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Insult your top 36 musical artists! 8DCategory: Music and Stuff
Sunday, 26 July 2009
09:06:59 PM (GMT)
1. Matchbox Twenty
Damn it guys, make up your minds. Decide who's in the band and who's not. Also, do
more shit together. Stop having 6 years between albums. 

2. Rob Thomas
You can't dance and you make the greatest faces when you sing. Grow your hair out

3. After Midnight Project
Stop having shows in my area that are 18+/part of a massive expensive tour

4. The Grateful Dead
You're nowhere near the same without Jerry, and your live songs are unbearably long.

5. Kiros
Get the guy who sings Dear Michigan back. Ryan and Tyler would be pretty girls.

6. All Time Low
A lot of your songs sound the same. Good thing they're awesome.

7. Lauren O'Connell
You got deported from England.

8. Tabitha's Secret
You no longer exist. In theory. 

9. Hootie & The Blowfish
I mean really? Your name is rediculous.

10. U2
Your counting in Vertigo failed so badly. Uno, dos, tres, catorce? Are you kidding
me? Get it right.

11. Creed
You sound too Christian.

12. Norah Jones
Some of your songs are just annoyances to listen to.

13. JET
Are You Gonna Be My Girl is way too overplayed.

14. Queen
You asked Adam Lambert to be your lead singer. Even he said he wasn't worthy.

15. The Band
The Last Waltz wasn't that great.

16. The Beatles
You just can't be insulted.

17. Willy Porter
Why not Will? You're a grown man.

18. The Calling
You put out a CD with two songs on it.

19. Dot Dot Dot
You didn't win Next Great American Band.

20. Goo Goo Dolls
Your name is funny.

21. Lifehouse
You sound a lot like goo Goo Dolls. Be original.

22. Green Day
Your American Idiot CD has so many songs. It confuses me sometimes.

23. Jimmy Buffet
My mom thinks that the line in Margaritaville is 'I stepped on a Pop Tart"

24. John Mayer
I'm not a big fan of your blues-y stuff.

25. Joni Mitchell
I love you, but you completely escaped my mind up until number 25.

26. Neil Diamond
You're fun to imitate.

27. Simon & Garfunkel
You should get back together.

28. Pink Floyd
You mental drug addicts, you.

29. Sarah McLachlan
My 8th grade English teacher likes you.

30. Stone Temple Pilots
I mix up your songs all the time.

31. Train
Your other version of When I Look to the Sky is better than the original.

32. Jimi Hendrix
Windows Movie Maker won't let me use Fire.

33. Santana
Rob Thomas is so amazing that instead of just writing Smooth, he had to sing it too.

34. Plain White T's
I really only know about four of your songs, but I'm running out of bands.

35. Julia Nunes
College Humor allegedly insulted your ukulele. Rofl.

36. Anyone else
Either I only know one of your songs, or I just forgot about you. Sorry.

37. Randy/Hating Midnight/Francis the Llama
You just won't accept that ily most.
Last edited: 26 July 2009

lindworm says:   26 July 2009   871248  
i love rob thomases song fire on the mountain
saralyn247 says:   26 July 2009   999126  
I do too. 8D He's amazing.
Jolestio says:   26 July 2009   451837  
#37 all the way. x]
saralyn247 says:   26 July 2009   691291  
Yes. 37 is the best. XD
Bootheghost says:   26 July 2009   963567  
37 is the best. FOSHO. :3
lindworm says:   26 July 2009   691354  
i got the words to fire in the mountian memorized
saralyn247 says:   26 July 2009   665588  
Lucy: YESS. x]
lindworm: Yeah? I got the words to almost every song he's ever written
memorized. xD
‹branches› says :   26 July 2009   359149  
I swear to God.


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