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City of Confusion - Chapter 1 - Welcome to the CityCategory: City of Confusion
Tuesday, 7 July 2009
09:46:18 PM (GMT)
Anabelle stepped out of the crowded cab, the sun glistening off the glass buildings
around her shining in her blue-grey eyes. She reached up to the top of her head where
her sunglasses sat. She pulled the dark frames over her eyes. She glanced around. The
buildings loomed over her, welcoming and intimidating. But she was not very easily
intimidated. She smiled at the thought. She turned on her thickly soled combat boot
heel and walked over the back of the cab, where her friends, Evanna and Katilix had
begun to unpack their suitcases from the trunk of the cab.

"Didja pay the driver, Kat?" She asked Katilix.

"Oh! Golly gee, no! I didn't know we were supposed to pay these guys! I thought they
just had nothing better to do than drive people around all day! Oh noes!" She

Anabelle just looked over her glasses at her friend. Katilix had powder pink hair,
and almond Asian eyes set into a soft, fair face. She was the youngest in the group,
although only by a year. You could tell by her height, but not by her attitude. She
wore a black and red corset top, black goth cargo pants, and black running shoes. Her
black and red nails were chipped, giving her the bleeding, broken effect she meant to

"Of course I payed him. Sheez! No faith in me," she mumbled, pretending it was to
herself while undoubtably mentally making sure it was loud enough for us to hear.

Evanna just laughed. She was beautiful. Long blonde hair, some color to her skin. She
was the most normal-looking of us all. She wore jeans, a plain black top, and a
musical note necklace she somehow wrapped into a choker and a necklace without
hurting herself, a talent Anabelle never could seem to master.

We continued to unpack the luggage and another cab pulled up behind us. Two girls
stepped out. One was tall and thin with long blonde hair. Super-model type, right?
Well, don't let her hear you saying that. She was dressed in a black tee, black pants
and black converse. Striking contrast to her light skin and blond hair. The other
girl caught your eye for a different reason. While the first girl was tall, the other
was average height, but wearing a bright pink checked hoodie and bright purple hair.
She wore bright blue sunglasses, and Anabelle knew that if you took those away, you
would find beautiful eyes lined with black eyeliner, drug out into a cat-eye and
decorated with neon dots and curls. The first was Rose, the second, Rachel, two more
of Anabelle's friends.

The trio finished unpacking their things and Evanna slammed the trunk with a thud.
The driver realized they were done and quickly sped off. They picked up their things
and walked over to the two girls. Kaitlix's trusty purse, laden with pins and
keychains jingled merrily to the beat of their steps. They walked in synchronized
motion to the beat they were all aware of. It's just the way we were. What we
did. How well we knew each other,Anabelle thought to herself.

They stopped behind the girls. Katilix skipped over to pay the driver as Evanna and
Anabelle helped Rose and Rachel unpack their things. They finished and the cab sped
off just as the girls gathered in a circle with their things.

"Good, we're all here," Anabelle said with a grin. She looked around her. She felt
her anxiety ease as she took in the familiarity in her companions. Rachel stood hands
on her belts. She wore three. One to rest each hand on and one to hold up her pants.
Katilix step-touched back and forth, as was the normal behavior for her. Apparently
you just can't turn either the hyperness or the dancer-thing off. Rose leaned against
a light pole, which Anabelle noticed bore an ironic resemblance to her friend. She
had her arm resting on Evanna's shoulder, who stood with her arms crossed.

"I do believe we have everything together we need," Anabelle said, making it more of
a question than a sure statement. She trusted these girls with her life, but with a
plan this fragile, well, she just couldn't help but be nervous.

"All togetha boss," Katilix saluted, clicking her heels together.

"Mhm," Rachel nodded.

"Naturally," Evanna said, the constant tone of intelligence and amusement she had
enunciating every syllable.

"Oh, of course. I got the fun job," Rose said, sadistic smile painted on her face.

"Good," a relieved smile appeared on Annabelle's face, "Now, you know the plan. You
know who the targets are." She looked to each of her friends. They all wore smiles,
ranging from amused, to excited, to just plain evil.

"Let's go to our new home," She said, her reserved relieved smile turning into
something more fitting of the cat that ate the canary, the gold plated, diamond
encrusted canary, and was plotting a way to get a medal for it.

They walked off down the crowded city street to their destination, suitcases in hand,
and each in step with the others.
Last edited: 8 July 2009

Katilix says:   8 July 2009   712649  


They're goin' doooown.
gothprincess says:   8 July 2009   188728  
oh yeah...haha
Katilix says:   9 July 2009   761487  

*sneaks into corner with blueprints*

*whisper* And then we *whisper* And she's *whisper* Hang hats on him
and things...
gothprincess says:   9 July 2009   483591
Rose_Baker says:   13 July 2009   972435  
I the fun job!!!
(does little happy dance)
gothprincess says:   14 July 2009   585169  
haha i knew youd like it
Rose_Baker says :   14 July 2009   125181  
I don't like it...........
 I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!


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