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Tuesday, 25 March 2008
05:49:49 PM (GMT)

BTW: this story was inspired by my life!

Chapter # 1~

 	“Hey look over there” I pointed to Melanie Nwor standing in the middle of the
cafeteria. Looking around if anyone would pick up her scent of fear and confusion. 
“I can’t believe it. She’s the 3rd one in 2 months. And none of them have sat
over here. Are we becoming less popular?” said LC (Lindsey Contal) my BFF, ever
since she got kicked out by starting a rumor about Connor Kuorier who was at the time
going out with Gabby Roonie. But LC said Connor like Christina Popolardi (AKA as the
queen of seventh grade). 
LC was left alone on the curb of CVS January 11th 2007. 
“Well if we did take her she wouldn’t be happy anyway. Look she’s sitting on
the floor of the Caf. In the corner over there” I said to Matt, Andrew, Nikki, LC,
and Jon. 
“You’re right Allie” said Nikki.  As she said while taking a bite of her
chicken less chicken wrap. 
But believe it or not I didn’t start my group of refugees because of LC. I used to
hate her well I still am a little jealous because she used to be ‘one of them’
and I wasn’t.
I did it out of love. 

I did it because of my used to be popular Boy Friend Matt Fondler. (Not only did we
make an extremely hot couple, he told me all the stories of his 2 year popularity. He
told me the old inside jokes, the glamorous parties, and the secrets of some of the
highest rank people) 

The day was May 4th 2007. He stood there just like Melanie is doing now in the middle
of the Caf. Hoping someone would invite him over but no one did they just stare at
his dark blue eyes and dark shaggy brown hair? Like he was some kind of ‘emo’
freak. *Emo~ in middle school the term ’emo’ just means people who never wash
their pitch black (dyed) hair and read Japanese comic books.*
Then I thought that was my chance. So I invited him over to the exact table we’re
sitting at today the one near the window looking out at Bartholomew Middle school’s
Court yard. Also the only table that was a circle that showed that any thrown out and
forgotten popular were welcome to join us well my friends the 
Refugees. And the rest was history. We’ve been going out ever since, 4 more months
till our one year anniversary. Exactly 

Nikki and I were the only non-refugees at the table. Nikki’s been my BFFL since I
was a baby we grew up in the same rich town in New Jersey. We even were born on the
same day March 10th 1995. She joined me the day after Matt and I started ‘the
table’ thing together. Before we weren’t losers or we weren’t popular we were
in the upper class though. We both dressed head to toe designer but I realized that
clothes can’t make you popular. You’re just born with it like the 7th grade King
and Queen Pat and Chrissy. (Not going out anymore -broke up in 6th grade when pat
realized that their 4 year relationship was long enough. None of them dated some one
else ever since). 

Some times I wonder (IDK if Nikki is thinking this too) if I didn’t help Matt that
day and just stood by watching if that I would’ve been a replacement for Melanie
Nwor or another old popular.
But I would’ve never met matt and I wouldn’t have heard all my friends’ stories
of them being popular. 

But listening to stories and the real thing are totally opposite. 

Chapter #2~

	Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!  The school bell finally rang and I raced to my
locker #145 right next to Christina’s dark green locker. Sure it looked like every
other ugly locker but hers was signed by all her friends and soccer mates. And of
course she didn’t get in trouble for ‘school vandalism’ because soon enough it
was a growing trend almost every ugly green locker was covered in more than 50
signatures weather they were friends or not. I was one of those ‘followers’. But
my locker was covered in light pink wrapping paper. Not because it was my birthday
but so I didn’t have to spend an extra school day at the end of the year scrubbing
down my locker. 

