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Saturday, 24 January 2009
07:32:19 PM (GMT)
Too late. He's here! He's here!
She was blind! She couldn't see anything! The darkness clawed at her, and she could
hear someone screaming. What were they saying? It sounded like "He's here!". Wait,
that was her voice. With this realization the screaming stopped, and she felt two
very human hands holding her.
"My lady, please calm down. It was another prophecy. It's not real." One of the two
guards told her.
"W-who am I?" She stuttered.
The other guard answered her, "You are Lady Cynthia Alisha, head priestess of the
Order of Hades. You need energy."
With that statement the guards placed her hands over their hearts. She pulled the
energy out of them, and with it she could see. Not proper sight, for her eyes never
opened, but everything was outlined in the crimson of fresh blood. The guards on
either side of her were quite plain, matching haircuts, military uniforms. The room
was empty of even a candle, for the Priestess of Hades must constantly be in
darkness. But she knew that was wrong. The darkness was dangerous.
With the Sight came memories. Yes, she was a Priestess. She had gone to sleep and
forgotten again. But now she remembered everything. With shock, she looked at her
body. It was outlined in a sickly purple, a sign of poison. She could tell she was
far too thin. Her memories... Yes, there had been healers. What had they told her?
Everything was so fuzzy... Maybe if she slept a bit...
"She's drifting again!" A guard shouted, "She needs a drink!" There was a sound of
feet as the guard fled the room to get her a drink. A flash of light as he opened the
door roused her.
Light, she needed light. She began to whimper and strain toward the light, but found
she couldn't move. The guard hushed her gently, and the other one re-entered the
room, dragging a toddler girl behind him. When he reached the bed, she felt the
child's terror wash over her. Everything sharpened with the intoxicating emotion. She
could hear one heartbeat, the rapid flutter of the terrified child. She smelled the
sweat and blood, and she could already taste the child. Her mouth watered in
anticipation, and she began to hiss. The child began to bawl, and Cynthia opened her
mouth as she drank in the emotions. She turned to the guard and barked out an order.
"Feed me!"
The guard was happy to oblige. He picked the squirming child up and placed her on the
bed. He forced the child's neck over Cynthia's waiting mouth and smiled as she tore
in hungrily. Of course, she didn't have the muscles necessary to eat the flesh, so
that was discarded, but the priestess didn't waste a drop of blood. When she licked
her lips and drifted off again, the guard disposed of the dead child's body. Their
eyes glowed with a murderous light and they tore the small body limb from limb. In
fifteen seconds there was not a hair left of the young girl.

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