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Thursday, 3 July 2008
07:57:33 PM (GMT)
Do you flip your pillow to the cold side?
who dosnt?
and i have more than one pillow thank you! xP

Do you like to hold or be held?
i hold the secret of the mastar swoerrrr :B
lol neither.

Do you want a small or big wedding?
love is fake.

If you could win a couple front row tickets to a game, any sport, any team who would
it be?
eww. sports are for sports fans. NOT REAL PEOPLE :B

Would you rather help someone out or be helped out?
i perfer not to be around other people. 
their not very pleasant.

If you found out you couldn't have kids, would you adopt?
ewwwww. kids are gross D:

What woke you up this morning?
err. i diddnt sleep :D

How was your weekend?
spent locked away in my room as usual. t'was fun :0

Did you kiss or hug anyone today?
but i did kick a dog.
dose that count?

When was the last time you cried?
a few hours ago.

Ever thrown up in public?
"dont throw up your brain katie :]]

What kind of house would you like?
nerr. that one house on emrald road, that has the knife jagging out of the top window
my friend Laixe lives there
hes beautifull <3

Who is your number 1 on your top?
? top of what?

How do you know this person?
all epic people get together once or twice a year to share the love they hold, and
katies my lab partner in epic 101 <3

Are you good friends with this person?
= - = have you not been paying me any attention?

How often do you log in to myspace?
like...once a month xD i like livejournal and kupika better :3
my twitter prolly misses me D:
LATER, i have things to check onlineee...-trails away-

Do you like candy necklaces?
im wearing like...four <3

What are you doing this weekend?
same thing i do every weekend.
pull allnighters and eat like a pig at the computer talking to katie on the phone :D
its fun <3

What’s your favorite kind of soda?
roooooootttt beeeeeeeerrr -mouth foam-

How many times have you eaten sushi?
sushi is life.
i eat it all the time :D

What do you want to do right now?
go to katies :/

Are you listening to music right now?
just a video of jhonen vasquez talking <3
and its the best music ive ever heard :D

What do you like to listen to before you go to bed?
i dont need sleep!.....-falls out of chair snoring-

jhonen <3

What are you wearing?
some baggy black pajama pants and a white button-up work shirt :]


and a black tie with zim on it <3

Do you have any bad habits?
hahahahahahahahaha quite a few :]

Do you have a facebook?

What is one thing you miss about your past?
being able to sleep ALLLLLL DDAAAAYYY
without the damned cats attacking my face :/

Can you play pool?
err, yeah a bit.

Is your MySpace set to private?
dont remember.
im NEVER on myspace <3

Does the number 19 have any significance to you?
um...im almost ninteen?

Its 4 in the morning, your phone rings who do you expect it to be?
either katie or Reikya.
shes always on the phone with people :/

How old do you think you will be when you finally have kids?
umm. dead and in the effing ground.
inless its by accident.
which wont happen.

Who was the last friend in your house?

Can a girl and a guy be best friends with out having feelings for each other?
i proove it.
like..all of my friends are guys.
and none of them like me.
for all i know :/

Have you had your birthday yet this year?
not yeeet :O

When was the last time you went to the beach?
like...four years ago.

Are you good at snowboarding?
yepp :D

What are you thinking about?
how cute that sneeze jhonen just pulled off was.
videos like..an hour long

Last person you hugged?
uhhhhhhh RJ i think.

When was the last time you felt stupid?
lol just now.

Who did you last yell & why?
myself because i was like..thinking about something and then something caught my mind
-walks off mumbling the rest of the story-

What is bothering you right now?
myself. D:

What do you think of your number 2 on your top friends?
im not on myspace.
but hes only like...bootafal and hes liekkkkerrr....
okay, hes jizzmo and hes lyke..my bestest boyfrann <<33

Have you ever seen somebody get shot?
yep :]
having a prostitute as a mom i see shit happen all the time.
and the fact that nevada is full of people like that.

When was the last time you saw your father?
like...a minute or two ago.

Look to your right, what is there?
my pet rat samantha chewing on the remote.

Have you ever been in a car accident?
yeah, a few times actually.

What are you looking forward to?
uuuhhh, the future?

Ever broken a bone?
who hasnt?

Last thing you stole?
the remote back from samantha :/

Last place you lived before this one?
in houston for like..a week and a half.

Ever been in a fist fight?
once or twice.

Ever carried a weapon around with you?
i keep a razor blade in the bottom of every shoe i own, needles in my pockets and the
blade of a knife in each of my hats.
this is nevada hun.
dangerous people here.

Ever stepped in dog poop?
i hate dogs.
no, i stay away from them.

Who is your craziest friend?
lets see..
voice number one.
deffenantly, hes a bit..out there.
:]] loll

Ever been caught doing something illegal?
stabbing a guy in the arm.
HEY, he was trying to rape jizz :/
no one touches jizz.

Ever use a bar of soap to wash your hair?
i take NORMAL showers thank you very muchh :/

The way to win your heart?
cant go wrong with pshycos.
i like a guy with glasses :]
its so cutee <33

When was the last time you really laughed?
a few seconds ago.

jhonen said; "so the dog was hanging on to his arm and i was thinking 'OH NO, I HAVE
TO HELP MY FRANN' and ran in the opposite direction"

hes so cute like that :D

Are you dating the last person you kissed?
and thats jizzmo.
we want to date, but his mom hates me.

What are you like when you're drunk?
like a canary on weed.

and pretty damn good at beer pong :]

Do you drink milk straight from the carton?

How long is your hair?
short enough.
like...right above my shoulders.

When was the last time you sang out loud?
earlier today.

Did you have a nap today?
not yet.
im feeling drowsy though.

What was the reason you got in trouble last?
i was drunk and in love
okay fine
jizz and i were drunk and we woke the neighbors.

What do you wear more, jeans or sweats?
fo sho.

When is your birthday?

Where did you get the shirt you're wearing?
its jizzmo's shirt

Do you have any regrets?
that egg i ate a while ago is coming back at me.

Do you use an alarm clock?
honey, you dont need an alarm clock in nevada.
the car alarms and gunshots'll wake you up every morning :/

Whats the first thing you notice of the preferred sex
the firts thing they notice on me is what starts it ;/

Do you want someone you can't have?
; - ;

Are you a social or antisocial person?
anti-social really.
im always inside and when i go out people stay away from me in knowledge of me being
armed with sharp objects :]

Do you have a tan?
never in my life.

Do you miss someone today?

Who's your last text message from?
jizzy <3

What's your favorite commercial at the moment?
thriller lizzards :D

Do you always wear your seat belt?
sometimes <.<

What do you wear to bed?
whatever i have on at the time being.
ususlly some pj pants and a longleeve.

Who was the last person to disappoint you?
myself :/
-mumbles off to the side and walks off to get something to drink0

Do you trust people?
not usually.
SOME people :/

What does your 5th text message in the inbox of your phone say?
"skylar, i think i have robot aids, i jerked off and nothing happened"
from Dylan
boy is a genius.

Do you know what you want to do with your life?
i wanna stay inside and have the most fun as i can :DD



X~ skylar

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