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Saturday, 20 September 2008
04:59:56 PM (GMT)
Ok, I updated, sooo.... Tell me what you think.

Take Me Away

I sit here, cold and alone.
Wishing for your voice,
You won't pick up the phone.
Been so long I've seen sun.
The darkness just keeps growing,
I want to, but I can't run.

Take me away. 
I need the sun in my eyes,
I need the breeze in my hair.
Take me away.
I need to see,
Your still here for me.

Lookit you,
So shiny and new,
Lookit me,
Scared as can be.

I cry in the night.
you could never know this pain,
It's a strange new fright.
Only thing that keeps me going,
is the thought of you being close.
But we are fraying, our time together slowing.

Take me away.
I miss my life,
I miss my friends.
Take me away,
Back when it was just us two,
Stuck together stronger then glue.

I say, Take me away.
I miss the light,
I miss the air,
I miss the life,
I miss you.

Take me away to our happy place,
Where love can always stay true.

Er, no motivation. I know it's kinda scatter brain in parts, but I run out of

Because of You.
This one is for all the abused, my heart to your strength! :' )

The light isn't real.
But the pain I feel,
Will never leave.
The scars are clear.
My ending is near.
I hope yours is too.
You promised me love.
I think you aren't going above.
You will never know love.
Nor will I Because of you.
Because of you.

I repeat, scattered at the end. No ryme there with the cuase a you part, ah well.

OOOH!!!!!!! Look, Lauren Updated!
Her Eyes

Falling, Falling.
Can't find a way out.
Crawling, Crawling.
Can't get up.
Screaming, Screaming.
No one hears us.
Crying, Crying.
The tears never stop.
Hurting, Hurting.
The pain lasts forever.

When will we wake up,
And realize, these nightmares we dream,
All come from her Eyes.

Who's eyes? I do Not Know. Maybe my Friend. But right now, I'm bored, a little
emotional, and in the mood for a message. (this one being that we need to reach out
from our little bubble that we live in to find the ones who need what we have the

A view

We always think,
What we do is fine.
But never see,
From an outside eye.

We observe others,
And watch in disbelieve.
But yet here we are,
The same as the View.

Ok, I think you get what "The View" was. If not... ERm.... WOW. It's what we see.


Everything stays strong when you can't.
It holds you up and rebuilds the hole.

Everything stays with you through thick and thin.
It patches the pains over with forgiveness.

Everything loves you when you mess up.
Even when it can't be undone.

Everything holds your hand on a daily basis.
Though not on the outside.

Everything is, and always will be,
It lasts forever.

Everything is otherwise known as,

Keep your everything close to heart. Patch the holes up, be forgiving. Friendship
lasts forever when treated right.  (P.S. I kinda sorta wrote this for my sister and
her BFFL. Member, DON'T LET HIM RUIN YOUR NIGHT! Oswald.... hee hee.)

Not Tonight

When everythin's wrong,
And nothin's right.
And our hearts are filled,
With fear of the fight.

When the brave soldiers,
Hearts beat fast.
The Heat of the battle,
Is amongst us at last.

I may be scared,
But I'm sure of one thing.

No, not tonight!
Not tonight, Not tonight,
I still have the fight,

Thr troups are fading,
As one we fall.
But I am determined,
To stand tall!

You and Me,
Were meant to be.
Another day,
Meant for us to see.

I may not be certain,
But I know one thing.


The day is young,
And oh so new.
We can make it,
Cause we are too!

We will raise,
Our voices high.
We will win.
We cannot die!

I'm young and naive,
But I know one thing.


No! Not tonight! No, No no!
We can survive!
No not tonight! Not tonight!

Cause good bye's are meant for those who don't believe.

Ok, obviously, that one is a song. I made this during SRT when I was bored.... It's
meant to eb teh song that I wrote for my story, you know, kinda like a theme. It was
when the first battle was raging, KAty looks in on Ly-Ann and she is basically
screaming this with every breath as she's basically killing the enemy. It was that
Ly-Ann was making it up as she was goign on, talking about her, rick, and  all the
Venus girls. : )

xxGigglesnortXX23 says:   20 September 2008   341329  
you're doing awesome at your poetry skills! at your age, I totally
sucked at poetry, rofl. i got better in like...9th grade lol
MeepingMeep says:   20 September 2008   288833  
Really? i donno... I write the wolf one on my page as well...
‹SqueeneyTodd› says :   21 September 2008   286957  
I liked that wolf one on your profile.


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