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Saturday, 18 October 2008
10:49:03 PM (GMT)
Only cool people can take this survey

Do you like apple soda?: i don't reeaally know. never even heard of it.
Are there any writing utensils close to you?: Yes, Guess What It Is! an ugly pen.
Are you registered to vote?: no, WHY? dun, dun, DUUUN.
How are your nipples today?: why you askin?
Did that last question offend you?: maybe, maybe so, ...YES.
Do you watch football regularly?: no; no i don't.
Look up, what do you see?: the ceiling?
Do you have a bigger upper or lower lip?: lower.
Are you currently doing any big projects?: for school? yes, this world map thing.
When was the last time you really laughed out loud when you typed 'lol'?: month or two ago.
Do you have any screen names with spelling errors?: yes because i sometimes like to make up words.
Open the nearest drawer and tell me what's inside it:: well...some paper, envelopes, OHH DANG and some G-R-O-D-Y glasses in it's case, GROSS!
What was the last thing that shocked you?: IDK.
How many other rooms can you currently see into?: 1. only one.
Do you need to take the trash out?: not now but every day, it's my chore.
Do you need to clean your room right now?: YES!
Do you need to clean out a litter box right now?: no, not my job.
Are these questions reminding you of things you put off to do this survey?: no, why, do you think im skiping out? huh?
How about dishes?: nope.
How many days have you been wearing those clothes?: once, after they have been washed.
Do you like listening to 60's music?: no, 80's! well and music from my time.
Can you move your nose?: without moving any other part of my face? kinda, yeah.
Can you flip your eyelids inside out?: no, thats gross!
Can you wiggle your ears?: yup-a-doodles
Can you make a clover with your tongue?: no, not really
Can you put your foot behind your head?: no, OUCH!
When was your last break-up?: the middle of last year.
Would you rather not be reminded of that?: no, it's okay.
All for one or one for all?: all for one.
What one thing never fails to amuse you?: my best friend being outgoing (that's a comment)
How many songs have you downloaded this week?: none. bad huh?
Would you rather be a ninja or a samurai?: a samurai thank you
Would you rather be a pirate or robot?: robot.
Would you rather be a ghost or a zombie?: ghost. hooo booo, I SCARY!
Have you ever considered living in a bomb shelter?: NO
How lonely are you right now?: 0%, my sister is with me and im listening to TOKIO HOTEL
If I gave you a piano and told you hit middle c, could you?: yup, im in music in school for this quarter
Have you ever typed out a long rant, then your computer died?: nope, just my good luck i guess.
Are you going to go cry because this wonderful survey is over?: no.

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cassy135 says:   18 October 2008   391545  
hey, that was so cool! 
‹:]TagIt:]› says:   19 October 2008   768264  
Heyy, I do yep-a-doodles.
‹Kasey;Theonewhostoleyouroreo› says :   19 October 2008   139288  
love it!


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