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OC Survey.Category: Nothing in Particular.
Sunday, 14 December 2008
10:21:09 PM (GMT)
Instructions: 1. Choose 7 OCs of yours. 2. Label them 1-7. 3. Answer the questions depending on which number it involves. - - - The OCs: 1= Aelise. 2= Flint. 3= Caden. 4= November. 5= Zachary. 6= Mr. Homeless Janitor. 7= Irritating Japanglish Kawai Baka Baka Bing Bong Girl. (The first five are actual, important OCs. The other two are for entertainment purposes.) - - - Number 1 and 2 throw a party, they can only invite 4 people. Who do they invite? 3, 4, 5, and 6. They invite the first three because they're relevantly normal, and Mr. Homeless Janitor is less annoying than 7. How does the number they leave out react? Goes naively around for awhile, realizes this, cries, dramatically runs away, falls into a river, and is saved by her dream guy. All while sparkling and throwing in stupid Japanglish phrases. Hooray. Number 7 catches number 2 and 4 snogging, what is their reaction? She bursts into sparkling tears and cries "I THOUGHT WE HAD SOMETHING, YOU BAKA." Then she falls off another bridge, and is saved by another hot guy. What do number 2 and 4 do once they are caught? November tries to make a joke out of it, and Flint just stands there, possibly passes out. Number 3 and 5 are hired to assassinate number 2. Describe the conversation of their reaction. Caden: This is odd. Why am I doing this again? Zachary: Fuck this, I could be snogging. Basically they ditch it, and Flint doesn't die. Number 2 is assassinated. Who is most likely to avenge their death? Oh, but he didn't- alright, I'll play along. Probably Aelise, being his twin and all. What do number 4 and 6 talk about at number 2's funeral? 6 mostly begs 4 for money and offers his floor mopping services for money. 4 sort of stands awkwardly. Number 7 is in love. Who with? The hottest straight guy on the list. Which would be Zachary, because he's the only straight guy. She trips in front of him, blushes, he offers to take her books, and they skip into the sunset. Yay. Number 6 and number 3 get married. What is everyone's else reaction? Aelise: Well... er... Flint: What the fuck. Honestly. November: Caden, no way in hell is he moving in with us. [His older sister.] Zachary: Ew. Annoying Japanglish Baka Baka Bing Bong Girl: EW, LIEK OMG WHO WOULD DATE HIM???//// What does number 6 wear to the wedding? His janitor outfit. But he brushes his teeth for once. Number 5 gets drunk and makes out with number 7. They end up waking up in the same bed in the morning, what does number 1 do? Aelise: Wow. Nice one Zach. Zachary: Mmm... ah... what? WHAT THE FUCK WHO ARE YOU? -Sees chest- Oh, whatever... Everyone is stuck on a desert island and the only way to survive is to eat each other. Who gets eaten first? Number 7. They get tired of her complaining and sparkling. They all attempt to eat that number but number 5 stands up for them. What is the conversation like? Zach: I do not want you to eat her. Everyone Else: WHY? Zach: She has boobs. They all arrive safely home. But they find all their houses have been burnt down except number 4's. What do they do? Move in. Nearly suffocate. It's a tiny apartment.

Conspiring says:   15 December 2008   342917  
I must steal. O:
‹Vibrant ★ Greyscale› says:   15 December 2008   177556  
Go forth, steal. O:
1000s_of_kitties says :   16 December 2008   616653  
Wtf?That made me laugh so hard.

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