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Ever since Venessa came to my schoolCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 20 May 2009
04:02:40 PM (GMT)
this is the story of from the first day she came to now well sortof the parts that i
know anyway

she came when i was in Math class (beginning of the day) she came on May 13 2009
"this is our new student Venessa Wilson" my Math teacher told us "everyone starteing
from Keelie stand up and introduce yourselfs" my teacher said (there's only like 13
people in my math class it's for 'gifted children') so everyone did so an d i was
last so i stood up and said "My name is Justin and it's nice to meet you" i was the
only one to say 'it is nice to meet you' so we did math class Leah and Vence where
passing notes to eachother the whole time i watched as the note whent from person to
person then Jessie passed a note to Venessa then i got curious and my math teacher
took up any notes that where being passed if she noticed or if someone told and she'd
read them out loud so (not to be mean) i raised my hand and stood up and said really
loud "Mrs. O'Kepe, Jessie and Venessa are passing notes and Leah and Vence are too!"
she took up the notes this is exactly what each one said (from Vence and Leah) "hey
Leah what's the answer to number 19? i don't know ask someone else, ok then whatever
oh by the way Camrin wanted to know if you would go out with him, no thanks i rather
not, please, NO!" (from Jessie and Venessa) "hey welcome to our school i hope you
like it here, you know um.... Jessie we shouldn't be passing notes we're gonna get in
trouble, ok so what's up? i just told you quit passing notes!" i was kinda surprised
that that was all they where talking about on that note after we took a test then our
day went on and here came History class the class right before lunch when i walked in
Venessa was already in there and i was kinda surpriced she was in 2 of my classes so
far so i sat next to her and asked her and looked at her for a minute she glanced at
me a few times and moved to a different seat all the way across the room right before
everyone ot there Paylon sat next to me after that (he's a friend of mine) after
[boring] history we went to lunch i sat alone alone for about 10 minutes and looked
at a picture of Caitln that i had printed off and kept in my wallet i put it back
when i saw some of my freiends come they where talking about Nyomi for a while till i
just randomly said "hey do you guys think Vennessa thinks i'm weird?" they stoped
talking for a minute and stared at me and Paylon said "well she might just happen to
like you" and then Daniel said "or maybe she does think you're weird because you
kinda are but weird people are just different and become more successful in life"
after hhe said that then i looked at him like he was retarded then we continued to
talk about other stuff and eat out lunch my day went by and then after i got home i
saw that Venessa lived only 3 blocks over i told my sister and she went over there
and came back and told me "she told me to come back tomorrow..... i think she hates
me...." then the next day was the same thing again but on Friday i noticed she was in
the computer lab with me and she was watching the news on the internet then i
wondered what website she was watching it on so i went over there and she looked
behind her and i was there she turned red then she moved to another computer on the
weekend then Amanda asked her to spend the night (they became friends....) i was in
the livingroom watching tv when Venessa came in she screamed i got scared so i jumped
a little and looked at her she was leaning against the wall and turned beat red
Amanda came down stairs and said "oh my god! are you ok? what happened?" then Venessa
just said "oh nothing nothing" and they went up stairs i didn't see her for the rest
of the night or the next day till she left on Saturday at 5:00pm while me and Zane
where playing videogames in the living room Zame just happened to sk me "what's her
problem?" i just looked at him like he was stupid and said "how would i know all she
does is turn red when she sees me and tries to avoid me like i'm some type of alien!"
then i didn't see her on Sunday so then on Monday i saw her in the computer lab again
and we where alone because it was after school she actually sat next to me and i was
there before her (btw the school day was like normal she didn't sit next to me in any
of my classes that we had together) i looked at her and smiled and i was about to ask
if she wanted to be friends then she suddenly said very quickly "i think you're cute"
then continued with what she was doing then i looked confused and asked her "excuse
me?" and she said it slower "i think you're cute...." after that then i blushed
apparently because she just happened to look at me and say "your facce is turning
pink..... you're blushing?" and i turned the other way and wondered what i should say
to her so i just got up and ran out the room and walked home my mom got mad since i
got home later than normal the next day then she wasn't there so then today she was
here and we had a free day so we got on the computer labs computers and so then i
asked her out after a while and she said yes then she.... she kissed me..... and i
told her to make a Kupika account and she did.....

that was the story the end THIS WAS A TRUE STORY!

‹♠ Riku ~ Timi ~ Hatsuhara ♠› says :   20 May 2009   934963  
wow that's nice to know


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