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worst storie EVAR :D well not THAT bad i suppose |:<Category: (general)
Monday, 8 June 2009
01:33:23 AM (GMT)
it was a cold night and sylas was at his compputer Bored out of his mind with
hacking the rot c database he needed a new challenge something big something that
will hurt people. ever since he was a child he liked the idea that he hurt people. it
gave him a sense power. and hacking was his way to it he knew that the more he took
from a hospital site or a welfare payment the more people would be hurt.

It was tuesday just after his first day at his new school when his father knocked on
the door.
"what do you want."
"I want you to come home sylas" his father drawled.
"No dad not after last time"
sylas lifted his shirt to show his  father the bruises and scars.
"I... it wasnt... ive cleaned up sylas ive been sober for a week."
"a week? you think that makes up for the scars you left?"
"i need you back kid i have no money left and the bills need paying"
"so? pay them get a job you bum"
john punched sylas on the nose blood came pouring out like a waterfall.
"get in the car right now sylas or i wont leave it at this!"
"never!" sylas screamed as his father grabbed him by the throat.
"let go!"
"fuck you sylas you piece of crap you dare say no to me?!"
sylas felt the fire in his eyes as his hands became hot he grabbed his fathers face.
"ARGHHH!!!!" his father screamed clutching his scarred face.
"youve tortured me long enough father!"
sylas raised his hand and his father crumpled as the electricity flowed through the
air and destroyed the stupid man.

it was two years when they finnaly released sylas the police didnt belive a word when
he lied and said that a power outlet had erupted frying his abbusive father.
to the inside of the mexican state penitanery he was known as the jackal and had
killed 12 grown men to the guards he was just a kid but then inmates new better.
on his way out of the ward he collected his things and walked out.
he didnt know what to do or where to go so he simply walked.
thats when he noticed the black car following him. he took a left down a narrow
at the end of the alley two men where mugging a young women.
"not my problem if she was strong she wouldnt be in this mess" he said to himself as
he walked pass them the largest of them grabbed him.
in exactly three seconds the man was dead.
his friend saw his friend crumble and ran. as he helped the women up she kissed him.
"thank you for saving me" she gurgled with tears in her eyes she was an attractive
blonde bimbo.
"i wasnt saving you" he responded with a savage smile.
the electricity crackled around them as she went limp he collected her things and

The man watching from the black car smiled as he watched her burnt boddy collapsed.
"i want that kid michal"
"yes sir" the man in chains responded.
as his chains were taken off he turned full vampire letting his wings spread he
ripped off the door and stomped his way toward sylas.

sylas had heard the creature coming and twisted to the left as a large taloned hand
ripped past his face missing by an inch.
"hello batty" sylas yawned as he went to full power.
all the creature did was growl as he was hit full force and flew into a wall.
"impossible you should be dead!" sylas screamed as the creature got up.
suddenly there was an explosion and the wall fell onto the vampire pinning it down.
"RUN!" screamed a voice in his head. so he got up and ran. feet thumping against the
pavement he realised he hadnt turned his power down and the scorched pavement cooled
as he raced through the streets of los angelous.


mattyy3 says :   8 June 2009   342543  
it sucks i know lol

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