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Sparkly McSparklesonCategory: School
Thursday, 4 September 2008
01:18:26 PM (GMT)
Today, stuff happened.

In ACE we were given cards and told to be hotseated as that person. I got Princess
Diana, Joe got Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellie got Saddam Hussein. The ACE planners are
odd little people. We spent most of the day ranting and rambling about stuff and
movies. When Twilight comes out we're gonna go see it for - a> the lulz and b) I have
an urge to stand up in the middle of it, right before Mary-Sue and Gary-Stu kiss, and
yell 'LOOK OUT CEDRIC! VOLDEMORT'S BEHIND YOU!' We're getting 'Team Rob - We're
sorry. Oh so very sorry' shirts with 'Twilight Sucks! Anti-Twilighters!' on the back
of them. Along with my awesome 'Lestat pwns Edward' badges. Oh, the possibilities and
the lulz.

Tutor time was spent doing that shopping list game, you know, the one where you have
to remember everything and do it in alphabet order? Our list went - Alligator,
banana, cat, dog, elephant, frog, Georgia, horse, intelligence, a jaffa cake,
kangaroo, Lewis, monkey, New Zealand, octopus, penguin, queen, red carpet, snake,
Tetris and an undertaker. Twenty minutes, but that wasn't counting our table turning
and stuff. We take a lot of time to get in. Chloe just got in before the bell for the
next lesson rang! xD

We're gonna spoof Twilight to add to our awesomeness. Medythia and Joe are going to
be Mary-Sue and Gary-Stu respectively, with us filling in everything else for more
opportunities to ridicule the people in it. Joe's new nicknames are Sparkles
McSparkleson, Knight In Sparkly Armour and SPARKLEDUDE!

In maths Graeme tried to walk with three GCSE math books on his head, that he had
collected from Jodie, me and himself. They are thick books with difficult problems in
- I swear our teacher hates us. xD He failed, eventually getting there by holding
them properly on top of his head. We decreed this a fail and then we went to English.
English was boring, dinner was boring, English was boring (Why put an English before
and after maths when periods are only actually half an hour long?) and art was
boring. The only amusing thing was making Ellie jump by yelling 'SQUIRRELS!' very
loudly into her ear. Oh, Ellie. You amuse me so.

If it's a 12A Ellie and I are going to see Disaster Movie on saturday. We're walking
to cinema. Exercise. It'll be bitchifyin', because even if we don't get to see
Disaster Movie we do get to see Get Smart. And I wanna see that. It will provide epic
lulz, as films often do. Twilight will, even if it's for the wrong reasons. We're
going Rocky Horror and Twilight and mocking with props. Sunglasses for the meadow
scene, because GodDamn his dazzlement is blinding.

I rant, I rule. ^_^

‹SqueeneyTodd› says :   19 September 2008   835141  
I wish I could join you with that movie plan....the shirt idea is
awesome, BTW.


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