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can you guess who i speak about?Category: (general)
Monday, 16 June 2008
01:18:20 AM (GMT)
It's time we have a little chat.
You and I. I and You.
Tell me what is it that runs through your head.
When You first see me?
When we part?
During the times I place harm to you?
I feared your answer would be something I'd regret.
and still yet I wounder thoughtlessly In the dark.
I realize now that it is easy for me to forgget 
but for someone who has gone through as much as you have
I realize it is the hardest thing in the world to forgive
someone like me.

I hope that oneday in this life or the next
our paths will cross once more
and I will have a chance to make it up to you
as if we never met.

but for now please give me the honor of 
at the very least pretending we can start over.
as if nothing ever happened between us.
as if atlast our souls have crossed paths again.

If this one time you can give me a chance.
I've never asked for one so weather this be the last
or stay the first just give me the chance I desire.
so that I may just this once feel at peice with my soul.

As though I've lived a life without regret
that is all I wish to accomplish in this life after all
please grant me this wish.
grant me my peice 
grant me my happiness
grant me a chance.

I know this seems like a lot to grant
but all I wish for and all I truley desire
Is one last chance.
to show, to make you see that I
am or rather can be as nice as you allow me to be.

If one thing I regret 
It would be making life for you a hell
please for give me
if i must state it alloud I shall.
I am sorry for the hell ive caused you.

as my fingers run cross theese keys 
I cant help but to think
"is this what it will feel like when I actualy tell you this?"
or will it be too much and result in my crying?

will my eyes betray me once more?
or will they find the happiness they seek in your reactions?
will you hug me or stand and critisize as usual
if one thing I wish from you is agian to have a chance

will you allow it or say
"no raven ive given you chances" 
ah but yes you have you have given me chances I havent asked for
you owe me one chance that I want.

is it only in my thoughts that i can have this conversation?
when the time comes will we be alone?
or will i have to swollow my pride even more to speak?
will you allow me to speak or will you walk away 

how will i get you away from the others
do i ask them to leave?
or will i ask you for a walk
maybe we'll just sit in a diffrent area?

as long as i can be alone with you 
i think it will make things easier
but this i fear will not be
i may be to afraid to ask

i refuse to tell you this over the internet
although i may be writing as though i 
intend to i can not break myself to
such follishness fear
to hide behind a computer 

because im to afraid to tell you in person
if that was the way of the raven
then id never get away from this desk
i fear for your sake so much theese days

only because you do not answer my call
so i can only exspect the worst 
and hope for the best
and yet i still can not bring myself to check up

gnomen nasai
forgive me
gnomen nasai
im sorry

please forgive me
plese accept my apology
im sorry

foxgirl331 says:   17 June 2008   448866  
wow leah....real beautiful...real deep that would make a great entry
at a poetry entry or somethign maybe even lyrics im simply stuned ^^
‹XxXThe_RavenXxX› says :   17 June 2008   446832  
Well thers a person I intend on saying this too maybe not all of it
but ill say it sometime XD I was afraid it sounded a bit to
lovey-dovey :P
I dont like the person like that XD


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