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Bravest thing I've ever done, involves nana'sCategory: (general)
Friday, 12 December 2008
06:11:18 PM (GMT)
Ok yesterday in school al of year 1 were having a "Enterprise day" and nobody
know what it specifically invoved just making films and perhaps a camera.

For the past couple of months my friends and I have had this joke between us because
nobody can imagine me as a mum but only as a nan- thus Nana Byrne was born. We
decided for a joke then to start writing my autobography, I'd made up jokes about my
58 grandchildren before, but we started to write it down an since I had to tell my
friends it was anything that came into my head.

And for the enterprise it was al of year 11, several teachers and an outside group in
the hall. Our group was made up of Amy, Louise, Megan, Alex, Emma, Hannah and Niamh.
Four of them however were only in our group because every group needed to be bigger
than 7, and there were 5 of us and 4 of them.

So as it began turned out we had to make merchendise, posters DVD cases, a TRAILER,
storyboard, tagline and lots more. We decided to do Nana Byrne. And I got to
play her, a 469 year old woman who's father was a gay priest, mother was the town
slut and lived in the swamp, she was banished from New England for being ginger, went
to the Caribbean and got into drinking contests with Jack Sparrow, had 58
grandchildren and a half, designed the Titanic, got drunk rom whisky and fell in love
with Zorro and was knighted by the Queen of England. (These are just the things we
wrote about in a short time, not all in one scene)

So Louise made a trailer, I took lots of embaressing photos (Including one of myself
although all of them were just me DX wahhh but I was doing the "We want you" Uncle
Sam pose?)

THE TRAILER WAS AMAZING! It was like "Oh god... it's a romance" at
first but then the guitar's and old woman and "Oh. Did I mention she's a 469
year old nana?" with all the guitars!! 
Wahhh Louise you are amazing!!!

o.o Then after all the preperation we had to preform in front of one judge... all the
"The t-shirts come in X-L and X-L-L... and that's it."- Louise
"We should win because our film is... you gotta admit really unique and Nana needs to
buy new hips with the prize money" "AMEN!" -Louise and Hollie
(Just two quotes I remember DX sorry I can't remember more)

Tagline- IN 2009 YOU WILL BECOME HER GRANDCHID- Cut to image of me doing a weird
face- which everyone loved

After waiting AN HOUR to hear if we got into the final, we were then told our trailer
as going to be shown to everyone (Remember it had lots of shots of me being stupid on
it D and I sat there next to Emma going "I'm gonna wet myself don't pick Nana Byrne
don't pick Nana Byrne!! ><>< ahhh!
Louise yelled "Hollie come on! :D" From sitting down on the floor below the stage and
I yelled something like "Your on the floor you can talk when your up here! D:" Got
more laughs

Basically...It was amazing- everyone were in hysterics laughing at Nana Byrne and my
grandchildren's reactions >W<

Got TONS of applause and WE WON!
As there were announcing the winner people CHANTED!!
Myself and Megan were laughing though- I think mine was just... nervous laughing
because after I got off stage my hands were so sweaty and shaking very badly, plus my
face turned bright red XD Thank god for low lighting when watching films.
The head of our year turned to us laghing and said "I'll never think of you the same
way Hollie!" to which I replied "You said that last week!" (At the university trip)
and got more laughs :3

Well, we got a trophy and I asked if Nana Byrne could be written on my certificate
(Twas ;D) 
Louise and Megan started yelling "Speech! Speech!" Replying in my Southern accent
"you will forever be my grandchildren!!" And getting more applause and laughs, we got
some photos and all the way home I remembered and smiled laughing to myself.

o.o; And now everyone is telling me how much they loved our groups performance... and
asking if they can be my grandchild.
Last edited: 12 December 2008

dan_09 says:   13 December 2008   712442  
Emmbee says:   14 December 2008   223914  
Aha :') did I mention Nana has myspace? :')
You where really brave doing this - Miss Parks won't be off your back
for acting now  xD
You where amazing, well done!
callie11 says:   14 December 2008   769858  
Wow, sounds fun! Congrats!
‹Curtains› says:   14 December 2008   565658  
*it'd be awesome*
so well ahem hmm
saralyn247 says:   14 December 2008   522516  
xD Banished from New England for being a ginger. Best thing ever.
TigahTan says:   17 December 2008   379224  
thats a funny saying... banished from new england for being a ginger
momo09 says :   17 December 2008   614749  
Ci and seeing as myself and another girl in the group were redheads
it was more fun :3


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