Eh, Some school work my friends wanted me to show the world. I hate
this so much...
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Eh, Some school work my friends wanted me to show the world. I hate
this so much...
Category: I hate story writing... Hisssssss....
Sunday, 9 November 2008
02:39:26 PM (GMT)
Heather was asleep on the couch when her sister walked in. Sophie, being as drunk as
she was, thought it was nessicary to scream her lungs out at her happily contented,
sleeping sister. "WAKE UP HEATHER!! WE'RE BEING ROBBED!!" She screamed with
drunkness. Heather jumpped and looked around at the quite surroundings. Se spotted
Sophie hiding on the staircase. Heather got up looking inoccent and horrilebly
shocked to make it seem there actually were robbers. She ran to the kitchen grabbing
a cloth and put some rubbing alchohl all over it. She walked over to her sporting
closet and grabbed her softball bat. Sophie wasn't expecting this at all so, she put
on the ski mask she had when she came in and ran upstairs. Heather heard the foot
steps on the staircase and knew what Sophie was doing, so she creeped around the
stairs crawling up them pretending to be shocked for whatever awaited her. At the
last step Heather got up and yelled at the top of her lungs, "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE
DAMNIT!!" Sophie snickered, thinking her plan had worked, so she jumpped out in
front of the stairs. 
         Heather took the cloth and smoothered it on Sophies mask, hoping some of the
fumes would seep in, knocking her out. It did. Sophie fell in Heathers arms. Heather
was sickened at her sisters failed attempt. She dragged her to the guest room and
laid her on the bed. Heather had a feeling this would freak Sophie the hell out. She
went to grab some tape and some rope. she came back up stairs with duct tape and
rope. She laughed at the sight of Sophie drooling like she was taking a nap. Heather
went down stairs to go and get some red food dye. She returned with a devious
thought. She was going to put food dye all over Sophies hands, the top of the bat,
snd some on her own head.
She did exactly that. Heather thought the only thing to make this better was to put
rope on her arms and tie herself to a chair in the same room. But first she put duct
tape on her mouth and then she tied herself to the chair, arms and legs.
            It took Sophie forever to wake up, but when she did she found the bat on
the floor, blood on her hands and blood on her sisters head, who was knocked out. She
screamed. Heather was about to crack and start laughing her ass off, but she kept
quiet. Sophie got up and ran out of the house, thinking she had killed her sister.
She was grasping her head because of the hangover and was floundering around. She had
to try and save her sister but what could she do?....

To never be continued.
If you want you can make up an ending, I don't care, but this is crap. So do whatever
you want, doesn't bug me.
If you read, thanks! And if you didn't, well screw you, your not even here!

‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   9 November 2008   564271  
This was great! i cant even believe you wont finish this!!!! it was
really interesting and i want YOU, not anyone else, to finish it! i
see why your friends wanted you to show this to the world :P
Xx_ImHigh_OnRainbows_xX says :   9 November 2008   795866  

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