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chapter 5Category: Story of Randomness (please read!)
Wednesday, 17 September 2008
07:49:55 PM (GMT)
"It's fine mom. I can talk." Janice said, with a slightly impatient voice.
"All right, but be careful, you're head already hurts." 
"Yah, all right." 
"So, what was up with you yesterday? You and Amanda? What's up with that? she's bad
"Why do you care anyway!?" she almsot shouted.
"Because I'm your friend, unlike Amanda, so whatever you were doing last night,
please tell me."  i pleaded. 
"Just leave me alone! Amanda understand what i'm going through, and she's really
helped me!" 
"By giving you drugs!?" I shouted.
"That wasn't what you think it was. It was part of project." Her cheeks
turned pink. 
"Yah, whatever. When amanda gets you arrested, don't call me, cause i'm not going to
bail you out." I stomped down the front steps. 

That day, Amanda was with a new guy, Stan. He was the captian of the football team,
and my crush since grade 2. I couldn't believe a sweet guy like him would go for a
girl like that. She was acting so desperate and pathetic. I just wanted to get out of
there. So, i went over to my locker, grabbed my books, and left, before i lost my

When it was time for lunch, i went outside, only to see Amanda and Stan sitting
together, kissing. It made me completely lose my appetite, and my respect for Stan. I
sat down and tried to read. Soon enough, Amanda stopped kissing Stan long enough to
light up a cigarette. It smelled awful. Stan started giving her stern words about
smoking, but she didn't listen, and when she tried to kiss him again, he refused. My
respect for him started to rise again. They began to fight, and Amanda eventually
stomped off. 

Stan looked exasperated, and as he looked around, he caught me looking at him.
Quickly, i looked away, pretending to read. I notcied him walk towards me. I hoped he
would walk right past me, and not think of me as a total loser, but he sat down. He
let out a large sigh. 

"Can you believe her?" he asked me. 
"Um.. no?" 
"I mean, doesn't she know smoking is terrible for you?"
"I guess not."
"So, what are yah reading there?" 
"Huh?" I asked, completely comfused, then i remember i was supposedly reading a
"Oh, it's  the last Harry Potter book."
"Ah, i love that series!"
"You do?" 
"Don't sound so surprised, just causei play football, that doesn't mean i don't
read." I didn't think it was possible, but my respect for him went even higher. 
"Who's your favourite author?"
"J.K Rowling, duh! she's the best!"
"I know! i love the Harry Potter books, they're amazing!" And the more we talked, the
more i found out we had a lot in common. 
Before i knew it, i was flirting, then, the bell rang. Why bell!? Why must you ring

"Well, i guess i better get to class." I said, with a little regret. 
"Yah, I'll see you soon?"
"Yah, see yah." He walked away. I puched my fists into the air, getting me more than
a couple of stares, but i don't care. I had talked to Stan without making a fool of

After school, i really wanted to go talk to Jan, but remember Amanda was her new best
friend, so decided against it. 
I wrote about it in my blog instead. Right away, i got a comment. It was from my good
friend named Football#1. He was such a good listener, and we talked a lot. 
I read his comment. It said...

' I had a day just like this. I talked to this girl, and i think i really like her.
The thing is, i have a girlfriend. I want to dump her, but I'm afraid it'll look bad
if i dump one girl, and just start dating another.'

'Ooh' i started to reply. 'That's hard. You should try becoming friends with the girl
you like, after dumping your girlfriend first. That is, if you like the new girl
better. After being her friend for awhile, ask her out. It should be a little while
after you break up. Chances are, since you're such a nice guy, she'll probably say

I sent this letter, hoping i would help Football. His problem reminded me of Stan,
but that couldn't be him, i thought. He has Amanda, why would he want me. 


All righty everyone, thanks for reading! gotta go. I'll write more soon. This one was
longer though. Are you happy tiggerlemon?

tiggerlemon101 says:   18 September 2008   957962  
Holy crud.  Cheesiness presented in anun-Maru Sue-like fashion. 
Refreshing when it comes to child authors.  Good chapter, but I'm
looking forward to more angst and angry and emo-osity!  Elohel!
blondegurl95 says:   18 September 2008   133616  
why bell!?
why must you ring now!

ohmigaaadddddd  that is soo you to say that 
‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› says :   18 September 2008   511761  
well, sorry, no emo-ness in the other chapter.

Kinda, yah... :P


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