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Why is she retarded?Category: (general)
Monday, 27 October 2008
11:43:05 PM (GMT)
Ok, i'm talking about one of my coolest friends, Vampire_Blood, 
she is really starting to scare me, even if it is just a joke,
she was cutting her wrist for a couple of months before now,
I was starting to get scared so I told her to stop before she really hurt herself.
Luckily, she did.
Then, since I used to go to the same school as her we are tight friends but 
now I'm at a different school, Shestarted dressing like an Emo with fangs, black or
dark clothes, dark make-up,etc.
She never use to be into stuff like this and it scared me, I didn't want to lose my
best friend,
but instead of asking her to stop, I left it alone.
Big Mistake.
I just read a little while ago a diary entry from her, she was talking about suicide,
even if it was a joke,
This Scared Me To Da Bone.
I got so mad at her I started yelling and screaming at her on the computer not to do
I really hope she listens.

If u have any advice 'bout wat I should do, PLZ post it!
(And if ur reading this now, Vampire_Blood, we're still good friends, just don't
scare me like this! U jerk!)

‹AlexxAcidic› says:   28 October 2008   515449  
im srry Sam. The adotption thing is startin 2 take effect on me..im
really pissed @ my so-called "parents"....u better not say anything 2
midnightangel94 says:   28 October 2008   565719  
I_luve_twilight whispers:   28 October 2008   264313  
Yaru says:   28 October 2008   761526  
Ty sadie, tanks to u guys to.
‹zoë.› says :   8 December 2008   949412  
hey sam. yeaa, its getting pretty bad. she's still gonna be sadie no
matta what, but i don't kno whats happining. i always say that change
is for the better, but obviously in this case, its for the worst.
she's still pretty *shutters* emo, and i really don't like to label
but her wrist are NOT "cut-free" if ya kno what i'm saying. really, i
was mad at her for doing that, cause there are soo many good,
innecent, decent, people who had there dreams taken from them....and
she's juts choosing to destroy herself, let alone her heart. gahh, im
getting way over my head here...its not something thats easy to do,
but we could fix it/her. :] have faith in her ya, kno. she may need a
little help but it'll pull through somehow. we'll just have to get it
through her THICK head that she's worth living!


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