“C’mon Allie” said Matt staring down at me with his blue eyes. “Movie night
at my house” 
“Yea I know” I sighed. I got up and put on my Coach Black winter jacket. 
“What’s wrong?” he asked genuinely concerned. 
“It’s just that why don’t we switch it up maybe instead of a movie night like
we do every Friday we could do something else?” I asked.
“Like what?”
“I don’t know?” I giggled as he put his hand around my waist. 
“How bout...we could always hang out at the mall?” He questioned. 
How bout we go to mall? I heard a snip bit of convo. Coming from Ariana’s puffy and
popular lipped mouth.
“No on second thought movie night sounds good” I said hoping he didn’t just
here what Ariana just said. 
“OK then” matt said confused. 
“K” I said looking for my white hummer H3 driven by my one of 2 drivers. “O
look there’s Ned. I’ll come over at 8 ok”
“Ok bye” he hugged me tightly and lipped kissed me for a full 52 seconds. Then he
left and took of in his ordinary black range rover driven by his mom. Well ‘step’
mom. His parents divorced right before he got thrown out last year :’(
Its not that I don’t want to go to the mall I do. But I don’t want to go while
their there. Also it’s not that they're gonna walk over and say nasty stuff to you
or call up the store manager and have you thrown out. No. it’s none of that stuff.
All they do is staring at you. To intimidate you to make you feel worthless. And it
One time I was at Nemin Marcus trying on a pair of Juicy jeans when I went to buy
them their she was right in front of me Erin Sanders (Chrissy’s BFF) she was
staring down at me with her green wide cat eyes. She was about 5”10 looking at me
like ‘what is she doing here’ ‘how can she shop here’ ‘I’ll never shop
here again’.  I mean just because you’re popular doesn’t mean you can only shop
here. I wanted to scream at her. But I didn’t because she was one of ‘them’. 

I know you’re wondering why would you want to be one of ‘them’ if their so
Well it’s simple and we all know we want it. 
I want to be one of ‘them’ because being popular is like having a license. A
license to do anything to wear anything and NOT get penetilized for it. 
* Penetilized~ to get made fun of or to get in trouble*
Oh yea and to go shopping where ever you want with out getting the Erin Sators
Even if it’s only for a week I want to get a little taste for the glitz and the
glam of being one of ‘them’. 
	“Are you almost done?” Nikki asked as she and LC walked around aimlessly in my
Juicy Couture room. 
My room is decked in Juicy’s signature colors. Pink and green, and white (a non
juicy color) 


“Yea I’m coming” I said as I stepped out of my baby blue bathroom. 
“Nice out fit” said Nikki. She was referring to our almost matching Juicy Couture
sweat suits. Mine was black with a white A&F cami. I had my dirty blonde hair in
Pocahontas braids. And Nikki’s was bright pink that looked good with her dark brown
curly hair. But LC was different. She wasn’t wearing her usual casual jeans and her
navy blue Gymnastic sweat shirt. She had on a purple strapless flowy dress, dark
denim skinny jeans, and silver ballet flats. 

“Why so fancy?” I questioned. 
“I don’t know?” LC said and spun around.
“C’mon please tell us, is it a guy? Cause you know it’s just movie night”
Nikki added.
“Can we stop talking about my outfit? Change of topic PLEASE” 
“Yea let’s go” I finally said with a pang of jealousy in my voice. Why didn’t
I think of dressing fancy like that? What if Matt notices UGH!

Chapter #3~

	“Hey” I walked into Matt’s small brick house and went down to his basement. It
had wood paneled walls and a big screen with pool table and completed with a dart
Then he put his arms around my waist then we lip kissed for a full 49 seconds until-
“Come on break it up” said Andrew and pulled us apart. 
“Yea” said Jon as he put in the DVD. 
“What are we watching?” asked Nikki. 
“Enchanted” Matt replied. 
Andrew’s parents owned a DVD company and got every DVD before it came out.
“Cool” LC piped in. 
“Oh hey Lin” said Jon as he sat next to her on the couch. 
“Yea now you notice her” Andrew shot back. 
“Let’s just watch the movie” Matt pressed play. 

