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The secret's out part 3Category: story
Friday, 13 June 2008
11:52:41 PM (GMT)
Mary gulped as she walked towards her new school. She had no idea where it was
though. She had lived in this town forever but she had no idea where it was. Finally
after a while of searching she found it. " No wonder I have never seen it before...."
She walked through the small hole in the hedged wall.  She found herself in the
middle of a large garden. It seemed to be like a boarding school. " I guess the
vampires with no other place to go can live here." She shrugged and walked until she
found the path.  As she walked she saw a group of girls chatting. Mary walked up to
them. " Excuse  me but. I was wondering if any of you could tell me where the office
was."  The girls stared at her.  One of them spoke to another. " We have never had a
newcomer before.. this is just too strange."  Girls nodded in agreement.  ONe girl
nodded and shrugged " I guess we can take you there." SO they all began to walk with
each other. The girl smiled at Mary. " So um. I guess we say our names right?" Mary
smiled. " Well I guess so... Um.. my name is Mary." The girl smiled. " Well I'm Lily,
this is rose, that's Lilac, and she's Susan." The other girls smiled. " It's a
pleasure to meet you!"  They all began to talk and laugh on the way to the office.
She seemed to be on the wrong side of the school. They had a long way to go before
they could reach the office. " Is there anything or anyone I should look out for?"
Mary asked. " Sure tons of things!" Lilac began. " Well they're all people." A girl
with really curly hair walked past. " Like her. That's Maggie. She's like in love
with Vincent, If you get too close to him then she'll hurt you." Vincent passed them.
Mary tried to hide herself a bit but it wasn't noticeable by the other girls.  Lilac
continued. " That would be Vincent. Just stay away from him or esle you will get
hurt." Another boy past by. " That one is um..." Lilac stopped she didn't seem to
know his name. Susan continued. " Nobody really knows his name anymore. We just call
him the knave of hearts." Mary had a weird look on her face. " Knave of hearts?"
Susan nodded. " You know the story of how the queen of hearts baked some tarts?" Mary
nodded. " Well so He's the knave who stole them.. but he steal's girl's hearts
instead of tarts." Mary nodded again it made sense. She smiled as they began to walk
again. They went over many other things to avoid. Finally she got to the office. Mary
smiled and waved good-bye as the others rushed to class. She knocked on the door to
the office. A voice told her to come in. She had a conversation with the principal
about how she was a vampire and all. 
       After a long talk she was given orders to go to classroom D-2. (Which means
for those who don't know block D second year. ALso I forgot to mention a long time
ago.. this is a middle school. So um back to the story here....) It took her some
time but Mary finally found it. She knocked on the door. A teacher came out and she
handed her the papers. The teacher nodded and went back inside.    " Class we have a
new student today." A loud what was heard from the classroom. "Please come on in."
Mary sighed and walked in. 

( I'd write more but I have to go to bed so... I'll write tomorow)

alleygirl92 says :   14 June 2008   941334  
lol, idk why people don't post, but i think it's amazingly


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