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UnfortunatleyCategory: Joe Jonas
Wednesday, 22 October 2008
07:14:03 PM (GMT)
ACloveJoBros made this for me.  Thank you so much a love it!!!

This is a oneshot for waterfalls!!! hope she loves it!!!



"You're lying."

"But I'm serious, purple was my first word. If you don't believe me then go ask my
mom. I may have pronounced it wrong but that was it."

I rolled my eyes, setting my textbook on my legs.

"Fine then, I will. I'll just need to remember to do that. How's the tour going?"

"Meh, could be better if you finished it up with us?"



I stretched my arms above my head, a small squeak escaping my lips as I did so.

"We already went over this, I'm starting a job, going away to college at the end of
August and I just don't have time between my vocal coach and when I start Performing
Arts School we both know how busy we both will be."

"Then why not just until the end of August! Hold off your job and come stay with me
for a while!"

I groaned in frustration, pushing myself up into a sitting position.

"Joe, I'm going to hang up on you if you start this again."

"Then hang up and see if I care."

I was shocked. I have never heard Joe so … so … mean. And blunt too. It kind of,
no, it really hurt.

"I um, I'll just…"

"What's your answer Tiffany?"

Soon, my shock turned to anger just like that.

"I can't believe you're making me choose between a career and you! What kid of
boyfriend are you?!"

"One that wants to spend time with their girlfriend!"

"No! You're the kind of boyfriend that only thinks of himself! The kind that doesn't
care what happens to everyone else as long as he gets what he wants! And honestly, I
thought you were something different."

"So now I'm not your type?" He snapped, making me even more livid.

"Pretty much."

"So if I’m not your type then I guess we should just break up."

I couldn't tell if he was serious or just saying that to make me feel bad but which
ever one it was I couldn't stop the words that came out of my mouth.

"I guess we should."

Dial tone,unfortunately.


*Joe's P.O.V.*

I stared at me cell phone which I had quickly shut with absolute shock. I had never
hung up on Tiffany… ever.

"What was that about?" I heard about ten minutes later.

I lifted my head up, staring at my younger brother when realization hit me, quite
hard actually. My vision was quickly blurred with tears while I replayed the
conversation in my head over, and over again.

"We broke up." I choked out, throwing my phone onto the ground, the screen smashing
into thousands of tiny pieces.

"Darn it." I murmured, wiping my eyes with the back of my hand and picking up my

"What happened?" He asked quietly, sitting on the hotel bed we shared.

"I-I don't know, it started with me asking her to come on tour again and then I
wasn't her type and then I asked if we should break up and she said I guess. God!
And now I can't even call her back! Ughh!" I threw myself back, smooshing a pillow
into my face.

"I'm such an idiot."

"Yeah you are. I just got off the phone with Tiffany."

My body whipped up so fast I was scared I was going to lose my head... unfortunately
I didn't.

"And you didn't tell me!" I screamed at Kevin, my temper shining through.

"Well Joseph, when she calls me instead of you bawling her eyes out I know you did
something and I wasn't about to force her to talk to you and sort things out."

"What kind of brother are you?!"

"Sounds familiar doesn't it?" Kevin snarled, turning and walking out the door.

I glared at his retreating form and then turned my deadly gaze to the floor.

"Man, if this is what you're going to be like until you and Tiffany get back
together you need to do something. And if you don't then I will." Nick stated.

I snorted, crossing my arms.

"You know how stubborn Tiffany is Nick, she's not doing anything fast."

"And you're not really helping."

"Is everyone against me?!"

Nick glowered at me, "I can be if you want." He started standing up, his priority to
leave the hotel room.

"No!" I yelled, a little too fast for my liking. "Just, wait. What can I do?"

Nick smiled, walking towards the guitar in the corner of the room. "She's a sucker
for music right?"

I nodded, not catching on.

"Then we do this, I know that Allie got tickets sooooo..."

I sighed, leaning my chin into my palm as I listened to Nick's plan.

Hate to admit it but Kevin's right... unfortunately.


*Tiffany's P.O.V.*

"I have backstage passes to the JB concert here! And guess which beastie’s coming
with me?!"

Oh Allie, please don't mean me, please don't mean m-



"I'm so excited! We finally get to meet them! Can you believe it?! Are you happy?!
Wait, are you coming?"

I opened my mouth to say 'no' but the look on her face showed she was just ecstatic.
And I didn't want to ruin it for her.

"Yeah, I'll come."

"Thank you! Aren't you excited to meet them?!"

I laughed a little, a fake grin spreading across my face.

"Of course I am! It's the Jonas Brothers!"

"You can finally meet Joe! And maybe get a date." She wiggled her eyebrows, nudging
me with her elbow.

Oh if you knew...


Don't know if you haven't noticed yet but Allie had no idea I was dating Joe... or
actually knew the brothers for seven years. She was gonna beat me when she found
out. The ten years that I knew her I could've introduced her to the hottest things
to walk this planet, for seven years of those ten.

Ohhhhhh boys.

"Okay, well I gotta go cause Mom wants me home by two."

"It's two-thirty?"

She grinned and slid out the living room, laughing quietly.

"My point exactly."

So now I get to go watch my ex sing his heart out to all of the crazy fan girls who
dream about what we had.



"I um, don't feel good. I'll call Katie and she can go alright?"

Allie sat beside me and bit the inside of her cheek, obviously aggravated.

This would be um, the eighteenth time telling her this with a different friend each

No lie.

"Okay, Tiffany, If you don't march in that door right now then I will beat you. You
know how much I want to meet these guys! Plus, I want you and Joe to meet!"

"Oh please don't."

What I wouldn't do for a little confession time.

"Come on! OMJ it's Big Rob!"