“Ugh now what?” I asked matt.
“It’s your computer” Nikki said and pointed to Matt's Dell. 
Then in just a few seconds we were all gathered around Matt’s old black Dell
looking at an IM from SoccerBabeXxXx1551. 

“I know who it is” LC said and pushed him aside and opened the IM. 

SoccerBabeXxXx1551: Is Allie Ogden their?

“Allie looks!” Nikki said point touching the screen. 
“Hey finger off the screen” Matt said pushing her light tan finger away from the
glowing screen. 
“Al just answers it” Jon said.
I pushed my way through the cluster of bodies and looked at the screen.
“Uh...who is this?” I asked 
“Yea who?” Nikki asked. She sounded as clueless as I did. 
The rest of her friends stared back at her blankly.
“Guess” Matt finally broke the silence. 
“I don’t know just tell me. Please” I looked up at him with my big light hazel
eyes with specks of brown in them. 
“Christina Popolardi!” they all said at once. 

Oh. My. God. Is all I could think the ‘queen’ messaged me. Well my BF but
She typed my name. 

SoccerBabeXxXx1551: u there?
Mallie1233: yea
SoccerBabeXxXx1551: is this mat or Allie
Mallie1233: yea
SoccerBabeXxXx1551: go on Vid. Chat 
Mallie1233: ok 

*Mallie~ *our couple name YAY*

The faster than a speeding bullet---lol---I clicked the video icon and soon we were
screen to screen with Christian P. 

Jon and Andrew mouths dropped when they saw the dark haired beauty on the screen. She
was wearing big black sweat shirt that said LBI on it and her hair was in a perfect
side pony. 
I looked back to see if matt was copying their girl crazy behavior but he was just
staring down at the ground. 

“Oh sorry I didn’t believe you” Chrissy shrugged giggled. 
“Its ok” I managed to say with out sounding stupid times 100. 
“Thanks. Anyway you’ve been chosen” 
Matt’s head went up. And Nikki, LC, and me our eyes popped out, out of our
perfectly eyelined and massacred eyes. And the guys just stared, probably at her
older sister working out in the background. 

“What do you mean?” I managed to conjure up. 
“Umm...a little privacy” she stared at my entourage elbow to elbow behind me.
“Oh right” I looked bad at them with my big hazel eyes begging them to go away.
“Yea come on guys, uh lets go upstairs and start um making popcorn” matt said.
I gave a little him thumbs up.

Once they were out of site Christina's perfect and naturally pink, no crack mouth
started talking. 

“Allie Ogden you are one of the chosen 3” she said steadily and calmly. 
“What?” I said in confusion? Chosen three? I thought. 
“You, Lauren Gundy, and Steven Parken are the new recruits till the end of the
summer. Then in 8th grade we’ll see if you’re worthy enough to join us. For
real” she spoke the words flowed out perfectly. 

Like it was some kind of dream but NO it was real.  
I wanted this ALL of my life. Finally my perfect wardrobe paid off and all my other
things I thought they would notice but NOW they did. 
But then again what about my perfecto Boy friend? What about my insanely cool
Friends? Nikki liked me for who I was even when I left our old clique and started my
refugee camp. And LC came to me when she had trouble. And matt and I have been
together for almost a year. And Andrew and Jon also came to me when they got out. 
In other words my friends mean a lot to me and why should I be-friend ‘them’ if
they were the people that kicked out my new friends? 

“Well?” Christina asked. 
“What about my friends” I hated my self for asking.
“You mean ‘them’” 
“Uh well you’ll have to tell them. And if this is uh too hard for you and if like
they don’t understand just remember we picked you. Just leave a text if it’s yes
or now OK? Its 201-962-5716, well see ya” 
Then Christina closed out of the chat and left me in the dark with no answers and so
many questions. 

