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What's the weidest question you've been asked?Category: Just me being random
Sunday, 11 January 2009
05:02:08 PM (GMT)
(Your Computer screen has been hacked by Emily-me!!!)                      
    For my first diary on this site we call kupika 
       I want to you fellow kupikains or living/dead things of this earth 
             to tell me the weirdest question you've been asked 
           It's not that hard just tell me your answer in a comment!!!

‹*CODE*RED*ITS*HIM*› says:   11 January 2009   418378  
mine is
What is your Bra size??
WTF?? Right??
kelby_smith says:   11 January 2009   218923  
do i want 2 have sex with someone lol
‹CapturedRuins™› says:   11 January 2009   629378  
Thanks for the comment!
Bra size? Wtf? who asked you that
The do yo uwant to have sex with some one was a little random...
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   11 January 2009   285239  
My weirdest question was when a boy asked me...

'Do you want to have sex with me?'
'I like your ass. Can I tap that?'
‹*CODE*RED*ITS*HIM*› says:   11 January 2009   356445  
LOLz Kaelin!! and Gravity TallGuy32 i think it was..............
‹AmyBeetch™› says:   11 January 2009   668656  
I can't possibly answer that, because I can't possibly remember.
‹whtevr› says:   11 January 2009   468567  
Can you pop out your eye with a fork without bleeding or going blind?
‹CapturedRuins™› says:   13 January 2009   984368  
Wow...I'm totally loving your answers!
M_dogg says:   13 January 2009   991342  
a girl asked me if  her back was hairy
‹schwick598› says:   13 January 2009   659866  
an ugly girl asked me if i would kiss her
‹GOINGINSANE› says:   13 January 2009   397771  
can you kick somebodys ass without laying a hand on them???
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   13 January 2009   488714  
Boy: What do boobs feel like? 
Me: Um........

‹Darker by the second Colder on the half› says:   13 January 2009   144111  
I was asked how long i was O_O
wolfiewheeee says:   13 January 2009   384355  
someone asked me the length of my toenail once, it was wierd...
xxxKaitiexxx says:   13 January 2009   267745  
someone once asked my if they could feel my breasts
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   13 January 2009   474684  
TallGuy92 has 2 other accounts, his first one was BigSexyGuy, and
then the second one was Danillo. and he is NOT 16, he is 38
‹Strider› says:   14 January 2009   752594  
"Hey, what if monkeys lived in rasberry bushes?"

Believe it.
‹Beth;ICan;Make;You;Believe;In;Love&&;Sex&&;Magic› says:   9 February 2009   978921  
Would you send nude pictures of yourself...

It's like WTF. Dudee get a life <3
‹Joanna;FinallySetHerselfFree♥› says:   7 March 2009   356384  
some guy once came on kupichat and asked if i liked sex... you don't
wanna know what i screamed at him after that 
hahame101 says:   7 March 2009   182239  
a guy asked me:
"How do u have an orgasm?"

it was weird bcuz it was random 
& a dude i didnt even kno
‹{~♥  A beautiful hate ♥~}› says:   27 March 2009   657126  
some one asked me whats in my wallet
so i flicked them off and said it was a pepperment
‹JessyARGH› says:   27 March 2009   627995  
"Do potatoes grow on trees?"
Some guy messaged me and asked.
‹CapturedRuins™› says:   27 March 2009   936218  
Ha lol
‹The~Labryinth› says:   27 March 2009   793591  
i pretty sure my best friend asked my these :

"did you now i let my dad out because my dog said so?" ( she switch
Dog and Dad)

"would you rape a tree, if you had to?" 

"would you grow a tree if i planted you in the ground? "
Kazol3 says :   24 June 2009   538252  
Someone asked me if I could eat an apple......... um can't everyone
eat apples?


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