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Behind the Bike Sheds : Part 1 (Mature Content)Category: (general)
Saturday, 21 February 2009
03:34:09 PM (GMT)
Sienn stared across the room, at Mari. Mari was beautiful, tall, pale, wth long,
shiny black hair. Sienn herself was quite hot - busty and forward, and very flirty.
As the lesson finished, Mari passed a note across to Sienn. Her heart thumped as she
opened it.
Meet me behind the bike sheds.
A thrill rippled through Sienn. Lots of stuff happened behind the bike sheds ...

A few hours later ...

Sienn stood in front of the sheds, most of the students having left school by now.
Mari's slim figure was walking towards her, and Sienn felt the area between her legs
"Hey, ready?" Mari smirked as she slipped her shirt off over her head. They slid into
the small shed, the only one that didn't occupy a bike. Her bra was almost see
through, and her nipples were standing up with the cold.
"I've been wanting you for so long," Mari continued. Sienn said nothing, just
stripped to her underwear, and waited.
Mari's lips were firm and wet, moving rhytmically against Sienn's own. She slipped
her tongue in, and for a few seconds, their tongues writhed together in mid-air.
Mari's hand slipped around Sienn's back, and expertly undid her bra. Two large, round
breasts tipped out, and pressed against the other girl's bra. Mari removed her lips
from Sienn's and moved her mouth down to her nipple. She bit down gently, then
released, sucking against the left nipple, massaging the right.
"Lower ..." Sienn groaned, as Mari switched to sucking the right nipple. She obliged,
tracing circles with her tongue on Sienn's tummy, licking her belly-button, and
brushing her lips softly against the trail of hair above Sienn's thong.
Sienn gasped as a breeze rippled through her pussy. Mari had ripped her thong off.
"Lie down," the pale girl commanded. Sienn obeyed, spreading her legs as she lay on
the cold concrete floor.
Mari moved her lips lower, parting the lips of Sienn's pussy with her tongue.
Wetness surged from Sienn, and she groaned loudly. Mari found the clitoris, and
worked it slowly with her tongue.
"Faster!" Sienn urged, moving her hips against Mari's face, and the girl plunged her
fingers into the wet hole, moving her tongue faster against the clit. She stopped
just before Sienn wanted to come.
"Wait .." She pulled a glass dildo out of her schoolbag, and ran it down Sienn's
body. The girl mewed in pleasure, feelign the cold, hard dildo enter her. Mari moved
it slowly in and out, in and out, then got faster and faster, until Sienn's mews of
pleasure turned into pants, and loud groans. She had multiple orgasms, but Mari would
not stop. She pulled the dildo out, and ripped her own thong off, thn spread her legs
wide. She pressed her clitoris against Sienn's and rocked her hips back and forth.
Sienn mirrored her, and they came together, both groaning loudly, and Mari licking
Sienn's nipple again.
"YES!" they both screamed, as the sticky mess covered the floor.
"What's going on in here?" someone called from outside. It was a male, probably one
of the teachers. The door opened a crack.
The girls froze, legs apart, heads thrust back.
"Woah ..." the teacher gasped, taking in the image. He stared at them, then his eyes
moved down their naked bodies.
"Wanna join us?" Sienn managed to say, standing up after a few seconds. To her
surprise, the teacher removed his belt, and his tie, and started to kiss her
feverishly ...

Part 2 coming soon.

Authors Note:: I really wanted to write a girl on girl story after reading a yuri
manga. I hope this was hot enough for you guys ^-^

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