Chapter #4 ~

	Christina’s words kept running around in my head ‘we chose you’ ‘Allie Ogden
you are one of the chosen 3’. I still didn’t think of a solution that would make
everyone happy. 
I can’t dump my friends, but this wonderful opportunity will NEVER happen again. 
Apart of me was telling myself ‘do it c’mon you know you want to. And the other
side was saying ‘don’t do it! Don’t abandon your friends you their leader’. 
‘Ohhhhh this is an SOS don’t wanna se-`
“Ugh” I yelled and opened my platinum edition Motorola. 
It was another text message from Christian P. Normally I would be extremely x100000
but not anymore she’s been doing this for the past 23 hours. Bothering me for the
million dollar answer. 

Christina: so? 
Me: I didn’t tell/ask them yet!!
Christina: do it before I change my mind. I am giving you 30 min for the answer if I
don’t have one by then its... then she showed an animation of a dead smiley face. 
Me: Done 
	I closed out of the message and stared into space blankly. My heart raced as I had
to decide quickly. Losing my friends, or going with a new crowd. It was way harder
deciding what to choose then choosing what color nail polish I wanted. I walked over
to my bed and flopped down on the pink duvet bed spread with the Juicy Couture logo
on it in green script. I stared at white ceiling that hovered above me. I had to
choose in twenty eight minutes. This decision was would change everything. This would
change the way me friends thought of me and what the whole 7th grade would think.	
	I went back to my room and got out my new pink nano video ipod. I turned on
Glamorous by Fergie and turned it up to glass shattering volume.
	Glamorous...ooooooh glamorous. G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. Glamorous. 
Maybe a little music will cheer me up. I thought 
	I was interrupted by my little sister Gina walking in without an invite. She walked
in singing the Barney theme song. It was at least the third week she’d been singing
it constantly. 
	“Is this a birthday party?” I asked.
	“No,” she replied.
	“Well you didn’t get an invitation to come!” Allie snapped. Gina shrugged off
her my remark and continued walking around. She walked towards my white Apple
speakers and pulled out my Swovarski studded nano and brought it to her room!

“OH. MY. GOD!” I didn’t have time to deal with my ah-nnoying sister I only had
25 min. 
Well I could just say yes and not tell my friends? I thought. 
Yea that HAD to be it. I mean my friends would all understand. They knew I wanted
this. They all knew. I mean how could they be mad at me? 

23 min. I still had sometime. To do both. 
	I swung open my sisters bamboo would door. The whole room smelled like lemon incense
and 4 year old kids at the same time. Disgusting. 
“Where are youuuuu?!” I screamed so loudly my house maid Silvia screamed
something in Spanish. 

Then I jumped over her four poster kid bed and swung open her yellow wardrobe shaped
like a giant ugly yellow bee. 
Then I looked down at my diamond faced Rolex watch. 19min. I decided to go into her
bathroom and guess what I saw...
 Silvia screamed again. 

Gina had MY ipod in the marble sink. I pushed her out of he way 
“Hey” she crossed her pale skinny arms across her chest, and looked up at me with
her brown puppy dog eyes.
I reached down for my wet ipod and tried to turn it on and nothing, zilch, zero, just
like my sisters consideration for me and my things. 
“Princess Barbie and Queen Iwwian were about to find the treaaasure” she said
trying to grab the so called ‘treasure’ from my hand. 
“Well to bad” I pushed her arm away and threw my now worthless pink music player
in her panda bear trash can. CLANG.
“Yay” she ran to the can and grabbed the treasure like it was a new Barney video.

11:15 it was time. Only 2 min. till the end of the 30 min. 
I reached for my Black Mac G5 Air. 
Ding! I was in. 

