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Like My Ancestors::Chapter 2Category: Like My Ancestors::A Fruits Basket FanFic
Wednesday, 11 June 2008
07:21:54 PM (GMT)

Will This Day Ever End?
"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry, Masaaki-san, I didn't mean to!!" said Mitsu very quickly. "I'm such a bother to you, I think I should leave!" She stood up. "Masaaki-san?" Mitsu looked around. There was no sign of Masaaki. But there was a rat on the floor, staring up at her. "EEEK!! Masaaki-san?!?" Everyone came rushing in. "Oh, no," whispered Kenji. "Erm.." Katsumi said, staring at the rat. "OH MY GOSH, A RAT!!!" She kicked Kenji. "KENJI!!! GET IT OUT NOW!!!" "Katsumi, it's not a rat!" exclaimed Mitsu, scooping him up. "It's Masaaki-san! Please believe me!" Everyone in the room exchanged looks, even the Rat. Mitsu looked at the others, obviously confused at their silent conversations. Most of Mitsu's new friends had worried looks in their eyes, such as Torami and Yoshiyuki, while others remained calm and serious, like Katsumi and Kenji. Then suddenly, Kenji nodded at the others. and they all looked at Mitsu. Mitsu looked back at all of them, her eyes darting between them. She hoped that she didn't say or do anything too stupid. Kenji heaved a sigh. "Mitsu, we-" But Mitsu didn't get to hear what he said, for right then and there, something slammed and fell to the floor with a thud. It was the door. But..what did that? Everyone, Mitsu holding the Rat, ran to the door. A boy, with somewhat orange hair, stood at the door, smirking, and a foot on the door. His red eyes had mixed emotions. He wore black sneakers, brown baggy pants, and a white T-shirt underneath a black vest. "Hey, suckers, guess who's here to brighten up your boring life?" he said, snickering. Mitsu looked again at the others. She noticed Masaaki's eyes flashed with hate and resentment, even as a rat. The boy noticed Mitsu. Actually, Mitsu and Masaaki. The boy's eyes shined with curiousity. "Well, well, well." His tone of voice changed. Then it changed back to his normal, immature voice. "Haha, nice Masaaki, already warmed up the party for me." He grinned evilly. "Shut up!" yelled Masaaki. Mitsu gasped. She's never seen a rat talk before! She almost dropped him in surprise. "You're so annoying!" continued Masaaki, and the boy looked at him, amused. "You think you're so cool, but you're not, Kiyoshi! And don't smirk at me like I'm your little amusement puppet! Let me down, Mitsu!" Mitsu lowered her hands and Masaaki scurried into the kitchen quickly. Poof. A few minutes later, Masaaki appeared in his school uniofrm, like before. He fixed his tie quickly and walked up to the boy named Kiyoshi. He punched him square in the face. "You...idiot...," Masaaki said coldly, glaring at Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi held his hand to his nose. Mitsu assumed it was bleeding. She also assumed that Kiyoshi and Masaaki weren't the best of friends. "STOP IT!" screamed Katsumi, kicking Kiyoshi. He fell to the floor. "BOTH OF YOU! YOU DUMB IDIOTS! I'M TIRED OF YOU BOTH FIGHTING!" Everyone stared at Katsumi. She took a deep breath, then walked outside, glaring at the door as she did. "Kenji...," whispered Yoshiyuki. "Yes, yes, I know. Mitsu, sit down, will you?" said Kenji. When they were all seated, Kenji explained everything. "I guess there's no use trying to convince you that none of this has just happened. So..I won't. I'll go on and tell you the truth. We're all animals of the Zodiac." Kiyoshi growled. "And Kiyoshi is part of us, too. He's," continued Kenji. "I'm the Dog, Katsumi is the Boar, Yoshiyuki is the Rabbit, Torami is the Tiger, Masaaki is the Rat, Makoto is the Sheep, and Ryuu is the Dragon." "Excuse me," interrupted Mitsu. "But...isn't there more Zodiac animals?" "Of course," answered Kenji. "And their reaction of a...." He paused to think of a word to describe Mitsu. "An outsider," grumbled Makoto. "Erm...I'm sorry for being rude, but yes," said Kenji. "And their reaction of an outsider knowing about secret will be probably unpleasant, especially Osamu's-" "Osamu? Why?" said Mitsu. "Osamu is the head of the family," sighed Kenji. "I'm afraid that Osamu might- Oh, never mind. On with the Zodiac. When we become very stressed or when we are hugged by the opposite gender, we transform into our animal." Mitsu remembered earlier when she slipped on the water and hugged Masaaki to prevent herself from falling. Then he transformed into a rat. She remembered Katsumi trying to make an excuse for the situation. Why didn't they want her to know their secret? "Oh, and we apologize for Katsumi's behavior earlier," added Kenji. "She has a huge crush on Kiyoshi, and she has a weird way of showing it- beating him up." Kiyoshi grimaced and covered his face in his arms. "But she hates both Kiyoshi and Masaaki when they fight. She gets upset because she loves Kiyoshi and Masaaki is one of her best friends." "She told me she could rely on me to keep all her secrets," commented Masaaki. "She told me she would sacrifice her life for my own." Kiyoshi's stubborn and muffled voice came from behind his arms. "Stupid." Yoshiyuki's grin had disappeared minutes after this had all happened. He stood up. "I'll..go get..Katsumi," he said in a quiet voice, and walked towards the door. Mitsu stood up. "I'll come with you!" Yoshiyuki said without turning back, "Nah." Mitsu sat down again, a bit disappointed. She watched as Yoshiyuki left. "I'm really sorry this all happened," said Kenji. "Yes," muttered Torami. "No, I'm the one who's sorry!" exclaimed Mitsu. "I'm the one who slipped on the water, I started it all! I'm sorry, sorry, so-" "Sh, Mitsu," said Masaaki. "Please. Don't." Mitsu looked down at the floor, blushing. Then, she stood up. "I- I don't want to cause anymore trouble. I have to leave." She grabbed her stuff. "Alright," said Makoto. "See you, Miss Clumsy." "G-good-bye," mumbled Torami. "I'll see you at school tomorrow," Yuki said, smiling. "And so will Kiyoshi. Bye!" said Kenji. "Come back anytime you wish!" "I bid you farewell," said Ryuu. Everyone said good-bye, and Mitsu said good-bye to every one of them. Mitsu could hear Kiyoshi's voice screaming, "SCHOOL?!" as she left. As Mitsu walked back to her house, where she and her mother lived. She hummed a quiet tune and wondered what dinner she and her mother would prepare for her. Their house wasn't near, but it wasn't far, either. It was a normal house. It was a light blue in color, and the inside was an even lighter, calming blue. It had three rooms, one for Mitsu, one for her mother, and one served as a guest room. But as Mitsu neared the place she called home, she saw fire trucks. Mitsu stared at them in confusion. But then she noticed her mom speaking with a firefighter. "No, when I arrived home, it was already in fire.." "So that's when you called us?" "Yes, that when. I'm waiting for my-" "Mom!" exclaimed Mitsu, running up to her. "Mom, what happened?" "That's what we're trying to figure out," her mother replied. "Our house burned down." Mitsu stumbled back, surprised. Her mouth opened and her eyes widened. She tried to speak, but she couldn't. She was speechless.

StrawberrySHOCK says:   12 June 2008   614721  
I love this storyy~ x]
AnnaLovesYoh says :   12 June 2008   169279  
^ ^
Glad someone likes it. :3


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