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Friday, 24 July 2009
02:40:51 AM (GMT)
The Twilight books aren't very good. They aren't awful, but they are very bad. But
that's not why I dislike Twilight_gurly_gurl.

She's a total racist!
"cuz chocofaggot is a twilight hater and so if shes asian hen all asaisn h8 twiligth
and sam wit her cuz she h8s twiliht"

And very stupid.
"wat is a troll and gosh"

Also, I strongly suspect that she's insane, as she is convinced that Edward Cullen
has visited her.
"ur just jealous deal wit it cuz he comes to me evey nite"
"no he visits me fr realz ur just jealous"
"he is real u jus dont see him"

We are jealous because we don't have hallucinations of condescending (but sparkly)

Seriously kiddo, this is my advice to you-
1) Delete your account. The haters will never leave you alone.
2) Stay off kupika for awhile, until things quiet down.
3) In that time, I would ask you to please, learn how nt 2 tlk liek dis
4) Yes that does mean utilizing capital letters and punctuation.
5) Create a new account that doesn't have anything to do with Twilight in the name,
and try to get a fresh start. Maybe then you could actually makes some friends on
Last edited: 24 July 2009

‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says:   24 July 2009   894963  
Yup, she's a nutter. Edward's fictional, and GAY. No seriously,
listen to the commentary, there's proof he might be gay.

When I had a Harry Potter obsession, I only joked around with my
friends with it, I never actually said, 'If you hate it, I hate YOU.'
Because that would just be pathetic.

So, Kirti, I agree with you 
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   24 July 2009   971978  
Regular Twi-Tard. Not much more I can say except I pity the people
who see her IRL. >.>
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   24 July 2009   571976  
NO edawrd cullen is not gay!!

i really really LOVE Twilight i am Twilights Biggest fan but i woud
neva dis someone because they dont like it!!!

oh that is just my opinion!!! u guys can think whateva u wanna think
thats ok
‹Funn_size› says:   24 July 2009   587789  
i agree she cant talk about ym friends like thT WITHOUT A rael
‹Funn_size› says:   24 July 2009   927493  
sorry caps lock abuse XD
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   24 July 2009   557111  
no she cant!!
tiggerlemon101 says:   24 July 2009   123215  
I love how she thinks forming a "Twilight Army" with all of two
people can take down like 15 teenagers... over the internet.  
...Newsflash, sweetheart; you can't "take people down" over the
internet.  It is not physically possible.  Sorry, babe, but that's the
sexy5 says:   24 July 2009   979376  
thank i did not know what all she was in to but i am noing to help
her make an army
‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says:   24 July 2009   935678  
Jade, dear, I'm not saying he's gay because of the fun of it. Please
listen to the commentary and listen carefullt when Edward and Bella
are at the restaraunt, I'm not lying, I swear!

Hehe, I joined the Anti-Twilight army. I'm giving all my Twilight
books to charity because of her. Or to Jade xD
Kirti says:   24 July 2009   615232  
Oh dear. If the twi-hard is racist, and multiple twi-haters are
homophobic, which side should I be on?
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   24 July 2009   934265  
I h8 ppl who tlk lyk dis on da internet.
It makes you like you're illeterate.

I so agree with you. How can you be racist because someone doesn't
like Twilight? I used to be a heavy fan myself before I realized it
just wasn't that good. 
And, if Edward Cullen comes visit you, then good for you. I really
don't want him to visit me saying he's a FICTIONAL character. 

But, hey, what's a sane person to judge an insane person?
‹ECSTATIC.♥› says:   24 July 2009   629216  
All I can say about Twilight_gurly_gurl is that she's stupid. And
doesn't know what she is saying. :D
tiggerlemon101 says:   25 July 2009   885918  
Kirti- I don't think she meant it in a homophobic sense, just that it
was a fact that the troll would probably reply to by saying "no hes
not ur a retrd".
Anyway, I'm not really sure why, but I know I'd take a homophobe over
someone who thinks all Asians deserve to die any day.
starchesa says:   25 July 2009   797696  
omg, the whole reason why i got an account on kupika was to rant at
that troll! xD that was the most racist thing ive ever heard! oh ya,
and "he comes to me every night?!?" are you freakin' kidding me? i
laughed my butt off for an hour reading her dumb responses to every
single person who commented. Asians rock! i love watching nigahiga
videos on youtube (and they're asian, twi-hard, if that was too hard
to get  btw, how's your army coming along miss 4'9" (ha! i'm taller
than you, and not to mention older :P) wow, now that i think about it,
i should've posted this on HER (the troll's) diary instead... whatever
- she shall read it. (p.s. - haaaaayyyy tiggerlemon101 ---> it's sarah
brittany_lover says:   25 July 2009   172916  
i love the twilight book and movie...
Kirti says :   26 July 2009   864488  
But do you like the racist?

Tiger- Yeah, I know. Of course I'll always be on your side. Still
though, being homophobic is just not cool.

Oh dear, TGG hasn't graced us with her precence. Did she quit yet?


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