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Duuuudes. I got high at the hospital. 8'DCategory: Omygaw
Wednesday, 22 July 2009
01:39:40 PM (GMT)
First of all, I apologize for neglecting Kupika.
I've been cheating on you with Roliana, screen name [[Rainbow Crack]].
I have an art shop there, and, well, I've met someone cool. D:
Her name is Roo, and she's an awesome artist. x]
And my best customer. 8'D

Anyway, this diary is about getting high at the hospital Monday. xD

So, I went into the Texas Children's Hospital for an upper endoscopy.
That's the procedure where they take a miniature camera, stick it down your throat,
and have a look around. 8'D
We got there late [[we got a flat tire on the way there. Seriously? I thought that
only happened in movies]] and the doctor had to come back.
Dude. I love Dr. Thakkar. He is SO HOT. xD

I got all set up for the procedure: An IV, this weird bandage thing around my finger,
and three little suction things below my collar bone and on my left side.
They strolled me into the room and put a sedative in my arm.... and I blacked out.
According to my mom, I got loopy already. She'd ask me truth questions, and I'd
I 'fell asleep' before I answered the 'Who-do-you-like?' question. MWAHA. Justice
And I woke back up when she kissed my forehead and was about to leave.
i was like 'Noooo... +sleep+ Nooooo +sleep+ NOOOOO.. +finally asleep+' xD

I woke up from a dream where I was on an orange magical bed.
AND MAN. I was their happiest patient. xD [[usually patients are emotional or
I ws telling the nurses I loved them, asking my mom about a gajillion times if the
procedure's over, what she was doing during the procedure, tried singing Dancing
Queen but didn't get past the first line in the chorus: 'DANCING QUEEN... I forget
the rest, hahaha', tried to do the DARE logo:: "D something something, A do attitude
heehee, R respected myself, E educate you now" "No, Lora. Educate yourself now."
"Whatever", and so on.
It was all pretty interesting. The weird part is that I remember everything. xD
Then only thing I held back on was when my mom asked me what I think of Dr. Thakkar:
"+looks  around to check if nobody's watching+ ...+whisper+ He's still cute +falls
asleep for 1 second+"

‹Puppeh.› says:   22 July 2009   974955  
I haven't played Roliana in a while! I need to make a new account. xD
Jimmeh has a crush on her doctorrr. :} Jimmeh gimme your magic bed. I
need it to keep me from having weird dreams like having a magical bed.
O_o I love the song Dancing Queen by ABBA. But I forgot the lyrics
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   22 July 2009   874671  
Ooooh, yes. My doctor was smexy. Cx

But... I like my magical bed. D:

I usually know all the lyrics to songs, but I guess high, I don't...
Oroborus21 says:   22 July 2009   649819  
haha thats funny and amusing and entertaing... i hope you will be ok

...let your friends know next time before you go under general
anathesia! an extra prayer or too wouldnt hurt .....
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says :   22 July 2009   452466  
I had some people know :O
We all wanted to video tape it. xD


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