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i could use somebody,Category: Surveys
Saturday, 4 July 2009
01:03:53 PM (GMT)
Have you ever lived with a friend?
hah, no. i wish.

What is your favorite tv show?
gossip girl. FUCK YES.

Ever wear lipstick?

Do you have your own house key, and how often do you actually use it?
i don't. never.

What lyrics do you hear right now?
i'm not listening to music.

Do you love/hate the smell of sharpies?
i LOVE it.

How often do you eat chocolate?
i don't even know. maybe once every two weeks? i don't really love chocolate

If you have a facebook, what applications do you like to use on it?
quizzes and the answers about your friends thing.

Have you ever only liked someone because you found out they liked you?
sort of. i found out they liked me, and it made me actually think of them in that way
and i realized i liked them.

Do you still talk to your friends from elementary school?
yes, i do.

Ever baked a pie?
i don't think i have, personally.

How often do you wash dishes at your house?
put the dishes in our dishwasher? hah, never. lmfao.

Ever make your own chocolate milk with nesquik?

Ever have the falling dream, and then jerk awake?
i do that when i'm awake, homie. and i swear if another fucking survey asks me that i
will die.

Do you know what time you were born, and what day of the week it was?
i was born at 9:11 at night. i'm freaking cursed. i don't know what day of the week
it was, i can check though (:

What's on your mind right now?
horse racing.

Do you think people act weirder or that stranger things happen when there's a full
haha no.

Do you know anything about Buddhism?
my entire family is buddhist. so yeah.

Don't you hate the taste on your tongue after licking an envelope?
i despise it.

Listen to gym class heroes?
of course ♥

Ever taken benadryl and gotten real drowsy?

Would you rather have ice cream or cake for dessert?
frozen yogurt. i don't love either of those.

Ever been on a real diet, or did you just stop eating?
i've been on a diet, and i've stopped eating.

If you wear glasses, do you find yourself wiping them constantly to clean them?
i never clean my glasses, rofl.

Is anything hanging from the doorknob in your room?
a scarf.

How about from the rearview mirror in your car?
i don't drive. relax with this question.

Do you prefer mint, citrus, or cinnamon toothpaste?

If you're willing to share, what was your last text about?
It's from Maddie. It says:
"idk, emily was like spreading rumors and giving me dirty looks and i was just like
whatever. then i heard you guys make the milkshake joke and i couldn't take it when
dana dumped me, i just started  crying over on the benches."

Does your favorite shirt have words on it?
i don't have a favourite shirt.

What SPF of sunscreen do you use?
like 15.

Did you buy your car from a dealership or private owner?
I. Don't. Have. A. Car. GET THAT IN YOUR HEAD.

Who was the last person whose phone number you added to your contacts?
kayden's cousin, lizzie.

Where did you last sleep?
my bed.

How did you spend your weekend?
past weekend? i can't even remember. i don't keep track of days anymore.

Who all were you with?
i don't remember.

Name 3 things you're wearing and where they're from.
a vintage skirt from urban outfitters. 
a  navy blue v - neck from BP
and yellow and navy blue keds from KEDS.

Whose voice did you last hear?
bob marley's.

The last time you drank alcohol, what did you drink?

Are any of your top Myspace friends an ex?
haha, yes.

Have you ever broken a mirror?
yes, i have.

Do you like marshmallows in your hot chocolate?
the really little ones, hell yeah.

Would you rather have a pet chinchilla or a ferret?
FMDMJFD CHINCHILLA. i've always wanted oneeee.

If you've ever gotten into a car accident, whose fault was it?
i've never crashed a car while i was driving.

What was the last YouTube video you watched?
use somebody - kings of leon

Do you know of a song that has your name in the lyrics?
not that i know of.

Are you taller than your siblings?
hah i have one brother that is like 6'2

Name something that could make today better for you:
illegal fireworks.

When was the last time you ate macaroni and cheese?
ew idk. i love mac&cheese, but that sounds DISGUSTING right now.

Do you enjoy the wind, or does it annoy you?
i love wind.

Are you better at remembering names or faces?

Diet or regular soda?
regular. diet soda is so bad for you. haha.

What's your favorite piece of furniture in your room?
my vintage couch ♥

What was the last Disney movie you watched?
i don't even remember. like camp rock? LMFAO.
oh wait, another cinderella story, back when gabriel and i were dating and talked
about that movie all the time.

How long have you lived in your current residence?
like eight years.

Did anybody witness the last time you danced?
haha like ninety people.

Plans for tomorrow?
no idea.

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