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Sunday, 11 January 2009
04:38:27 PM (GMT)
Go to urbandictionary.com and type in your answers to the following questions.
Post the first definition it gives you. 

1.) Your name?
A person of the female race who falls under any or all of these catgories: 

1. a very absent-minded person who just "isn't there" all the time 
2. someone who cannot listen to anything but an ipod without getting confused. 
3. a person who often is told (jokingly) that they have a.d.d. due to the fact that
they have no attention span 
5. is very short 
6. often a music geek/drama geek 
7. known to have so many inside jokes that they often forget which ones are from
which friends 

2.) Your age?
A depressingly wonderful movie about a young teenager girl struggling with the urge
to fit in. 

3.) One of your friends?
awesome person that is often imitated but never duplicated. 

4.) Favorite color?
Think's it's a colour. When really, its just pretending to be a mixture of green and

5.) Birthplace?
Most people from other parts of Canada think we are arrogant wankers that would sell
their own mother for a quick buck or a blow job. However, most of these criticisms
come from people with small penises and no balls. 
(um... ew!?)

6.) Month of your birth?
The 4th month of the year. In which National Marajuana Day is celebrated on the 20th.
Is Avril in French. 
"What's today?" 
"April 20th" 
"...pot head..." 

7.) Last person you talked to?
The often overlooked and underappreciated parental figure. Just because he didnt give
birth to you doesnt mean he can't love you the same, or more than a mother can. Also,
whats up with the husband getting a 3000 dollar ring for the wife, on mothers day,
and the wife getting the husband a 2 dollar tie for fathers day? 

8.) One of your nicknames?
don't really have any.

teehee... some answers that i got were too weird, so i didn't put them...

blondegurl95 says:   11 January 2009   589914  
thats kinda weird :|   :P
‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› says:   13 January 2009   655949  
it was pretty fun though!!! You should try it!
tiggerlemon101 says:   3 February 2009   175421  
Man, you should have done the whole thing.  Now I can't do the whole
thing.  Oh well... Moving along...

1.) Your name?
Isn't defined yet.  Go figure. 

2.) Your age?
A Story of a young girl trying desperatly to fit in- follows her
troubled but cool new best friend into a world of drugs,sex and drama.

Rated R:For drug use,self-destructive violence,language and sexuality

3.) One of your friends?
a bad ass motherfucker who who won't take no shit off of nobody ~ Not
so true... at least the first part isn't. 
the most beautiful woman ive ever met and the love of my life ~
Straight, not narrow!
1. Ashley is a name that was popular to name babies in the late 80's
early 90's. 
2. Origin: meaning "From the Ash-Tree meadow". 
3. Character names on the popular kids telivision show Recess 

BOB: Hey Ash? 
ASH: Yeah? 
BOB: What year you were born? 
ASH: '89 baby! 

... there were 4 Ashleys on recess ~ Very, very good!  And yes, there
were four Ashleys on the Disney program Recess from the late nineties
and early 2000's.

4.) Favorite color?
Extremely potent marijuana, specifically marijuana buds that have a
purple hue to them. Also accompanied by a fragant, usually fruity
smell and mad perma-grin.  ~ Okay, kidna talking about the colour....

5.) Birthplace?
North York not yet defined... so let's go to Toronto.  By the way, the
thing about Haley's birthplace is so true!  All the Lebs and migrant
workers would do anything for a blow job!  Including selling
their mother, adn all their drugs and bombs...
The largest city in Canada. It's known for it's combination of great
neighbourhood vibe, cosmopolitan flare, and horribly atrocious
downtown architecture. (Unlike most major cities, it experienced it's
big economic boom in the sixties, go figure.) Otherwise a peach of a
town, with great nightlife (and with boozecans up the wazoo, for you
after hours folks), and wickedly georgeous people. So fuck off.  ~  Oh

6.) Month of your birth?
may is the month where teachers think that they can control a
classroom but really nothing gets done and no one cares about their
grades anymore. usually this happens because summer break is only 30
days away 
"hooray i have math..." 
"don't worry bro, its may, nothing gets done anymore"  ~ FO shizzle!

7.) Last person you talked to?
People who get into your buisness and live in the same house as you
who your
tiggerlemon101 says:   3 February 2009   166567  
GAH I hate it when that happens!  Okay, to lazy to finish/fix it...
‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› says :   4 February 2009   337816  
There's more?

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