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Please ignore me while I quote Zeldalogic.Category: Nerdrant
Friday, 15 August 2008
03:28:53 AM (GMT)
Yeah. Zeldalogic is a spectacular video superguide type thing, and I absolutely
adore the guys who do it :3 I'm going to quote them now, you may leave if you don't
give a shit.

"Um, this is our Zelda superguide strategy video spectacular. It's very fancy."
"Badadadaa, slingshot!"
"The kids love you."

"Lantern. This is important. This means something."
"It's dark. :C"
"See, you play with the lights on, kids."

"Zeldalogic. Red is important."
"Oh, yes, Purple! :D"
"Head towards the other dot, which will lead us ever so slightly on our quest for...
o_e Something."

"And then we have this... Bridge. And monkeys. And children. CHildren monkeys."
"._. No, that would be scientifically incorrect. D:"

"Hello, this is Mike next to Ray. ._."

"Well isn't that handy? Prisons with holes in the floor. o_e Covered by boxes."
"We captured a wolf! Quick! Throw it in the prison with the... Box hole."

"D: I don't watch television."
"She's with you every step of the way. u_u OR IS SHE?"
"There's a bunch of dangerous shadow bird... Thingies around. ._."

"You died. Right there. You failed."
":C I didn't want to show everybody."

"And you will experience a cutscene. Here, in the tower. But we won't show you cause
we're nice that way :3"

"...As you listen to these two goofos talk. Doo do do do dooo do do do do doooo."
"D-Doodley doods."
"WHOA. That is a wolf, I should run away."

"Oh, those pregnant wives... Heh heh. Yeah. What?"
"That one deserves a what."

"Yeah. Life is good. It's actually a, uh, floating sword! :D"
"Silly Mike! Why did you jump to conclusions like that? :3"

"Yeah. We went to college for this."
"We skipped ALL the dorm parties for YOU. :C"

"You need to get em good, yeah."

"See, you just dug up AGAIN."
"Why are you doing this to me? :'C"

"Kay. He wins."
"Well, here we are jumping. ._. Yes."
"Watch out for the log! Wat-wat-watch watch out, OHH WOW. 8D"
"Ray, I'm so glad you skipped out on the dorm party as well C:"

"Whu-wha? Oh, well now you're link again. D:"

"Maps are your friend. C:"
"We're gonna make a creature that'll help you in the game that's gonna look like a...
CHICKEN with a human head! D:<>:C"
"It lost the sparkle once you touched it. :C"
"i AM. Look, I did it! D:"
"Oh look, he's happy. They're all happy, they're stoked. They're jazzed up on
something. :/"
"SO, he's gonna show you his, uh, butt. Ah, there it is!"

":D Look at Link's face! It's like he's never seen a boomerang. With.. Feathers."
"It's pretty!"
"...Link is pretty."

"Yeah that's right, you're excited. You'd better be happy."

"Yeah, once again Link was pretty excited. He's never seen a floating compass in his
hands before."

"More dramatic chest opening."
"Yeah, but Link isn't as excited for that. He's seen big keys before."
"It doesn't have feathers! D:"

"And youuuuuu... Catch it! And then youuu.."
"DIE. D:"
"NO! You are ALIVE, my friend. :D You hoped for the worst, Mike, I know you did."

"Yeah. The monkey's excited. We're excited. We're all excited. Pork chop

"Just go to the boss! D:"
";o; I was just scouting!"

"But wait! The assmonkey is here! :D"

"Thank you, developers, we needed more of this."
"The ass action? ._."

"Yeah, that thing is weird. :/ We'll call Nintendo tomorrow."

"Nature works in mysterious ways, does it not? ;D"

Umso, that's from the beginning of the game up to the Forest Temple boss.

Oh yes, there will be more of this.
You don't have to read them D:
They're mainly for my own personal use.
There are many many many Legend of Zelda references here :D
Play Twilight Princess if you want to understand them x3
If you want a link to this, then ask. THey help you through the whooole game,
skipping dorm parties to do so and saving monkeys.


hardpourcorn says:   15 August 2008   892188  
LOLOLOLOL"...Link is pretty."
RoxRox says:   15 August 2008   964761  

That was beautiful.
‹IcePath› says :   16 August 2008   278169  
no offence claire, but link sucks.
so dose young link

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