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Friday, 18 July 2008
05:07:42 PM (GMT)
You're the kind of ninja that...'likes her space'
Name: Icari
Fighting style: Because of your love to be alone, you use wind jutsus to push away
others from you. You rarely use ninja tools like Kunai and Shuriken, but when you do,
you are best with katana swords.
What The Naruto Cast Thinks of you:
Naruto: I think she's kinda nice...But she's all bottled up...
Sasuke:...*looks away and blushes*
Kakashi: *thinks Sakura needs to stop yelling*
Ino: *same as Sakura*
Shikamaru: Not to troublesome...I kinda like her...
Chouji: If Shikamaru likes her, then I'll like her too.
Asuma: eh, she's okay, but not with group work...
Neji: ...she's strong...
Lee: She needs to calm down...
Ten-Ten:She's pretty cool...
Gai: Not very Youthful...
Hinata: I think she's very nice to me...Sometimes we train together.
Shino: She's nice to Hinata, so she's okay by me...
Kiba: *same as Shino*
Akamaru: bark bark (she gave me a treat one time)
Kurenai: She needs to open up...
Tsunade: One of my favorite Kunnoichis because she's so quiet
Shizune: She's nice when you get to know her
Jiriya: Eh, I've seen better...
Orochimaru: She's distracting Sasuke...
Kabuto: I think she's okay by my standards...
Gaara:...She knows Temari...
Temari: She's my friend. I taught her most of what she knows
Kankuro: *thinks your hot*
Baki: She trained under temari for awhile...
Akatsuki People:

Pein: Not very strong...
Konan: I know her...
Hidan: Who the F*** are you talking about?
Kakuzu: *wondering why he hears Sakura*
Itachi:...not so bad...
Kisame: She's weak...
Tobi: She's cool.Tobi's met her before and she was nice to me...She told me Tobi was
a good boy!
Deidara: She started that whole 'Tobi is a Good Boy' thing...ugh...
Sasori: She made Tobi annoying...
Zetsu: She looks tastey...

Your Naruto Life: You weren't always insecure about people being around you. In fact,
you used to love being around people. You were very outgoing, all before Orochimaru
came and did few things to you...After that, you thought people were just going to
hurt you, so you alienated yourself from everyone, even your parents. They tried to
help you, but it made matters worse, and you ran to the Sand village. You trained to
become a ninja so you could defend yourself, incase something happened again. Soon
you trained under Temari, learning wind techniques could push people away. But before
you knew it, you returned to the Leaf Village, and to your surprise, let people enter
your life...
Your love life: As soon as you entered through your old village's gates, you were
crowded by old comrades...friends that you pushed out of your life.
"Icari! Omigosh! Your back!" You heard a familiar annoying voice puncture your train
of thought. Soon you feel weight crashing into yourself. You cursed outloud as you
fell down . She appologized, laughing ofcourse, but went silent as a certain uchiha
walked by. He seemed to be pretty calm, but what threw you off was when he held out
his hand. You hesitated, but took it anyways. You glanced over at Sakura, who's eyes
were burning. 
"Uh...Thanks." You say to Sasuke, who looked to his side.
"Not a problem. Welcome back." Okay, you could have sworn you saw pink on his face.
"Oh! Icari, would you like to come over and celebrate? Your coming back, I mean."
Sakura said rather loud. You smiled warmly and nodded, feeling flattered that anyone
would find it a reason to celebrate for your usual gloomy presence returning. She
"Cool! Sasuke, I know that you usually don't come to parties when you're invited, but
you're welcome to come if you want." She stated nicely.
"...Sure." You almost laughed when you felt Sakura's heart just stop.

***At Sakura's house***
"Yay! Icari, do you know what a large party calls for? Truth...Or Dare!" You regreted
coming as you were pulled into the circlular group forming in the living room.
"Why don't you go first, Sasuke?" 
"Oh, you're so mysterious, Sasuke-kun! I love that! Alright, first of all, Truth or
"Okay...Is it true...that you like one of the girls in this room?" Sasuke frowns and
slightly blushes. You could have sworn you saw him glance at you...one...
"Okay, My turn, Sakura!" Ino shouted from the other side of the room.(They obviously
don't know how to play...Whatever...)
"Okay, Sasuke.(Why did you not see this coming?) Is it true...That you...love me more
than Sakura?"
"...I hate you both so I don't know how to answer that question..."
"Ooooooooo BURN!" You hear Choji shout from across the room, and couldn't help but to
"But...If you don't like me, or Sakura...And the girl you like is in this room...Then
you like..." You froze...There were only three girls at this
party...Sakura...Ino...And you...So in simple process of elimination...The person he
liked, the person that Uchiha Sasuke 'liked'...was you?
"My turn!" Naruto shouted. "Sasuke! Truth or Dare?"
"Dare me, dobe."
"I dare you...to make out with Icari!" He shouted, chuckling hard. Sasuke's eyes
widened. "Do it man! Ya gotta stay true to the rules!" Sasuke slowly rose and started
towards you. When he reached you, he knelt down to your level (you were sitting on
the floor) and started saying something.
"Is this okay to you?" He asked. Your eyebrows were in danger of disappearing
underneath your bangs. Slowly you nodded your head, and gasp as he touched his lips
to your. You heard Sakura and Ino start crying as he pulled away, smirking
"Umm...Wow..." You say quietly. He blushed.
"No...good." You say, smiling sweetly.
"Hey, Icari?"
"Yes, Sasuke?"
"Wanna ditch the party?"
"Hm...sure. Its boring."
After that, you dated for 6 monthes. And after that, you found out you were 2 monthes
pregnant! Congratulations!

