took forever, there is a bold question most of the way down, its
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took forever, there is a bold question most of the way down, its
Category: survey
Saturday, 17 May 2008
10:17:02 PM (GMT)

First Name: katherine

Middle Name: marie

Age: 14

Gender: F

Eye color: gray/blue/green

Hair color: blonde/reddish

Nicknames: kat, kat-i

Birthplace: richmind

Birth date: oct. 19

Time of day you were born: idk

Height: 5'7?

Shoe size: 9ish

Right or left handed: left

Zodiac sign: libra

Job: skool

Single or taken: single


Name and age of father? john, 55

Name and age of mother? melanee 48

Are your parents still together? ya

Do you get along with your parents? ya

Which one is more strict? ya, mom

Names and ages of siblings? michael 25

Do you get along with your siblings? ya

Pets? ya


What school do you go to? RMS

What grade are you in? 8th

Whats your GPA? idk

Do you want to go to college? ya

If so, where? idk 

Are you...

Good at reading people? kinda 

Too nice for your own good? ya

Stubborn? ya

Shallow? i lik to think not

A pansy? sumtimes....

Arrogant? i try not to be

Short? nope

Freakishly tall? nope

An atheist? nope i believe in god

Always mad? nope

Always happy? hell no

Lazy? ya

Friendly? most of the time

Strong? i try to be

In love? no.

A health freak? nope

Loud? at times

Quiet? at times

Intelligent? i lik to think so

Empathetic? ya

Talkative? yes, very lol

Outgoing? at times

Organized? nope

A vegetarian? nope

Forgetful? yes very

A nerd? lol you could say that

Lactose intolerant? nope

Athletic? nope

A pain in the ass? prolly

Ticklish? not really


Color? black, red, purple

Movie? idk

TV show? i dont really watch tv

Animal? idk

Food?  idk

Drink? idk

Car? mustang

Day of the week? idk

Season? winter

Song? comfortably numb

Sport? idk

Radio station? 94.3

Restaurant? idk

Holiday? halloween

Book? um....idk

Flower? violets

TV channel? dont watch tv

Number? 27

Type of music? rock

Candy? ummm...skittles

Scent? i dunno

Letter? what kinda question is that??
i don't know!!

Ice cream flavor? cookie dough, or mint chocolate chip, from baskin robins

Toothpaste? idk

Band? pink floyd

Comic strip? idk

Arcade game? idk

Type of cheese? the kind you eat?

Salad dressing? ranch

Cereal? golden grahams 

Fruit? strawberries

Vegetable? carrots

Berry? strawberries

Actor? idk

Actress? idk

Month? oct

House color? idk

Boys name? idk

Girls name? idk

Board game? a good one

Computer game? idk

Breakfast food? doughnuts

Soda? a good one

Subject in school? art 

Kind of pet? cat

Vacation spot? idk

Genre of movies? lotss

Shape? circles

Lunch meat? smoked turkey

Ocean? pacific

Fairy tale? valiant

Sports team? idk

Planet? saturn

Tree? cherry

Comedian? titus

Soap opera? none

Game show? none

Fast food restaurant? burger king, unless u would consider subway as fast food

Juice? grape

Ninja turtle? the red one

Grade you were in? 8th

Thing about the opposite sex? personality, eyes.

Book gone movie? hmmmm...the odyssey

Meal of the day? idk

Card game? gin rummy

Musical instrument? guitar

Do you like...

Cooking? ya

School? kinda

Doing chores? nuh uh

Your job? sure

Children? sumtimes

Animals? ya

Who you are? ya

Cheese? ya

Football? kinda

Baked goods? ya

Black jelly beans? nuh uh

Soda? ya

Coffee? ya

Loud music? ya

Baseball? nope

Bowling? eh 

Croquet? eh

Do you have...

A DVD player? ya

MP3 player or iPod? ya

Cell phone? ya

Your own room? ya

Car? no 

AIM? no

MSN? ya

YIM? no

Asthma? ya

Any kind of STD? no

Any regrets? ya

Have you ever...

