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The Best Day Ever!!!!!+twirls around+Category: :D
Tuesday, 10 February 2009
07:39:42 PM (GMT)
Your Text Here Today was the best day EVER!<3333 I SWEAR there were signs all over the place about me and and my special someone!:O Why? well when I came into school this morning, me an my crush (P.S his name is Malik. so exotic!*3*) anyway we were alone, in the classroom for like 6 minutes (i came in early). those were the est 6 minutes of my life.... so, me and him were talking together, and i caught him blushing once or twice....could it mean something? Well, in math things got very interesting... We were getting new assigned seats, and it just so happens that Malik sits directly behind me!!!!:O I was praying that he would be next to me, but as long as he's close I don't care!<3 but i swear I almost DIED when he tapped me on the shoulder for some help. Computer Class While we were in computers, we were doing a project (boring at that!)well, Malik was going over to his friend, and I don't know if it was on purpose or accident, brushed his hand against my face. I knew my friends saw me blushing, but I couldn't cared less. But when he returned to sit in his computer chair, he fell down (the computer chairs have wheels on them so its very easy to fall out) and he grabbed me for support. Well, in the process of grabbing me, he may of accidentally pulled on my arm >////< I never really realized how soft his hands were....Anyway, as computer class went on, so did the unusual signs. What had happened next was when Malik was reaching for something that his friend had, his arm had reached across me (I was in between Malik and his friend. So them in order to get to his friend Malik's arm, would have went across my chest not perverted like!) and his arm blocked my reach of the mouse. So a question appeared in my brain. If I was o try and get the mouse my arm would be touching his, and our hands would almost be touching. So I went with it. Of course my arm was rubbing against his, and our hands almost touched. If my eyes weren't playing tricks on me, I thought he was blushing.. Music I'm pretty sure music is what really set things off! Okay we were playing on these hand drums, and I was facing sideways, and Malik was behind me so he would be looking at me. When I went up to get a book, and some drumsticks Malik had put his hand in the front of the chair and when I went to sit back down, I felt his hand against my neck. To my sadness, he had to move his hand to play the drums. But he was smiling at me the whole time, and I was smiling back. That was when we began to playfully tease each other. I pretended to hit him in the head with my book, and he pretended to hit me with a drumstick. I was really having fun with him, and I'm pretty sure he felt the same. I really hope that he loves me as much as I love him... anyway those were basically the main classes that Malik made moves on me Kyuu

‹♠ Riku ~ Timi ~ Hatsuhara ♠› says:   10 February 2009   616649  
WOO GO ELIZA!!!!!!! ask him out and if he says no blame it all on me
you can come and find me and stab me numerous times in the chest! i
swear i know he likes you by how it seems the way you said all of it
(haha Brice was like that last year and we ended up going out it was
awesome but me and Brice are just friends now)
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   10 February 2009   838572  
i wont hurt you!!!D:
yeah he HAS TOO!<3
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   10 February 2009   279586  
I feel so happy for you, Kyuu. 8D
I hope he will not hurt you in any way. If he does. o__e
You know...

‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   10 February 2009   565992  
thankies <3

aww I know O___________O
‹KalaOhYouHorriblyAtrociousLittleGirl› says:   10 February 2009   664955  
Yay for kyuu!!! :DD
I wish you too the best of luck
oh but if it doesn't go well >D
8D yay
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   10 February 2009   173364  
wow you guys are scary!
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   10 February 2009   517559  
I am not scary! D=
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   10 February 2009   917113  
of course not!XD
‹RainbowRains› says:   14 February 2009   719768  
first of all... is it Kasumi or Eliza right now???
second...... why?........
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says :   14 February 2009   121531  
im on Kasumi's acconct James xD


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