SoccerBabeXxXx1551: what’s the answer? 
Desperate I thought. I made her wait another 50 sec.
JBlover789456xOOOX: im in  
SoccerBabeXxXx1551: awesome <3 just meet me in the morning by the bus stop ok? 7:40
JBlover789456xOOOx: 7:40 ill be there 
UGH now I sounded desperate.
SoccerBabeXxXx1551: insane BTW I luv Ur Sn. JoBro’s rox! My dad is there lawyer.
JBlover789456xOOOx: no way!
SoccerBabeXxXx1551: way. I’m going to a concert tomorrow night.  
JBlover789456xOOOx: Monday? 
SoccerBabeXxXx1551: problem? All of us r going  <3 C’mon it’ll be like an
JBlover789456xOOOx: ok ill be there. 
SoccerBabeXxXx1551: gr8t see yaa ciao 
JBlover789456xOOOx: adios 
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I screamed in to my pillow that said “ALO” on it.
ALO~*Alison Linda Ogden* 
I’m in I thought. I finally am one of them! And tomorrow night im going to see the
JONAS BROTHERS! On a school night. 
No movie night could ever compete with this. NOT even close. They actually
‘liked’ the Jonas Brothers. 
And not turn against them like all my old friends did. They didn’t say they were
r-tards or that they were ‘gay ’. 

Are they really my ‘old friends?’ 
What if they DON’T understand? 
But none of that mattered I was FINALLY popular and that’s ALL that

Chapter #5~

	“OK Al lets go” said my driver Ned. He was in his usual suit standing by the
black Mercedes convertible. “Who do we pick up first?” 
“No one” I said.
“What do you mean?” 
“I am taking the bus” I snapped back. I was becoming one of them already.
“But last week you said the bus was for people who couldn’t afford a driver”
Ned chuckled to himself.
“Well I changed OK?” 
“OK then” he nodded and opened the black shiny door. 
I was thinking of saying sorry but it was his fault because he started it. 
“Should I pick you up Miss. Ogden?” he asked. 
Why now? Why did he have to act this way now? I could hear the muffled laughs of my
‘new friends’ in the back round. 
“No” I answered flatly. “The bus drops me off” 
Without another annoying fatherly gesture he sped away. 
“Awwww don’t worry Allie. We all get embarrassed by our dads” I couldn’t
believe what was happening. Erin. (Yes Erin from Neimens.) 
“Ummmm Erin he that wasn’t my dad that was my driver. But don’t worry we all
make mistakes” I shot back. This was a wonderful time to get back at her. 
Erin rolled her eyes under her Demi Lavato bangs. 
I looked around and NO losers in sight. It was ALL them. I figured out that bus #54
was all populars open to them 24-7. I saw Steve Parken standing over in a cluster of
them. I saw so many familiar faces. I saw Connor K, Connor O, Andy, AJ, and now
I turned toward Christina’s tight circle. I was shocked. Not just by Erin, Tory,
gabby, and now me (and Lauren Gundy). But all their outfits. Christina was in Jimmy
Choo ballet flats, a brown T-shirt that said ‘Juicy=LIFE’ in turquoise and black
leggings. The others were just as bad. In their A&F jean mini skirts, tall Uggs, and
now skinny tight t-shirts or short Calvin Klein, dresses with leggings. But they all
(even me) smelled like ‘Coco Mademoiselle’. 
But that didn’t surprise me. It was that it December 7th and was 30 degrees out! 
Of course I was the only one with sense and wore a tight gray v-neck sweater, black
Hard Tail leggings and black tall Ugg boots *with a black Juicy coat*.
I took out my Channel compact and finger combed my deeply conditioned dirty blonde
“Like your coat” said Tory.
“Thanks” I answered flatly. Like that was a real compliment. I couldn’t let my
guard down not now not ever. 
“Yea I loooove Joe’s hair” Gabby gushed. That reminded me I had to do the most
painful thing of my it goes.
“Christina” the whole conversation about Joe’s hair came to a halt. 
“I can’t go” I said was looking down avoiding her amber eyes. 
Then I heard some gasps in the back rou

ultra_violet_ says:   25 March 2008   761531  
ACloveJoBros says:   4 April 2008   263585  
write more,write more!!!!!
ACloveJoBros says:   4 April 2008   775592  
write more,write more!!!!!
ultra_violet_ says :   8 April 2008   151194  
k i will <33


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