Sat on your rooftop? ya

Kissed someone in the rain? sorta

Danced in a public place? ya

Laughed so hard you cried? ya

Peed your pants after age 8? i dont think so

Gone out of your way to befriend someone? idr

Made out in a movie theater? duh

Gone roller skating since 8th grade? in grade 8

Been in love? ya

Drank alcohol? ya

Smoked? no

Had sex? no 

Been to a concert? ya

Been out of the state? ya

Been out of the country? ya

Skinny dipped? nope

Toilet papered someones house? nope

Been tickled so bad that you cried? ya

Gone camping? ya

Had a crush on your brothers/sisters friend? ya

Had a crush on your friends brother/sister? *thinking*.......yes

Danced in the rain? ya

Worn clothes your parents didnt approve of? ya

Been to a nude beach? no 

Been called a whore/slut? ya

Wanted to be a model? idr

Wanted to be in the Olympics? *sigh* maybe, my coach kinda pushed me to try to be, so

Made out in a car? nope

Cried during a movie? ya

Wanted something you couldnt have? ya

Shoplifted? nope

Yelled at your pet? ya

Gotten seasick? nope

Been embarrassed by someone in your family? ya   *coughcough* michael

Felt bad about eating meat? ya

Ate because you had nothing better to do? ya

Screamed in a library? nope

Made out with someone who wasnt single? wen i was dating them, ya

Wished a part of you was different? ya

Been sunburned so bad you blistered? no

Kicked a guy in the nuts? nope

Thrown up in a public place? ya

Been on TV? nope

Went to school/work drunk? nope

Dieted? ya

Had an eating disorder? no

Been paid to date someone? no

Been on an airplane? ya

Been on a cruise? nope

Thrown your shoe at someone? ya

Sang in the shower? only lik alllll the time

Been walked in on while you were dressing? ya

Been walked in on while you were showering? ya

Had detention? ya

Pretended you were scared so you could cuddle with someone? idr

Dyed your hair? no, never  >_>

Tried to do the splits? ya

Done drugs? no

Eaten sushi? ya, icky

Been to Africa? nope

Been in a car accident? no

Had a crush on any of your teachers? nope

Been slapped? ya

Slapped someone? ya

Been suspended from school? no

Been fired from a job? nope

Gotten a tattoo? nope

Dated someone younger than you? kinda

Dated someone older than you? naw

Cried to get your way? not since i was lik 6

Had surgery? not that i remember

Slept outdoors? ya

Gone one day without food? ya

Talked on the phone all night? ya

Slept with someone of the opposite sex without actually having sex? ya

Slept all day? ya

Kissed someone of the same sex? ya 

Had a dream that came true? lik de-ja-vu stuff

Broken the law? ya

Had a dream that kept coming back? ya

Licked a 9 volt battery? no

Been in a beauty pageant? nope

Ordered from an infomercial? nope

Ran into a wall? ya

Been rejected by a crush? ya

Fallen asleep in a movie theater? ya

Climbed a tree? ya

Been to Disney World? no

Spun around until you were immensely dizzy? ya

Seen a dead body? ya

Caught a fish? ya

Played truth or dare? ya

Hurt someone you love? ya

Lead someone on? i hope not

Seen the movie "Donnie Darko"? lol, ya, it was weird

Cried at a wedding? nope

Ridden in an ambulance? nope

Hitch-hiked? nope

Gone on a road trip with your friends? nope

Stayed online for more than 10 hours straight? not that i remember

Been in a play? ya

Been attacked by seagulls? maybe

Had a deer jump in front of your car? ya

Used the bathroom in front of a friend? ya

Played a kazoo? ya

Been attacked by ladybugs? no

Smashed a guitar or any other type of instrument? not that i remember

Scuba dived? ya, i didn't like it

Saved someones life? idk

Eaten calamari? ya, yum

Played lacrosse? nope

Slept over at someone of the opposite sexs house? nope

Had someone of the opposite sex sleep over at your house? nope

Dated two people at the same time? nope

Played a full game of Monopoly? nope

Been in a relationship that lasted more than a year? nope

Seen a shooting star? ya

Laughed and had some kind of beverage come out of your nose? no

Bitten someone? ya

Been in a taxi? nope

Had your head dunked into a toilet? nope

Fallen down a flight of stairs? ya

Found money on the ground? ya

Been to prom? nope

Had a crush on your boss? nope

Said you loved someone and didnt mean it? no

Jumped into a pile of leaves? ya

Made a snow angel? ya

Eaten anything gross for money? no

Been on a game show? nope

Had strawberry applesauce? no

Eaten something so gross it made you gag? ya

Ridden a camel? ya

Jumped on a trampoline? ya

Eaten cottage cheese? nope 

Peed in a pool? wen i was lil

Gone streaking? nope

Touched a tarantula? no. *shudder*

Spent more than five hours trying to win on a video game? ya

Eaten dog food? no

Can you...

Write with both hands? badly but ya

Whistle? ya

Cross your eyes? ya

Touch your tongue to your nose? nope

Dance well? nope

Gleek? huh?

