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A Quiz I Totally Stole From LinderzzzzCategory: (general)
Friday, 11 July 2008
11:13:23 PM (GMT)
5 Facts
1. Middle name: Gabrielle
2. Astrological sign: Aries
3. Eye color: Hazel
4. Birth date (Monday, Tuesday...): I'm pretty sure it was a Wednesday...
5. Home state: Pennsylvania (fuck yeah)

5 Favorites
7. Fave book: The Odyssey (does it count?)
8. Fave candy: M&M's
9. Fave makeup: The kind that goes on my face.
10. Fave magazine: GameInformer (only subscription I have)

5 People
11. Newest friend: hrmmm... Who's ever reading this?
12. Childhood nemesis: THE X-FILES (-sob-)
13. Longest-lasting crush: That's a secret. :>
14. Role model: Jeff Dunham. Talking to puppets is neat.
15. Kindergarten teacher: Mrs. Dewer. (hunch backed old crone )< )

5 Things
16. My mantra is: "Shit"
17. I canít find my: Colored Pencils
18. My friends say that Iím: Fucking AWESOME.
19. My parents were going to name me: Joshua if I was born with a penor.
20. I would never eat: people... I hope.

5 Moments
21. I read my first book when: I felt like it.
22. The first time I lost a friend was when: I threw a bucket at them. (Pre-school; I
was put in the corner)
23. I had a really good laugh when: I learned the word "penis". 
24. I was so proud of myself when: I surpassed the majority of my family in height.
(second only to mi padre)
25. If I could, I would go back to: Wawa so I could grab a snapple. ):

5 Places
26. My first kiss happened (or should happen) at: a snack table in Pre-school. I
think his name was Doug. 
27. I spend most of my time at: the mall.
28. I used to hide my diary: in my pillow case.
29. My favorite place to unwind is: my room. Or the mall. Both work.  :>
30. I'd hate to live in: a place far from a mall.

5 Either/Ors
31. Morning or night: The Twilight Zone  (FUCKING LOVE THAT SHOW)
32. Cats or dogs: Alex (I miss him.  ;^;  )
33. Computer or cell phone: Computer, even if my cellphone IS A FUCKING SAMSUNG
34. Pop or soda: Snapple
35. Vegetables or fruit: BANANA

5 Ifs
36. If I could move anywhere, it would be: Canada. PANCAKes, EH!?!?
37. If I were an animal, I would be: a cracker. 
38. If I could change one thing, it would be: my verbal skills. They suck.
39. If I had one superpower, it would be: to have every superpower. 
40. If I had a million dollars to spend, I would: buy a search team.

5 Pasts
41. My first word was: pumpkin, I think.
42. When I played make-believe, I: would get a little too into the story.
43. I used to watch, on continual repeat: Teen Titans. It was my LIFE.
44. I canít believe I worried so much about: whether Coke would outdo Pepsi.
45. I was so afraid of: the internet breaking.

5 Futures
46. When I grow up, I want to be a: world dictator.
47. Before I die, I hope to: meet Adam West. (Unless he's already dead.)
48. I'll be friends with: anyone who makes me laugh.
49. I'll live: until I die?
50. I'll make a difference by: subtracting?

That was fun.

tatsuyame says:   16 July 2008   659913  
This is one of my favorite things about being friends with you. 
You're so fucking funny =}D
‹??????› says :   28 October 2008   838278  
This really cracked me up xD
Your amazing C:
Nice quiz ^^

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