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The Emotional Diaries - Chapter fourteen.Category: (general)
Saturday, 20 June 2009
11:16:06 PM (GMT)
"Hey,check out my camera," Annabelle showed off her lime green professional camera
to me.We were in Photography class,and the teacher,Miss Smyles,took us outside for
the class.
     "It looks awesome," I told her.It really did.I wished I had a camera.
     "Here.Let me take a picture of you.Move back," she instructed me.I tippy-toed
backwards until I was leaning against the school's brick wall.
     "Now,pose," she held the camera up to her face.I rubbed my hands up and down my
body,looking seductive to the max.
     "Nice!" she laughed."You're so cute,Avery."
     "Thanks.But yeah,what should I do?"
     "Just pose.Make it hot.I don't care."
     So,I did a bunch of random poses such as the overused peace sign and blowing a
kiss.I also gave her a thumbs up and formed a rock-on sign.She seemed to like it,and
called me "very photogenic".
     After Photography class,which was the last class of the day,I waved to Annabelle
and ran to my locker to grab my bookbag before heading outside.Aunt Marg was picking
me up,but the next day I'd have to take a bus.
     "Avery!" Roman caught up to me as I was about to leave.I noticed that Skye and
Xavier were trailing behind him,Skye's icy glare sending shivers up my spine.
     "Hey guys!What's up?" I asked.
     "We were gonna go out for ice cream.Wanna come?" Roman grinned."If you don't
have any money,Xavier won't mind paying."
     Xavier threw him a WTF look,but didn't argue."Yeah,I'll pay."
     "I'd love to,but-"
     "What?You're too busy hanging out with Annabelle?" Skye said her name in a
baby-ish tone,like it was something negative.
     "Hey.Annabelle's nice.I haven't had any problems with her,so..." I defended
     "Yet,Avery.Yet.She's going to ask you out,dump you,and say shit.She's been doing
that to guys for years," Skye informed me,rolling her eyes.
     "Well,I'll have to see it to believe it,then." I shrugged.
     "So,that's a no for ice cream?" Xavier piped up.
     "Thanks,guys,but I'm gonna pass today.You're welcome to chill at my
house,though,if you want.My aunt won't mind," I explained.I didn't exactly know if
she would mind or not,but whatever.I made new friends,so she'd have to appreciate
that much.
     "I'm craving ice cream,so..come on guys.Let's go." Skye rolled her eyes as
Xavier and Roman threw her "What's your problem?" looks.
     "I'm hungry,okay?I haven't eaten all fucking day."
     "Kay,well...uh...we'll see ya later,Avery." Xavier waved awkwardly as Skye
basically dragged them both away.
     "Bye!" I waved.I turned around to head to aunt Marg's car,when I bumped into
     "Hey!" I jumped back,startled.
     "Hey,Avery.I just wanted to say thanks for being my model in Photography today,"
she began,laughing.
     "No problem.Hey,don't you have to catch a bus?" I asked,pointing to the buses
outside that were about to leave.
     "Oh,shit!" She ran outside,waving to the buses to stop,but her bus was already
gone down the road.
     She came back inside,sighing up a storm."Fuck.I gotta go call my mom,Avery.Talk
to you later."
     "No,no.Wait.You can ride with me," I suggested.
     "What?No,I couldn't do that."
     "Sure you could.My aunt doesn't mind."
     "Are you sure?" She asked.
     "Positive.Come on," I gestured for her to follow me outside.She did,and after
three minutes of looking around,I found aunt Marg's truck.Annabelle followed me to
it.I opened the door to see June in the front seat.Since when was she over 14?I
ignored the fact that she was breaking a law,and asked if aunt Marg would be able to
drive Annabelle home.She said yes,extremely happy that I had made a new friend,just
like I had expected,and we both hopped in the backseat.
     When we got to Annabelle's house,she got out and waved."Hey,uh...Avery.I've got
a question."
     "Uh...I was just wondering...would to go out sometime?For
example,tomorrow I was planning on going out for pizza around suppertime.Would you
like to come?"
     "Yes," I didn't even think.I was being asked out on my first day of fucking
school.What the hell?When did I ever get asked out?

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