Stay up a whole night without sleep? ya

Make a card pyramid? ya, kinda

Cook anything? ya

Unwrap a starburst with your tongue? ya

Open your eyes underwater? ya

Walk in high heels? ya

Multitask? ya

Taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke? ya

Sing well? ya

Play an instrument? nope

Walk with your toes curled? ya

Eat whatever you want and not have to worry about it? no

Drive? nope

Stick your fist in your mouth? lol, mostly

Roll your tongue? ya

Sing the alphabet backwards? if im lookin at it lol

Moonwalk? no

Ice skate? ya

Do thirty pull ups? ha! no

Sleep with the lights on? ya

Fall asleep in the car? ya

Type correctly? ya

Kiss your elbow? nope

Swim? ya

Eat a box of chocolates in an hour? depends on the size of the box

Do the worm? nope

Milk a cow? never tryed

Name all of the former U.S. presidents? hell no

Do a back flip? nope

Move your ears? nope

Raise one eyebrow? ya

Belch voluntarily? no

Pat your head and rub your stomach in a circle at the same time? ya

Make a clover leaf with your tongue? maybe

Last person...

To tell you they love you? idk

You kissed? well ken took my gum, if you count that as a kiss
if not, kyle

You hugged? idr

To write you a note? idk

To call your cell phone? idr

To buy you something? jordan

You went to the movies with? 

To text message you? idr

To IM you? idr

You called? idr

To come to your house? danni, i believe

To help you fix something? idk

Who drove you somewhere? dad


Movie you watched? independence day or sumthin

Song you sang? idk

Drink you had? dr pepper

Number you dialed? idk

Book you read? vampire academy

Food you ate? cool ranch doritos

Store you went to? yorktown gift shop

Time you swam in a pool? thursday

CD you bought? idk

Movie you saw in theaters? um...shit idr

Time you showered? yesterday

Concert you went to? papa roach, buckcherry, hinder

Nightmare you had? idr

Car ride? yesterday

Time you took a pill? idr

Time you went to the grocery store? um....last week?

Time you had a snow day? while ago

Vacation you went on? does williamsburg count?

Time you dressed up for Halloween? last year

This or That

Dog or cat? cat

Pepsi or Coke? coke

Chocolate or vanilla? chocolate

Flowers or candy? ooo, thats a hard choice

TV or movie? movie

Bracelet or necklace? neckalce

Gold or silver? silver

Pen or pencil? pencil

McDonalds or Burger King? burgerking

Hot tea or iced tea? iced

Water or milk? milk

Coffee or hot chocolate? coffee

Scary movies or romantic comedies? both

Love or money? love

Croutons or bacon bits? croutons

Ford or Chevy? ford

Morning or night? night

Chips or popcorn? chips

Orange juice or apple juice? apple

Sprite or 7-up? sprite

Being a millionaire or finding true love? love

Colored pencils or markers? sharpies

Button or zipper? both

That 70s Show or Simpsons? watever

Kelso or Eric? kelso

Donna or Jackie? donna

Bart or Lisa? bart

Waffles or pancakes? waffles

Strawberries or blueberries? strawberries

Cake or pie? depends

French fries or onion rings? onion rings

Hamburger or hot dog? hamburger

Pepperoni or sausage? peperoni

Egypt or France? france

Baths or showers? shower

Crunchy or creamy peanut butter? crunchy

Books or movies? books

Pop or country? country

Techno or reggae? both

MTV or VH1? vh1

1% or 2% milk? 1%

Walmart or Target? target

Tape or glue? tape

Writing or typing? both

Halloween or Christmas? halloween

Fear Factor or the O.C? fear factor

Disney Channel or the N? the n

Sit down restaurant or fast food? sit down

Rugrats or Doug? rugrats

Sweet or sour? sweet

English or history? english

Science or math? science

Couch or bed? bed

Cough or sneeze? cough

Jump or skip? skip

Tim McGraw or Sara Evans? sara evans i guess

AC/DC or Guns N Roses? both

The Princess Bride or Robin Hood Men In Tights? both 

Baseball or basketball? basket

Volleyball or football? football

Musicals or ballets? eh, idk

The Ring or The Grudge? grudge

Sunrise or sunset? sunset

Swings or seesaw? swings, i havent been on a seesaw in forever...

