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Angel's teardropsCategory: Poetry
Thursday, 25 June 2009
11:54:55 PM (GMT)
My guardian angel, once careless and free,flew into the clouds and lost touch with
me.Her tears were cold and wet, falling on my face.Her smile had left us without a
trace.Her angelic lips quivered, frozen and scared,I felt rain clouds visiting, and
had to prepare.I knew that angels, often content,were very special presents that God
had sent.To see one so sad,so afraid,so alone,had made me weep while the cold winds
had blown.Her wings lost feathers,comforting and soft,falling from the stars,floating
aloft.Her pain was felt throughout the land,to feel true misery is impossible to
stand.I prayed so that when her hurting stops,I'll be able to taste the angel's

Dedicated to my close friend Rena who died today....

november 18, 1992-Jun 25, 2009
Don't be dismayed at goodbyes, a farewell is necessary before you can meet again and
meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.

Rest in peace; my friend.....
Last edited: 30 June 2009

‹Chrishanson called himself gay PROOFWILLBESUPPLY› says:   26 June 2009   379445  
omg u poor soul
ihope ur not to sad 
‹♥-♫~Wild At Heart~♫-♥› says:   26 June 2009   656756  
Aww...Im soooo sorry Hunny...R u okay?
U kno im here if u need someone to talk to....Hey and just kno...She
is still with u no matter how far she is...Shes in ur heart and now in
mine...I care for u alot and if u need me for anything just say
so...Im always here for u and anyone else who needs a friend!!...I
Love u like a brother and im sorry u have to go throw this!!May She
RIP!!My love go's out to Her family and friends...And to u!!Im not a
great Angel but i can be ur Almost great angel!!I just want to see u
‹零Drewsun零› says:   26 June 2009   978698  
sigh.......i dont know why lifes worth living anymore....
‹new account    inYOURface› says:   26 June 2009   816832  
Drew,,dnt say that
Just remember the hurt we will feel if you go
Im here for you kk
I dnt want you tto be sad,,I know this sounds stupid at a time like
this,,but please cheer up
‹零Drewsun零› says:   26 June 2009   697939  
‹♥-♫~Wild At Heart~♫-♥› says:   26 June 2009   588641  
Dont say that...U have other friends...And like i said she's still
with u...And ur friends care about u alot!!Like me...If u kill urself
that i'll do the same!!Hunn im here until i die for u know!!Im not
going to lie about that...Ur the reson i get on Kupika..I like to Rp
with u and Be friends with!!..I know i dont know u as well as all ur
other friends but i belive i love u mor than they do!!Hunn Please just
think aboout ur family and other friends before u kill urself!!!
‹零Drewsun零› says:   26 June 2009   412461  
sigh.....i was not think of killing myself, just my
seems emotions only cause destort and pain for me......sigh....
‹♥-♫~Wild At Heart~♫-♥› says:   26 June 2009   525887  
But u kno u friends r here to cheer u up right?
I mean im in my living room Cryin up a storm...And my lil sister
asking me y im crying...The last thing i need is to lose another great
‹零Drewsun零› says:   26 June 2009   315449  
sigh, i see your a box, carried threw
the grounds of witch your ansesters lay, seeing there lifless eyes,
there face....then to see the get burried under hundreds of pounds of
dirt sigh.....

I wount abandin my friends, it just hurts alot
‹♥-♫~Wild At Heart~♫-♥› says:   26 June 2009   336294  
Hunny im sorry...Really i am...But i dont know what to say to make u
happy again...I kno if she was a good friend then she wouldnt want u
to be sad!!She would want u to live life to the fullest...Not sit on
the computer talking to a low life like me...U should be having
fun...With friends that live around u...But i kno u should sleep on it
and if u need someone to talk to im here tomorrow...But i'll try to
stay on today until i have to go to sleep!!
‹零Drewsun零› says:   26 June 2009   956822  
sigh, your not a low life, your kind, every life has meaning, dont
put yourself down, your awesome remember ^_^
‹new account    inYOURface› says:   26 June 2009   448815  
Drew,,I know ur pain,,at least you were allowed to go to her
When my best friend killed herself,,my mother thought the worst of the
girl and said she didn't want me near her,,I wasn't allowed to go,,I
ran away from my parents for a week after that
It was stupid of me to run away,,but at the time I thought it was
I dnt want you to be sad,,I hate it
I really do
I want you to cheer up
I wish I could cheer you up
‹零Drewsun零› says:   26 June 2009   927287  
sigh....won can not move on without puting the past not
removing it, just storing it, waiting when we can unite in another
life.....looks the the sky.....
‹new account    inYOURface› says:   26 June 2009   412713  
I know 
But please be happyer please
‹零Drewsun零› says:   26 June 2009   154462  
ill, try, ill remember shes watching over me
‹new account    inYOURface› says:   26 June 2009   154698  
Yes,,do that
But she is watching over you
‹:Bebeka:› says:   29 June 2009   263842  
I know exactly how you feel
I lost my dear friend Essen on
June.24th. I always wake up crying 
in the middle of the night....twice I've 
lost one of my close friends and One
has really made my soul rip appart with 
the pain of being away.....
‹Little Miss Convienent› says:   30 June 2009   559344  
T3T oh the sadnness....
Im sorry for you, Wishing I could send you a sympthy card......

I wish I could understand.....

(By the way... You said rest in Peach in stead of Rest in peace)
blueangel180 says :   13 July 2009   147544  
hey don get so disappointed!!!
life always seems good if u think good
jus know tht she is in a beter place now


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