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Kupika, Go Fuck Yourself.Category: (general)
Monday, 6 April 2009
08:23:32 PM (GMT)
After being on this site for so long, i've learned not to accept it, but to hate it. Hate it more than anything. Its become a joke really. With fakes, especially. You're hurting people when they realize you were full of shit. You're breaking them, breaking them apart. Kupika is one big fucking drama. Im tired of all the crap that the people on here dish out, to those who dont deserve it. Dont deserve it in the least. Kupika is stupid, extremely stupid. Its a little kids site, and then we all came. We as in all the 13-19 year olds. We made into something it should have never been. And i could really care less what kupika has become, im sure it was better than the baby site it was before. Everything seems to be because of this website. Being sad, attempting suicide, and anything else that could hurt you. It comes with this site. And im so tired of it. I dont need this crap. I want to burn kupika exsistance to the ground.

Tink7 says:   16 April 2009   378936  
i luv it:]
Tink7 says:   16 April 2009   932225  
meaning i luv kupika
‹goodfornothing› says:   5 May 2009   822432  
The truth is that first, Kupika isn't a kid's site and never
was meant to be a kid's site, sure it's not a dating site or anything
like that but I never specifically remember anyone [like hina] saying
it was designed for kids.

And second, srs it's a website. If you don't like it, delete your
account. 'S'pretty simple.
‹<I let You down&hearts>› says:   5 May 2009   676146  
someone said 3rd graders go on kupika...?
‹█bLaZiNg☺DuCk☺fAcE☺DaRyN█› says:   10 May 2009   844935  
what's wrong wit you
‹.Nothing.Is.Real.♦› says:   10 May 2009   398312  
Que applause.
Que the fucking applause.
This is the truth.
There are no words to describe my agreement.
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   10 May 2009   123271  
I agree with HarryismyHero.
Kupika wasn't spouse to be a kids cite and it still isn't. Kids can
come on kupika, but this is not a kids cite. Oh, and there are some
older people here. Like Eddie for the example.
‹.............................› shouts:   24 May 2009   377733  
i agree i have experienced people trying to be famous people like
Obarma ridiculas and i'm sick of it!
saralyn247 says:   24 May 2009   638239  
It is not, never has been, and never will be a "kids' site".
The drama does suck, but shit happens offline too.
If you don't like it, quit complaining and leave.
‹Tezra[SCREAM!]<33› says:   24 May 2009   789292  
It's Not A Kid Site.
And Never Has Been One.
The Drama Starts Because People Refuse To Stop It.
So If You Dont Like It ,, Then Delete Your Account.
Thats Kinda Simple.
Or Try And Stop It.
And If People Want To Commit Suicide Because Of Something Some One
Said On A Website Then Thats Crazy.
Love It Or Hate It.
I Love It Here.
So Quit Whining If You Dis-Like It.

Your Starting Drama Yourself.
darkoekaki says:   24 May 2009   982518  
Don't like it? Then leave.
Why waste time complaining about Kupika when you could already have
moved on?
‹█bLaZiNg☺DuCk☺fAcE☺DaRyN█› says:   24 May 2009   983978  
whats funny is he's only been on for 3 days at the most
HNB180 says:   24 May 2009   216152  
i am 4th grader and i am a member
barbiegirl16 says:   25 May 2009   888523  
this website is good
Insaniity says:   1 June 2009   776977  
Kupika is a solid concept. It has a base of communication, and art. 

Its not the sites fault that lots of  arses infiltrated its pixels.
‹VaginaDust› says:   1 June 2009   553648  
Yay I'm hate! 700 points for me :D
barbiegirl16 says:   2 June 2009   843565  
attention seeker! (all i can say)
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   5 July 2009   299985  
Ha ha, Sanyu, Lyncheh and Hina ll hate ur ass. And me.
Danielle10 says:   6 July 2009   126893  
Just leave if you don't like. xD
Hichigo says:   13 October 2009   176147  

omg stfu What he is saying is the truth.

Everyone, don't you remember? When the website was all anime and
manga. Now its all business and scene shit and crapp'd up people who
are trying to be cool when they are not or are just scared to. The
internet is for everyone, sure. I hate it though when i see fakers,
posers, shitheads, stupid fights, businesses where you pay for crap
that you can easily find on the website, etcetcETC.

Why am i complaining? oh i'm just speaking my mind. The only reason i
go to Kupika is for my entertainment. I remember last year when i
started my shop, it was all anime, manga, stories, contests, and
that's all. Now that i came back, i see all this crap. I am also
wondering. What the fuxx happened?! 
‹Xilovehimx› says:   31 October 2009   616885  
Then why are you still on it?
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   11 November 2009   570202  
dude, who gives a shit? If you hate this website so badly then leave
it, you say you're sick of drama? You just caused drama bygod!
‹cut_up_and_scattered_around› says:   14 November 2009   838388  
hey, look, if u don't like it
jst quit
‹♥Mӗw♥› says:   17 June 2010   600091  
Exactly >:V 
‹BlakeMichael#1Fan› says:   23 July 2010   158820  
you people are crazy! if you didnt like, you should've quited the
minute you started hating it! whats the point in continuing on it if
you dont even LIKE it?!
‹allysonwonderland<3› says:   15 December 2010   421995  


Kupika needs a reformation. It could be so cool!!!
killthatmockingbird says:   16 December 2010   696255  
soo, quit bitchin and leave?
wildhumanchild says:   16 December 2010   647066  
april 2009. 
last login: april 7, 2009.
clearly they left. 
killthatmockingbird says:   16 December 2010   531480  
haha, i didn't even bother to look at the profiile.
wildhumanchild says:   16 December 2010   841519  
karissaassirak says:   22 December 2010   214440  
People shouldn't be flipping out over this.
It's someones opinion. You don't like? Just press that little home
button and forget about it.
But at the same time kupika may be a bunch of bullshit but it can be
‹Katieee› says:   27 December 2010   548167  
I kinda agree, the site is shit. LOL. (:
enchantedmistakes says:   4 January 2011   644900  
lmao, then LEAVE if it's shit.
PlantedCherryBlossom says:   1 February 2012   919672  
Everywhere you go, there will be drama. The internet is just a giant
shit storm.
Can't stand the drama? Then gtfo of the internet. Simple.
‹TwilightLover_12› says:   3 October 2014   203974  
I agree with @Goodfornothing and @‹Tezra[SCREAM!]<33›. This is
not a kids site or a buch of shit! 
crazyhot says :   11 October 2018   239152  

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