Phone calls or text messages? calls

Bowling or mini golf? mini golf XD

Snow or rain? rain

Blonde hair or black hair? black

Green eyes or blue eyes? blue

Pants or shorts? pants

Winter break or Spring break? winter

Tree or flower? tree

Ketchup or mustard? ketchup

Water or Gatorade? gatorade

History or geography? both

Geometry or algebra? geometry

Chinese or Mexican food? chinese

Red or orange? red

Yellow or green? green

Indigo or violet? both

Fall or summer? fall

Winter or spring? winter

Fido or Fluffy? idk

Roses or daffodils? both are pretty, but roses

Green Day or Fall Out Boy? watever

The Goo Goo Dolls or 3 Doors Down? 3 doors down

Queen or Black Sabbath? both

Knife or spork? spork  lol

Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom? johnny

Pringles or Doritos? both

Vampire or mermaid? vamp

Comedy or drama? comedy

Shrimp or crab? both

VHS or DVD? dvd

Revenge or forgiveness? forgiveness

Being liked or being respected? respected

Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb? dr pepper

Peaches or pears? pears

Pink or blue? blue

Yummy or delicious? delicious

Horse or cow? horse

Now-and-Later or Laffy Taffy? watever

Stilettos or Flip-Flops? flip-flop

Car or truck? car

Long sleeves or short sleeves? idc

Slipknot or Nickelback? slipknot

Trapt or All-American Rejects? trapt

Sublime or The Used? sublime

Chicken or beef? both

Brad Pitt or Vince Vaughn? vince

Jennifer Anniston or Angelina Jolie? idc

Jay Leno or David Letterman? leno

Dr. Phil or Oprah? phil

Diamonds or pearls? diamonds, but pearls are awesome

Desperate Housewives or Greys Anatomy? idc

In the man/woman of your dreams...

Eye color? green or blue

Hair color? i dont really care 

Short hair or long hair? longish

Tall or short? taller than me

Looks or personality? personality

Hot or cute? both

Skinny, muscular or fat? normal

Older or younger? idc, around my age

Outgoing or shy? outgoing i guess

Tattoos? sure

Piercings? sure

Funny or serious? both

Party hopper or more stay-at-home? in between

Play sports? idc

Play an instrument? idc

Clean or messy? not toooo messy

Curly hair or straight hair? wavy

Complex or simple? complex

Soft spoken or a chatter box? talks, but can listen too

Laugh loudly or chuckle quietly? idc

T-shirts or tank tops? t-shirts

Holding hands or arm in arm? holding hands

Bake you a cake or make you dinner? dinner i guess

Do you believe in...

Santa Clause? nope

God? ya

The Easter Bunny? nope

Magic? ya

True love? surre

Heaven? ya

Hell? ya

Love at first sight? nope

The Tooth Fairy? nope

Karma? ya

Life on other planets? ya

Evolution? kinda

Fate? ya

Miracles? ya

Ghosts? ya

True, selfless happiness? ya

Selflessness in general? ya

Reincarnation? maybe

Luck? ya

Astrology? kinda

Devil? ya

Second chances? ya


Dream job? idk

Do you want to have kids? ya eventually

If so, how many? no more than 2

Do you want to get married? someday

Country you want to visit? i kno its not a country, but europe

Where do you want to live? idk

What kind of car do you want to drive? idk

Whats something youre looking forward to? idk

Would you ever be...

A fireman? nuh uh

Policeman? no

Doctor? nuh uh

Writer? ya

Artist? ya

Musician? sure

Interior designer? ya

Soldier? nuh uh

President? nope

Pilot? nopers

Mortician? fuck no

Forensic scientist? prolly not

Lawyer? maybeh

Store clerk? not prefered but sure

Banker? not prefered but sure

Professional wrestler? no

Rapper? no

Country singer? no

Pop star? no

Actor? ya

Bartender? sure

Dentist? no.

Teacher? ya

Do you know anyone named...

Sarah? ya

Tony? ya

Mark? used to

Stephanie? used to

Amanda? ya

Samantha? ya

Amy? ya

Matthew? ya

Jennifer? maybe, idk

Jamie? no

Zachary? ya

Megan? ya

Brad? ya

Brian? ya

Gabe? nope

Steve? no

Michelle? ya

Nikki? nope

Erica? used to

Phil? no

Carrie? ya

Ron? use to

Christie? no

Rick? nope

Carpet or wood? idk
i must take a moment and laugh at that. i mean do you really wanna ask a bi person
Last edited: 18 May 2008

etspecial says:   18 May 2008   218729  
you go to RMS??O_O that is so wierd.. my school is called RMS too..
but mine is in england O_O argh scary...
XaeganBlight says:   18 May 2008   817683  
where was the bold question??
i be confused and no i didn't read all of that
just in case you were wondering
insane_kittycat says:   18 May 2008   433412  
i moved it to the bottom
and yes, that is weird...
hellawaits says :   1 June 2008   227184  
wow that was long O.O

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