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this is just one thing its going to go on and on and end up as a storyCategory: (general)
Thursday, 6 November 2008
10:01:06 PM (GMT)
omg im so fustrated there is this boy that i want to go to winter ball. we dont even
know each other but he liked me first he ask me out and i diddnt give him an answer
but know he doesnt want to face me or talk to me because he is freakin shame huh idk
what the heck he is ashame of huh im so mad he doesnt even wanna talk to me huh gosh
im so mad........... gosh.............

omg ok now he is like felling bad and he wants to talk to me and omg im like just
avoiding him cause he really pissed me off this week he diddnt want to talk to me
last week and now he wants to talk to me pshh negative lol....

omg ok now he doesnt want anything  to deal with me becuase he soposedly says that he
likes this other girl which i dont even think she dont exceses lol well anyways i
dont care im  beautiful i can fine someone else lol

omg ok well anyways i dont care no more o and that girl omg ok her name rhymes with
her last name you kindding  me lol well anyways huh idk but i think imma go on with 
this story becaus i fell like there is something that is going to happend verry soon

ok so i guess that gurl is real well thats what his friends said so anyways im not
going to the winterball with him because that girl ask him and their winter ball is
on the same night as ours so ya imma just go with my friends or find someone else lol
well idk if this is the last thing that happends then this is the end of the story
but i doupt it lol

ok guys so umm the story i guess it ends now well i dont know cause i been on break
and idk whats gonna happend wen i get to school alright ill acually try make someting
interesting for you guys alrighty then buh bye

well omg so im super sorry i havent been update about it but my story kind of goes on
by. so that boy jordan ugh well i guess we was on the same surf team right and omg
well ugh we didnt even talk to each he would always look at me and wish he never
rejected me but hey o well that was all him i moved on, i still think he is hot and
stuff i just gave up on him so he quit the surf team caz i guess it was me but
watever he is missing out me nd my friends are having so muh fun...... MORE COMMING

hey well anyways nothing happend so far all it has happend was that we are like
competing against eachother who can surf better and all this stuff and watevers but
he been a PAIN in the ASS latly gosh im sorry but seriously he thinks he is better
then every1 because he is sponcered by blue hawaii surf and all this crap and its
like ugh cazz idk but ya o and also he so ashame to admit that he likes me but
watever i got better stuff to do then listen to his crap UGH!!
Last edited: 27 June 2009

cutiie_piie_95 says :   9 November 2008   449767  
Wow, that is complecated!

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