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OHHHHHH. FR. MARK! How could you!?Category: school!
Wednesday, 4 March 2009
04:14:18 PM (GMT)
"Do you know who Elvis Presly is?" Mr. J. "He was around in the 70s and I got to meet
him, the King himself"

DAMN MR. J I didn't know you were that old!
ANYWAY I wrote in Cassie's notebook.

Robert Pattison will be pushed in La Push by Naruto and Sakura. xD HAHAHAHHA and she
started fake crying.
AND if I can name 20 of the animes she watches she'll give me a dollar >:D I've named
only 10.

Uhh went over R&A.
And got another assigned.
ANDOHSHIT. I don't remember if I finished it Dx CRAP.
So we talked about our field trip
IKNOWWEGOTAFIELDTRIPWOOOT Anyway it's to Montini. (again) But it's to see a play.
YAY. Not.
and guess what we have to wear our stupid crappy uniforms.  Gahh.
We were like can we wear jeans and something wit St. Dominics on it??
And she's like no. It just looks cleaner like that. Dx

Pre algebra
Stupid probability. I hate that. We had to roll a dice 100 times. NOT FUN.
Anyway I am not good with probability. Nope :/

Ummmmm easy assignment. Finished it in class. xP
And then Idk what I did. LOL.
I did homework yup!

UMMMMM. Nothing interesting.
OH wait I think I might cancel my little get together because SOME PEOPLE don't want
to see Coraline because it's a "little kid" movie.
And I'm like fine if you don't want to see it don't come. And she's like what if you
guys watch it and I meet you at your house. And I'm like no you have to watch the
movie with us. 
So uh yeah. Screw it. If only 2 of my friends can probably make it. I really don't

Chapter test was fucking EASY! 

Uhh constitution book.
We the people of these united states, in order to form a more perfect union,
THAT IS ALL I KNOW. And the quiz on that is tomorrow. YAY Dx

v_v lucky lucky us. Fr. Mark was there. MHM.
And well he talked. And I could not understand a word he said BUT this is what
"William the bastard" And we started laughing. Well quietly. And I'm like Mikey isn't
he a priest? What kind of language is he saying to us! xD 
Also he didn't know what a staff was. Er yeah. 
Soo interesting.
Then we had to practice singing for the Benediction thingy for Friday. So uh yeah.
not fun.

"FOUR MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!" -Me
"Til what?" Everyone else.
And I didn't tell them and Vera finally remembered and she's like "YOUR BIRTHDAY!"
And I was like YES! And Jacob was like and? I don't care. >_>

Dx Cousin Tom came and visited today. JOYYY

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