The big bodyguard turned around upon hearing his name and looked at the head of the
line. I seen his hand about to raise towards me but I shook my head, signaling for
him to stop. Instead, he smiled and then disappeared into the crowd.

"Look! Seats! Good seats!"

I groaned when Allie grabbed my wrist, hauling me towards the front row seats...
right in front of the middle of the stage.

How cliché. Middle of the stage where he'll notice me immediately, unfortunately.


I'm surprised he still didn't see me yet.

I'm surprised he never dragged me off stage and started yelling.

I'm surprised he never looks me once in the eyes through the whole concert... yet he
touched Allie's hand.

They must really love their job.

"We got a new song for you guys tonight!"

The crowd roared in excitement as Joe's voice rang through the stadium.

"I'm hoping that one girl is out here tonight,"

I'm right in front of you... wow, you really are blind.

"If she is, and you know who you are, this is for you."

"I wonder who that girl is, man she's some lucky. Joe Jonas actually dedicating a
song to her."

Oh you don't even know my dear. It's probably some song like Move On or something...
like... Get A Life.

Soft strumming echoed and I lifted my head up, watching as Joe sat on a stool with a
microphone stand.

"You warned me that you were gonna leave 
I never thought you would really go 
I was blind, but baby now I see 
Broke your heart, but now I know 
That I was being such a fool 
And that didn't deserve you

I don't wanna fall asleep 
Cause I don't know if I'll get up 
And I don't wanna cause a scene 
But I'm dyin' without your love 
I'm beggin' to hear your voice 
Tell me you love me too 
Cause I'd rather just be alone 
If I know that I can't have you

Lookin' at the letter you that you left 
[The letter that you left, will I ever get you back] 
Wondering if I'll ever get you back 
[ooh aahh, ooh ahh] 
Dreaming about when I'll see you next 
[When will I see you next, will I ever get you back] 
Knowing that I never will forget 
[I won't forget, I won't forget] 
That I was being such a fool 
And that I still don't deserve you

I don't wanna fall asleep 
Cause I don't know if I'll get up 
And I don't wanna cause a scene 
Cause I'm dyin' without your love (yeah) 
I'm beggin' to hear your voice 
Tell me you love me too 
Cause I'd rather just be alone 
If I know that I can't have you

So tell me what we're fighting for 
Cause you know that truth means so much more 
Cause you would if you could, don't lie 
Cause I'd give everything that I've got left 
To show you I mean what I have said 
I know I was such a fool 
But I can't live without you

Don't wanna fall asleep 
Don't know if I'll get up 
I don't wanna cause a scene 
But I'm dyin' without your love 
I'm beggin' to hear your voice 
Tell me you love me too 
Cause I'd rather just be alone 
If I know that I can't have you 

Don't wanna fall asleep (Don't wanna fall asleep) 
Cause I don't know if I'll get up (Who knows if I'd get up) 
And I don't wanna cause a scene 
'Cause I'm dyin' without your love (yeah) 
I'm beggin' to hear your voice (Let me hear your voice) 
Tell me you love me too (Tell me you love me too) 
Cause I'd rather just be alone 
If I know that I can't have you."
Some girls (including myself) were brought to tears. The song was beautiful and...
HA! Dedicated to me!

The thing that surprise me the most was how the entire song he was looking into my
eyes, like he already knew I was there. Of course though, twenty girls (Allie as
well) that were around me thought he was singing to them and started screeching
until their throats were sore.

"I'm sorry Tiffany." He announced quietly, the microphone making it louder.

Gasps and 'Who's Tiffany?' surrounded me and I bit my lip, glancing in Allie's
direction to find her just staring at me... completely confused.

He wouldn't?

"Come here." He told me, setting the microphone on the stool and walking over,
holding his hand out to me.

I shook my head, feeling in my heart that I was already forgiving him. 
"I-I... um, why in front of all these people?"

He smiled, leaning down closer. "Just come up here."

My hand slid into his, an immediate warmth running through my body as he caught my
waist with one hand and pulled me onto the stage.

"So I can do this."

And then, he kissed me.

In front of thousands of disappointed Joe fans he kissed me. Me!

Yeah, you're jealous cause I'm kissing a Jonas Brothers and oh, you're not!

He pulled back reluctantly, my still frozen form locked in his embrace.

"Um, you just kissed me, in front of like... a lot of people." I whispered, my eyes
flicking between the audience and back to him.

"And?" He smirked.

I shrugged, smiling slightly, "Screw them."

And then, I kissed him.

In front of thousands of disappointed Joe fans.

And I enjoyed every minute of it.

Suddenly, I felt a small tug at the bottom of my pants and I moved away, glancing
down at Allie who had her eyebrow raised.

"So how long have you been dating Joe Jonas?"

I looked at Joe, thinking quietly.

"Two and a half years." He answered for me, smiling down at her sincerely.

Her mouth made an 'O' and she nodded.

"And you never introduced me to Nick? Like, at all. What's wrong with you woman?!"

Joe and I laughed, turning and motioning the curly-headed brother.

"Nick, Allie. Allie, Nick. Now live happily ever after and have a bunch of 'Nllie'
babies!" I shouted, forgetting the audience in front of me.

Both Nick and Allie flushed red, shooting daggers at me with their eyes.

"So you're dating Joe Jonas?!" I heard a random girl shout from the crowd.

I looked at Joe with a questioning look, my hands gripping his shoulders.

He nodded, smiling even wider.

I leaned over into Nick's microphone, grinning from ear to ear.


kelcylane says:   14 November 2008   432874  
i would seriously be so jelous if it was truye! :D
waterfalls says :   14 November 2008   663414  
I would be so happy if it was true!! lol =D


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