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What Hurts the Most~Chapter TwoCategory: (general)
Monday, 21 July 2008
01:00:11 PM (GMT)
Chapter Two~The Long Awaited Adventure
   "You want us to what?"  Captain Rabb spit out quickly.
   "You heard me, Captain,"  General Cresswell said calmly.  "The American Idol
judges and contestants are in grave danger.  They are being threatened weekly by a
source traced to Kansas, and well... you know what that means.  Plus, according to
CIA intel, one of the contestants, don't ask me who, may be in cahoots with the
sender of the threatening messages.   I want you to go to L.A.  and take care of the
situation.  Understand?"
   Mac spoke up.  "Sir, is this really... even remotely rational?"
   "Yes Colonel, it is."
   "S-safe?  Necessary?  I mean, we have two young daughters!"
   "You can take them," the General said cooly.  "It's all under control.  Your alias
is that you're bodyguards, and it's not too far from the truth.  
   "Captain, your mother and step-father live around there, don't they?"
   "Yes sir, LaJolla sir."
   "Well, as far as the girls' school goes, you can tell them that one of your
parents is terminally ill and you have to go and be with them."  When  he laid it out
like that, it all seem incredibly simple.  Still, he could sense that Mac wasn't yet
fully convinced.  "Alright," he began again, "let me put this nicely.  You two
are doing this, and that is an order.  I'd just appreciate it if you
did it willingly."
   Harm and Mac looked at eachother, defeated.  It was going to have to be that waym
they guessed.
   Mac gulped.  "Well, sir, when do you us out of here, sir?"
   "You have plane tickets for Saturday morning.  0600 hours.  You're staying in a
suite in the same place the contestants are staying until May 23rd, unlesss
complications arise.  Clear?"
   "Yes, sir."
   "Good," said the general.  "Dismissed."
   "Aye aye, sir," Harm and Mac said, snapping to attention.
   A few hours later, as they walked down to the car together, they thought of the
same thing; it couldn't go so bad, could it?  Really, what could go wrong?  Really,
all that could happen was that Ashley, in a crazy obsessed rage, got on a bus and
found the American Idol stage, then proceeded to tape herself to the walls of David
Archuleta's dressing room, thus jeopardizing the mission, not to mention their
dignity.  Oh yeah, that's what could go wrong!
   "Harm," Mac said shakily, "do you think we can do this?  Without loss of life, I
   Harm laughed.  "Without loss of life, yes.  Without loss of dignity, pride, temper
and a few other things? No."  He sighed and turned the keys in the ignition.  As they
pulled out of the JAG HQ parking lot, they were left not only with the daunting task
of keeping the American Idols safe from terrorism, but the even bigger obstacle of
explaining to their daughters.


