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Control (a fanfiction) chapter 1Category: life with Naruto
Saturday, 24 January 2009
09:32:33 PM (GMT)
This is one of my fanfictios that came to my mind!:D
Everyone is 16 in this fic except for me, I'm 15. The couples are

and Sasuke will be the weird pervert of the group!xD
Rated T for Teen due to perverted thoughts, bad language, bras, and violence
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN NARUTO! just this computer, the idea, and a burrito :D

It was a beautiful day Konoha. Our three ninjas Naruto, Kiba, Rock Lee, and Sasuke
were laying around in a training field thinking about there girlfriends. "What to
do?" Naruto asked his friends. "I dont know dobe.'' Sasuke answered. "HEY!" Naruto
yelled glaring at Sasuke.
"Not again!" Kiba saidglaring at them both. "How unyouthful!"Lee said. The other guys
sweat dropped. They needed something fast before Lee went babbling on about 'The
Blossom of Youth' "You know I'm sick of our girl friends controlling us.'' Naruto put
in seriously. "You too?'' Kiba asked. "Yeah, all they ever do is control us like were
there personal maids.'' Sasuke piped up. "I know how you feel. Kyuu makes me to go
shopping with her, and to help her try clothes on!" Kiba said. "I mean I love Kyuu,
but thats too much!" he added. 
"We should do something about it!" Naruto said. "Like what?" Sasuke asked raising a
perfect black eyebrow. "We should make this week a living hell for them!" Kiba said.
"YEAH!" Naruto yelled happily. "Hey Lee your awfully quiet.'' Kiba said looking a
Lee. Lee was staring at clouds. "Hey that one looks like Umeko!" Lee said pointing at
one. The other guys gave him an O.o look. "Anyway, Lee were going to play some tricks
on the girls.'' Naruto said. "And we need your cooperation.'' Sasuke added. "Okay!
What can some jokes do?'' Lee asked.

♥ Random timeskip!♥
(in the forest)

"Okay! We sent the letters to the girls telling them to come, we dug the 10ft pit,
and do you guys have the things that will make the girls go crazy over?" Sasuke asked
the boys. The 3 remaining guys each held up an item. "Kyuu's favorite bra.'' Kiba
said holding a pink lacy bra. Sasuke blushed thinking pf what Kyuu would look like in
he yelled. "Ow!" Sasuke cried holding his wounded head. "Anyway, what did you bring
dobe?" Sasuke asked Naruto. "This!" he said holding up the ultra cute Naruto plushie
Timi had made for him. "Aww!" Lee said going completely chibi on them. "I brought
this.'' Lee said showing them the beautiful Rock Lee chibi she had made. "Mines
cuter!" Naruto said. He hugged the plushie thinking of Timi. "I told you guys I could
get better things if you let me in there houses.'' Sasuke said. "No way! You + our
girlfriends houses is just creepy! It's already bad enough that you dream about
them!'' Naruto said. Sasuke sighed. "Hey I hear them coming!" Kiba said. Of course
Naruto could hear Kyuu talking. They quickly jumped in a tree, and listened to there
conversation.  "They said to meet them here, but where are they?'' Umeko asked. "I
dont know.'' Timi answered. Sasuke held up a finger a signal for them to wait. Two
fingers would be to get the items in position, and three fingers would be to throw
down the items. The boys watched Sasuke's fingers. Kyuu suddenly turned her attention
to the tree. Sasuke froze. Had she seen them? ''Phew.'' Sasuke breathed slowly when
Kyuu looked at the ground. Sasuke put up two fingers. Naruto gripped onto the plushie
for dear life. "Where are they?!" Umeo asked impatiently. "There probably running
late.'' Timi said. Sasuke held up three fingers. "Go!" he whispered. The boys dropped
the items into the pit. "NO!!!" Kyuu yelled jumping to get her bra. She fell into the
pit. "I'm okay!" she yelled. Timi had to laugh. It was so funny seeing Kyuu fall into
the pit over a bra! Then she stopped laughing, seeing the Naruto plushie she had made
for him, falling into the pit with dirt, worms, and bugs.  "NARUTO JR.!'' She yelled
running too catch him. Timi jumped and caught Naruto Jr, hugging him close like he
was a long lost brother. She enjoyed the moment until she fell int the pit, on top of
Kyuu. "OW!" Kyuu yelled. Umeko ran to the pit. "You guys okay?" she asked. Timi was
rocking Naruto Jr. like a baby. Umeko looked around to find something to get her
friends. Thats when she seen Lee Jr. falling near the pit. "NO!" she yelled jumping.
She went falling into the pit, landing on Kyuu. "OW!!!" Kyuu screamed. ''Who did
this?'' she asked. "I don't know but whoever it was is gonna get it and get it
good!'' Kyuu said angrily. Sasuke, Naruto, Lee, ad Kiba felt like laughing there
asses off. Using a transportation jutsu they appeared in front of the pit. "You girls
okay?" Kiba asked trying to be concerned. "yeah just get out out!" Kyuu said. "Hmph!"
Kiba said turning away. "Naruto?" Timi asked looking at him. Naruto ignored her.
"Lee?" Umeko asked in a sweet voice. Lee pretended not to notice her. "Lee please
look at me.'' Umeko said softly. Lee had too look, and see she looked like she would
cry. Lee felt so sorry for them. "Please Lee, I'm covered in dirt, mud, and bugs, but
Lee Jr. is clean.'' Umeko said. Tears began to flow down her cheeks. "Come on
Ume-Hime, lets get you girls out of here.'' Lee siad. "WHAT?!" Sasuke, Naruto, and
Kiba yelled.'' Lee glared at them. "Fine.'' Naruto said helping Timi out. Kiba did
the same with Kyuu and Sasuke just watched. "I need a bath!" Kyuu said running home.
"Thanks.'' Umeko said kissing his cheek. Lee wiped the tears from her eyes. He was
beginning to have some doubts about these jokes after all.....


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