this is what oppisite me got but this seams  more like me

Your more of a 'happy' ninja...
Age: 14 1/2
Fighting style: Becase of your hyper nature, you work best with Taijutsu. But instead
of just raw Tai jutsu, you use combinations of Ninjutsu and Taijutsu to attack your

What The Naruto Cast Thinks of you:
Naruto: I think she's AWSOME!!!
Sasuke: ...Alittle much...
Sakura: She's cool...
Kakashi: Interesting girl...
Ino: *same as Sakura*
Shikamaru: troublesome...
Chouji: Ha! She's funny! We had an eating contest once, but she passed out after her
seventh plate.
Asuma: She bought me some cigarretes...
Neji:...She's okay...
Lee: Very Youthful! 
Ten-Ten: kind of annoying
Gai:Youth is over flowing from this girl!
Hinata:...She's...taking Naruto-kun
Shino:...She thinks bugs are cool...
Kiba: She saved Akamaru from a ninja
Akamaru: Bark!
Kurenai: Alittle too happy
Tsunade: She's not too strong, but she isn't the weakest
Shizune: *thinks of you as a little sister*
Jiriya: *Wants you for research*
Orochimaru: I dont like her...
Kabuto: *thinks your too nice*

Akatsuki People:

Pein: Who?
Konan: What...?
Hidan: Uh...*thinks your hot*
Kakuzu: Want more money...
Itachi:...*he's blind so he no know you*
Kisame: Uh...I dont know her...
Deidara:...calm the hell down tobi...
Sasori: *DEAD! ^^*
Zetsu: Smells like candy...*_*

Your Naruto Life: Even though your family hasn't exactly been the best, via
alchohalic father and mother not loving you, you were always seen smiling. It was a
secret that you vowed to keep from everyone until you were 18, when you would be on
your own. You became a ninja so you could protect yourself from your Father's
beatings and such. You went off to other villages just to escape them, and to gain
your ranks of a ninja. You are now a Chunnin, so you're always on a mission or
helping out with the Hokage.
Your Naruto love life:

It was christmas time in Konaha, (Don't really know if they celebrate that...) And
you were very hyper. It was your favorite time of the year. And, Your best friend
Naruto was coming to visit. He had left a year ago to train with master Jiriya, and
you missed him deeply. Somehow, the world seemed like a darker place without him
"Kalime!" You hear his voice call out from the main gates. You jerk your head towards
him and sprint over to him, crashing down into him. You both fell down in the snow,
laughing madly.
"Naruto! You're back!" You say, hugging him tightly.
"I see someone missed me." He chocked alittle from your vice grip. You immedietly
loosen your hold on him, your laughter dying down.
"I'm sorry!" You quickly apologize, jumping up from him and blushing a little bit
more than the snow should be able to do. Naruto just laughed.
"It's alright, Kalime. So how have you been?" He said after picking himself up and
dusting the snow off of him.
"Quiet surprisingly. It's different when you're not around, Naruto..." you said, kind
of looking down and your feet. Your feeling of emptyness returned when you realized
he wouldn't be here for very long. Naruto frowned at your unusual gloomyness.
"Hey, what's wrong?" He said, lifting your chin up with his hand to face his. You
didn't realize it, but you were crying.
"You're gonna leave again..." You muttered, looking away from his eyes. A weak smile
formed on his face.
"That's true, but I'm here now, aren't I?" You looked back at him, smiling a small
smile. He was right. 
"Sorry, Naruto. I didn't mean to get all sad in front of you." You say, wiping away a
few tears. He pulled you into a hug and caressed you. You winced as his arm roughly
brushed against a fresh bruise.
"Ow..." You whisper. Naruto Immedietly pulled your shirt high enough to see the
purple mark. Your face turned red and you jumped away quickly, concealing the tender
bruise. Naruto's expression was angered.
"Did your father do this?" He demanded you to answer. Slowly and hesitantly, you
nodded. "I thought you said he wouldn't do it anymore!"
"I'm sorry! You were'nt suppossed to be involved! I can't just say 'oh dad, you can't
beat me because my friend said he's gonna kick your ass if you touch me again!'Do you
know how impossible that is?!" You were shouting through tears. Naruto just
approuched you and pulled you close to him. Immedietly you stopped shouting, stopped
crying, and stop worrying. In Naruto's arms, you felt safe, no matter what the
situation. His hands gingerly held you, so not to hurt your bruised and fragile body.
Then, he kissed your forehead. Something you never thought would happen. It was sweet
and warm, reassuring your safety.
"I don't want you to go home." He said quietly. 
"I don't want you to leave again." You said after him. He gently tightened his
"Come with me then." He suggested, leaving you dumbfounded. Why didn't you think of
that? Jiriya would have let you go, and Naruto ould have been thrilled. You nodded
against his chest, drying your tears in his shirt...
After that day, Naruto protected you with his life. He wouldn't even let Jiriya come
near you. You two loved each other deeply, roaming the land and training together as
a couple (With Jiriya). When you both returned to the village hidden in the leaf, you
found that your father had died of...kidney diesease...and your mother left. Thank
GOD! You and Naruto started officially dating, and later found out you were pregnant
with twins! Naruto was thrilled, and he allowed Jiriya to be something of a
grandfather to them. Congratulations!
Last edited: 18 July 2008

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