. You're much more likely to be found in the middle of a crowd
than home alone. When there's a good time to be had, you're likely to be having it.

You are not necessarily happier when you're by yourself, and would not choose to be
home alone rather than, say, in a crowded club with your friends.


You get done what you need to get done without pondering "hidden meanings" or feeling
compelled to figure out how everything works; you're happy taking things as they are,
dealing with them, and moving on.

You're not obsessed with getting to the bottom of everything. For instance, as long
as you know what someone did you don't necessarily need to know why they did it.

You enjoy teamwork, play well with others, and prefer getting along to winning.

You're not compelled to win every contest nor to be right all the time.


You are constantly coming up with new ideas. For you, the world as it exists is just
a jumping-off place; what's going on inside your mind is often more interesting than
what's going on outside.

You don't feel that the road to success is to be a realist and stick to the program;
you never stop yourself from coming up with new ideas or telling the world what
you're thinking about.


You have high standards, and aren't shy about it. Some may feel that you are cruel,
but "the truth hurts," and you're just the messenger.

You do not hesitate to offer criticism when it is deserved, and you don't necessarily
want to hear anyone's excuses for not living up to your standards.


You often feel that you are above the rules that most other people follow. In this
dog-eat-dog world, you are are willing to do what it takes to get ahead, even if it
sometimes means stepping on others' toes.

You don't see the point of treating everyone with respect, or being absolutely honest
and fair, when it's so clear that you sometimes have to bend the rules to get ahead.


You look before you leap, think before you act, consider what you're about to say
before you open your mouth to speak; that's why you rarely have to eat your words.

You usually don't get excited easily or blurt out the first thing that comes to mind
without considering the consequences.

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