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Faerie TaleCategory: Stories Tested Out On You
Thursday, 27 March 2008
12:04:18 PM (GMT)
Starlight reflected off the surface of the lake, tiny ripples drifting away as
slowly, lazily, Amelie trailed her finger across the inky pool of water. The grass
bank was wet with dew, and when she stood up she knew there would be tiny spots of
moisture all over the green velvet of her dress. She didn't care much.

It was late in the evening, the time by which Amelie would usually be in the manor
and beginning the nightly ritual she always undertook before sleep. Today, a change
had come about around her, and she felt that  it was very important that she remain
on the grassy banks of the lake and just wait. It was an impromptu change, the kind
that will only ever undertake you when you have no wish for anything around to
differentiate at all. This was, unfortunately, not to be the case.

She had first felt it while taking her lessons with her tutor ; she mistook it for
the despair that often gripped her while she was struggling with her work. The tutor
did not seem to know that Amelie had felt any change, and, aside from sighing and
striking her quill through all of Amelie's answers, did nothing to suggest she had
felt anything either.

Now, Amelie drew her knees up to her chest and stared over the lake. The back of the
manor overlooked a forest, and just before getting to the forest one would see the
lake and be tempted over to sit by it's glimmering waters and watch it for as long as
the person would need. The lake never seemed to be disturbed by anything ; the rain
droplets that fell into it's depths, the wind that ruffled it, all was forgotten. It
was a place of utter serenity and calm, a place where you could go and easily leave
all the troubles of the foolish mortal world behind. Amelie did not doubt that her
world was foolish ; as a young child she had read nothing but faerie tales and they
had filled her head with fanciful ideas and imaginings about the faerie world.

The mundane workings of the world right now interested her very little. Her mind had
never worked like anyone else's in her family ; her father and brother, her only
remaining kin, had minds that worked like clockwork and would not dream of possibly
taking such foolish fancies into their heads. 

The water's surface suddenly rippled. This ripple, Amelie was sure, was not caused in
the slightest by the lazy trailing of her tallest finger in the water. She half
expected it to part and a mermaid to come out of it, her long golden hair streaming
behind her and her sea green tail waving in the crystal clear water like the flag
that her brother had shown her earlier. However, even Amelie felt that this imagining
was a little far fetched even for her, and that such a thing was impossible even in
her story books.

Peering over the edge, Amelie watched, astounded, as a face took shape in the water.
All of the cerulean, sea green, turquoise and azure slowly pooled together to make a
beautiful woman's face. The face was, if anything, perfect. There were absoloputely
no flaws ; and even if they were, Amelie felt that they would just enhance the beauty
of the rest of her face. 

The beautiful face was twisted into worry, although what she could be worrying about
made Amelie think no end. Her mouth suddenly parted, and Amelie watched, transfixed,
as bubbles rose from the surface and into the open air. It occured to Amelie, very
suddenly, that the woman's voice was probably trapped in the bubble. If she popped
it, then the voice would probably come floating out and Amelie could see if her voice
was anywhere as beautiful and silvery as her face. So Amelie reahce dout one hand and
delicately touched it so that the bubble burst and a voice like tinkling bells
drifted into Amelie's ears.

"Dangerous. . ." In between words there were bubbles that sounded as though the
beautiful water face had not been able to fully say it. " Alone, Amelie. . . Harder.
. . The lost ones. . . Seventeen years . . . Tomorrow."

* * *

I wanted to write a faerie tale, and then decided to try it out here to see if you
liked it before posting it on my writer's website or finishing it. What do you think?

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