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very long survaaayyyy....Category: (general)
Saturday, 14 February 2009
07:56:31 PM (GMT)
name - neomi
gender - Female
age - 15
screen name - neomigal/ bluepandaa
birthday - 29th september
race - White
school/year - matthew moss, year 10 :3
job - no job :]
status - taken 
hometown - rochdale
current town - rochdale
parents still together - Yes
siblings - alanah and rease
pets - 5 rabbits
smoker - nope
drinker - nope
orientation - Straight
drugs - nope
hair color -  blonde :3
is it dyed? - nope
eye color - blue
height - im not sure...
style - i dunno tbh, band t-shirts, skinny jeans, converse... lable me :L
glasses/contacts/none? - glasses
freckles - on my nose and arms :L
body type - pear i think XD
shoe size - 6 u.k size
piercings - Ears
want more? - nahh...
tattoos - maybe someday...
braces? - no
overall best feature? - my hair 
overall worst feature? - my fingers... i hate them
do you get most of your traits from mom or dad? -  dad

favorite color - black and blue 
worst color - orange :S
favorite number - 9
favorite animal - pandas
least favorite animal - dont really have one
favorite flower - tulips 
favorite food - pasta bake 
worst food - sea food :S
favorite junk food - gummy bears
worst junk food - i dunno...
favorite restaurant - frankie and bennies
favorite ice cream flavor -  clotted cream FTW
favorite candy - gummy bears :3
favorite alcoholic drink - blue WDK 
favorite nonalcholic drink - water
favorite genre of music - rock, pop/punk, punk/rock, electro anything with a good
worst genre - r'n'b and mainstream ¬¬
favorite band/artist - all time low and the friday night boys 
worst band/artist - anything mainstream.. like ndubz -shivers-
favorite song - lost in stereo or stuttering :]
worst song - theres a few...
favorite radio station - hmm... rock FM
favorite book - evil inventions XD
worst book - twilight ¬¬
favorite type of movie - comedy, adventure and childish XD
worst type of movie - them boring hyped up hollywood ones
favorite movie - alice in wonderland 
worst movie - i dunno...
favorite TV show - spongebob  
worst TV show - jonas... just no.
favorite season of the year - autumn 
worst season - summer :L
best friend -  becky and sally
worst enemy - not got any atm 
favorite day of the week - friday
least favorite day of the week - monday
favorite sport - swimming
sport you hate - hockey :L
one thing you can't get enough of - friends 
one thing you hate more than anything - chavs
are you single? - nope 
if not, who is your bf/gf? - conner :D
how long have you been together? - 26 weeks ^_^
if your single, do you like it? - ......
do you like anyone right now? - yesh
first kiss - rushed... but worth it 
ever kiss in the rain? - yeah:3
a movie theater? - yep :}
underwater? - er... no
first love - im with him
have you ever cheated on anyone? - no, its sick and wrong...
been cheated on? - it felt like it 
used someone? - not that i know of...
been used? - ....I might.
lied to your bf/gf? - nope 
ever made out with just a friend? - no
ever had sex with just a friend? -  nope
are you a tease? - no
do you flirt a lot? - no
longest relationship - the one im in now...
shortest - 6 weeks
have you ever gotten a poem? - nope
ever get flowers? - dont want any XD
sweetest thing you've ever gotten - a chocolate love heart that says i love you on
do you like valentine's day or sweetest day? - valentines day
do you believe in love at first sight? - yeah kinda
do you fall in love fast? - i can
are you a player? - nope
would you ever hook up with someone of the same sex? - no
have you ever kissed two people in one day? - nope 
cried over the opposite sex? - yep
ever been dumped? - nope
ever dumped someone? - ahaha... yerr
ever been rejected? - no
do you have a lot of ex's? - No.
are you a slut? - no
ever been called one? - nope 
ever dated someone more that once? - yerr xD
do you always make the first move? - no... i wait
double dates or single? - double, then your not under so much pressure but you can go
off and wont offend the other couple
do you want to get married? - someday...
OPPOSITE SEX (what you're attracted to)
hair color - brunette or black
short or long? - longish
style - side fringe <3
age - within a year of me 
muscular or skinny? - just right 
do you care about looks? - yerr... kinda
can you drive? - Nope
have a car? - Nope
do you have a cell phone? - yep
are you online a lot? - yep
do you like gay/bi people? - yeah 
can you speak another language? - kinda
do you do well in school? - er... yeah
do you collect anything? - not atm
have an obsession? - maybe...
do you hate yourself? - i do sometimes, when im down
ever smile for no reason? - all the time
talk to yourself? - yep
do you have any regrets? - doesnt everyone?
believe in magic? - haha no
support gay marriage? - yep
sex before marriage? -why not?
do you trust people easily? - yeah... too easily :L
forgive easily? - no
do you have a secret no one knows? - not that i know of...
do you get along with your parents? - most of the time... :L
what about other people? - Yes.
how do you vent anger? - lock myself away to calm down
do you like george bush? - never really cared about politics ¬¬
goal before you die? - to travel the world
biggest fear - lifts, fireworks and being alone in the dark
biggest weakness - im tickleish XD
do you play an instrument? - 2 actually XD
what do you want to be when you grow up? - i have no idea atm
are you...a daydreamer? - haha... yeah XD
shy? - yes
talkative? - i can be
energetic? - not very
happy? - most of the time
depressed? - not at the moment...
funny? - :L i dunno
slutty? - hell no!
boring? - i hope not...
mean? - i hope not...
nice? - usually...
caring? - i can be...
trustworthy? - Yes
confident? - Not always
friendly? - Yes.
smart? - yep
sarcastic? - YES. ;D
dependable? - I think.
quiet? - When I'm not hyper.
weird? - VERY!
adaptable? - Yup
emotionally strong? - i dunno alot of the times my emotions get the better of me
physically strong? - er not really
mature? -  hell no!
logical? - hu?.... oh.... yeah
religious? - nope
modest? - i can be...
indecisive? - oh yeah! i've got splinters from sitting on the fence for so long!
sympathetic? - oh yeah
polite? - i try to be...
creative? - Yup.
fun to be around? - Yes i guess so
loveable? - haha yeah
easily amused? - lol yep
outgoing? - Yup.
daring? - can be
clumsy? - oh yeah!!!
nosy? - not really
lazy? - yerr
scary? - nope
optimistic? - kinda
persuasive? - not really
a good listener? - Yes.
curious? - Yes
determined? - Sorta
artistic? - Yes
honest? - Yes
respectful? - Always
conceited? - ew... no
cocky? - no
controlling? - no
playful? - Yeah
easy-going? -  Yah
carefree? - Uh...Sometimes.
hot-headed? - no
serious? - haha no!
thoughtful? - Sometimes. 
considerate? - Yup
stubborn? - oh yeah
ambitious? - I guess
jealous? - no
insecure? - yep....
obsessive? - no
attentive? - no
helpful? - Sometimes.
punctual? - not really
rational? - sometimes...
sincere? - nope
tolerant? - i try to be
did you enjoy this survey? - it passed the time...
was it too long? - just a bit...
did it contain just about everything? - nope X)
Last edited: 6 November 2010

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