One day later

   Ashley and Lindsay were definitely two for routine.  In fact, you could even get
by saying that they were too into routine.  But they didn't much mind.  So, when
Tuesday night rolled around, they were, as usual, curled up on the couch watching
American Idol.
   This week's theme ws 'Songs From the Year They Were Born,' and so far an okay job
had been done.  The highlight had to have been Michael Johns' 'We are the Champions',
although neither Carly nor David A., Ashley's personal favourites, had performed
  Mac usually stuck her head in every ten minutes on Tuesdays, and then watched the
entire results show.  Harm, on the other hand, almost never showed a trace of being
alive during Idol hour,.  So, needless to say, it was surprise to the girls when they
both sat down on the love seat kitty corner to the girls with the intent of staying.
   "Hey guys!  Ashley exclaimed.  "Are you actually gonna watch this time?"
   Harm made a funny 'pfmmf' noise.  "Not likely!"  Mac slapped him playfully.
   "Actually, we have something to tell you," she said.  She waited to see if the
girls had any far off, out there guesses before reminding herself that what she was
about to say was pretty far off and out there.  She continued,  "What if we decided
to move?"  She and Harm waited for the yells of protest.  None came out.
   Instead, Lindsay uttered the ladt word again.  "Moving?"  It was slow, drawn-out,
a half-question, half statement.
   "Only temporarily,"  Harm replied quickly.
   "Temporarily?"  Ashley retorted.  "How can you move temporarily?"  She was
deinfitely kicking up the attitude to show her parents what a ridiculous idea that
   "Yeah!"  indsay squeeled.  "Moving is moving!"
   Anger flarred inside of Harm.  "Do not speak to me with that tone, young lady. 
And yes, you CAN move temporarily," he almost shouted.
   Mac looked slightly distraught.  "Harm calm down."  She turned to the girls. 
"Look, we already talked this over with Mattie, and we feel it's a good idea-"
   "Oh, so you tell Mattie before you tell us!" Ashley yelled.  "And what are the
odds that Mattie ahs to move with us, too?  Hmm, let me think... slim to nill, I'd
   "Watch it, Missy!" Harm yelled back.
   "HEY!"  Mac's marine-mode voice overpowered them all.  "We told Mattie for one
reason and one reason only; because we knew that if anyone were to know what your
reaction would be to the full story," placing the emphasis on full to show
that they weren't done yet, "it would be Mattie.
   "Now before you say anything, this is going to happen.  General Cresswell's
orders,  But we would like your full cooperation."
   Ashley sighed.  She realized that if she just kept on shouting, this would eb an
uphill battle.  "How long?"
   "About ten weeks," Harm said.
   "Where are we going?" Lindsay asked, still considerably angry,  Mac smiled a bit. 
''This is the part you're going to like.''
   Lindsay's face lit up.  "Oh, where where where?  Are we going to Hawaii?"
   "Not quite,"  HArm said.  "But you're pretty close.  Same ocean."
   "Just tell us!" Lindsay wailed, exasperated.
   A huge grin spread ovr Mac's face.  "We are going... to... drumroll please..." 
Harm began to tap rythmically on the table.  "Los Angeles!"
   Ashley and Lindsay jumped off the couch, spilling the popcorn all over the couch
and the surrounding hardwood floor.  They threw their arms ech other and their
parents, thanking them profusely as they did.
   "Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Oh my God!  Thanks so much!" Ashley squeeled.
   ''Hey, don't thank us, thank General Cresswell,"  Harm said.  ''Now, go sit back
down, we're not done yet.''
   Then it occured to Ashley.  This was a mission, wasn' it?  Oh, she hope it was! 
She sat quietly, allowing her dad to finish.
   "We're not just going rto L.A. for the fun of it.  This is a mission, and it's
hugely important."
   A ha!
   "Please, don't interrupt until I'm done explaining.
   "The American Idol contestants have been receiving threatening messages about
bombings, murders and rapes.  They've all been traced to Fort Leavenworth."  Ashley
gasped, but said nothing.  "The CIA asked for a JAGMAN investigation, and we got
landed with the job.
  "We'll most likely be in L.A. until the finally, but we're not there for fun. 
During the day you'll be mostly doing school work with David Archuleta's tutor. 
We'll try to keep you with us as often as possible, but we might not always able to. 
Got it?
   The dubfounded silence lasted only a moment, before the screaming ensued.
   Hand in hand, Lindsay and Ashley jumped up in down, screaming at the top of their
lungs.  They were hugging and and jumping and screaming and laughin as though they'd
been told that they won the lottery, been given a mansion, free movies for a year, a
lifetime supply of chocolate and had been told they'd never have to go to school
again.  Strange what almost-celebrities can do to tween girls.
  Ashley flopped back in down in the chair when when they were done, but not Lindsay.
 ''I'm calling Leah!  No wait, I'm calling Kaeleigh...  No, I think I'll call Mattie
  ''Woah, woah, woah kiddo," Mac interrupted.  "You're not calling anyone.  This is
top secret, undercover stuff.  Imagine if people knew American Idol was being
threatened!  No way!  No one outside of the operation can know about this.  Sorry
sweety, but that's the military."
   Lindsay smiled empathetically.  "I understand.  Wouldn't want to jeopardize the
mission or anything, I get it.  It's cool."
  Secretly, Ashley was glad no one was allowed to know.  It was just her, her family,
American Idol and an adventure.  And she liked that.
Last edited: 21 July 2008

tiggerlemon101 says:   21 July 2008   971119  
Reviews welcome and apporeciated, but not necessary!  :-P
tiggerlemon101 says:   21 July 2008   653155  
MassDestruction says:   22 July 2008   376863  
I read the first part, and as soon as I read "American Idol".
I was like, "That would be some much like Emsee."
I didn't even read the whole thing.
I'm too lazy and tired. 
tiggerlemon101 says:   22 July 2008   245259  
LOL Yeah it would.  But I, unlike MANY others, aren't just obsessed
with it for no apparent reasn.  I like all shows like that because I
love competitions and suspensfulness (even if it's not that
suspensful).  And say what you want, most of the people REALLY can
‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› says:   27 July 2008   432296  
Cool story Emsee. Better than most random stupid, fanfiction stories!
Write some more!
tiggerlemon101 says :   27 July 2008   899273  
Yeah, I hate fanfic with no plot... terrorism is DEFINITELY plot!
Elohel!  Next chapter is rather boring, but nesessary, just to tell
you.  Except the part about MAc's dream... but I'm not giving anymore


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