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You wanna buy some VODKA?Category: School
Tuesday, 31 March 2009
02:26:03 PM (GMT)
I wouldn't recommend waking up at three in the morning after three hours of sleep then going on a small bus (with lots of "short bus" jokes in tow) to the airport. Then going through security, only to find that one of your idiot chaperones packed a mallet in their carry on, and you're the only person who has a spare carry on that can be sacrificed to be checked with said mallet. Going backwards through security, checking your bag, then going back through security is not advised, either. It is not all that fun, several hours later, to wade through the Frankfurt airport looking for the USO because you can't find the shuttle bus that's supposed to pick you up. However, singing Christmas carols rather loudly improves one's mood. Maddi finding a (n empty) bottle of vodka underneath a seat in the back of the bus also funny. Especially when hilarious and serious questions about getting vodka ensue. It is very fun to find that the bus has just been circling, and that you can ride with the group from Ankara, Turkey, who thankfully are not competeing in your division and problem. Spending an hour and a half riding to Vogelweh singing crazy songs at the top of your lungs is also quite enjoyable. Greek food at the foodcourt is yummy. =] Hmm. Saturday. I think we did pretty good on spontaneus, but...*shrugs* Our long-term wasn't all that bad, to tell you the truth. Much better than last year's and the year before that's. But. We still didn't place. Damnit. SHAPE got first, and two other schools in Germany once second and third. I actually thought I had a chance this year because both first and second place was eligible to go Stateside, but we didn't even place. When there's only five teams and three place, you know there was something wrong with your preformance. That night Maddi developed a huge crush on a guy named Chase from Lajes, a base on an island that belongs to Portugal. He looked sorta like a cross between the dude that plays the boy in Bridge to Teribithia and a guy in my class at school. She called him BJ before she found out his name because he had a brown jacket. Weird. Anyways, Sunday was fairly uneventful. We got up, rode back to Franfurt, found our gate early (it's a HUGE airport), ate donuts while we waited, checked in, went through securrity (I swear, it was the button on my pants that set off the alarm), then found our gate. I swear we were on that little bus that ferries you between the gate and the plane for at least ten minutes, which is a long time when you're crowded an inch apart from you and thirty of your closest friends. My plane was out with the cargos, and there were only forty-eight seats. It's the only airplane I've ever been on where a) there are steps in the door that actually reach the ground; b) I can stand on my tip-toes and touch the ceiling with my head; c) the overhead luggage bins are at eye-level; and d) I couldn't stand up straight in the bathroom because I hit my head on the ceiling. Two FUN, turbulant plane rides and one iPod scare later, I was back in home-sweet-home Naples without my luggage. More fun (note: heavy sarcasm) waiting in line to fill out the forms for lost luggage, then HOME! I got my bag back today, after spending yesterday at home playing hookie doing my science project. Interesting weekend, ya?

Link_13 says:   4 April 2009   635711  
lol. sounds like you are having fun over there, Callie.
callie11 says:   6 April 2009   795511  
Yes! *grins*
Oroborus21 says :   28 April 2009   468391  
that sounded like fun


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