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Monday, 24 March 2008
06:01:47 PM (GMT)
Where did your last kiss take place? Sadly, at a friend's Bar mitzvah. (Also was my first) Who knows a secret or two about you? Definately...a lot of people. Not too terribly good at keeping secrets.. Four words to explain why you last threw up? I had the Plague. :D Have you ever burned yourself? Ohyes. And baby, did it burn.. What is crazy to you? Life. Mika's Vocal Range. Favorite cuss word? Shit. Most definitely. :D Who is probably talking a load of crap about you right now? This girl. We shall call her, Duckfoot. (Don't even ask why..) Who is your hero? Anyone who's stood up for what they believe. Would you ever want to be a supermodel? Yeahh. But just for the free clothes. :D Who is the most experimental person you know? I'm a Drama Kid. Half of the Drama Department is experimental... Do you tell white lies? All the time... :D When is your next party? Cast Party, babyy for my next show.. Who do you want to be with right now? Friends. Laurin in particular eatin' some ice cream :D How is your last ex? Eh. Don't talk to him really. How do you handle a break up? