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Saturday, 3 May 2008
11:04:33 PM (GMT)
Stolen from NoodleSama.

Okay, let's begin! When did you join Kupika?
- Um. November 2007, I think.

And how many friends lists are you on?
- 16! :D

And what about blacklists?
- One. And only because I jokingly said I like pervy people. = =''

Do you have any dedicated haters?
- bryan1234 from YouTube. He couldn't win me in height, composure and number of
insults so he resorted to Googling my name and finding my mum's last occupation. :/
The poor guy.

Who is the best person you've met on here?
- XxRainbow...something and Arabella.

Out of every single member, which one would you like to meet up with?
- 'meet up' as in RL? :D Everyone in my Friends list.

Name your favourite five Kupikan artists?
- ;___; I don't know. Everyone's art is cool. Can't choose. 

What is your favourite club that you're a member of?
- .... none! D:

What is your favourite part of your avatar?
- Its gayness. 

Do you know who Hina is?
- .-. 23-year-old male, webmaster of Kupika.

Are you part of the large 'Tokio Hotel' cult on Kupika?
- Nope.

Are you part of the even larger 'Animé&Manga' cult on Kupika?
- D:

Have you listened to, or were you part of the 2007 Kupika Xmas song?
- Listened to it.

How did you discover Kupika?
- Noodle couldn't colour a lineart I drew on OekakiCentral... so she told me about
Kupika.com and I joined? :D

Are you part of the KupiBeta club?
- What's that?

How many roleplay clubs are you a member of?
- ... none. >__>

How many stars are you?
- Four.

Do you know the secret of how to get 5 stars?
- I think it's got something to do with whether Hina likes that person or not.

How much KP do you have at the moment?
- 9. :D

And finally, do you know me, Bootheghost?
- No. xD;

XxRainbowsxX says:   3 May 2008   289358  
O.e my name is XxRainbow...somthing.
Missingno says:   4 May 2008   474194  
XxRainbowsxX says:   4 May 2008   197768  
Man, I wish my screen name was that V-V
‹Jamssy› says:   4 May 2008   477316  
Rainbow, i'm satisfied with my account but...i've got blacklisted by
3 people.
And i know who it is...

I'm on 184 friends list....deng deng deng...BOO....
and the rest....haiz, too lazy...
Ranpu_Tennotsukai says:   5 May 2008   817546  
Do you know the secret of how to get 5 stars?
- I think it's got something to do with whether Hina likes that person
or not."

xD Nice.
Missingno says :   6 May 2008   654524  
Don't laugh. D:


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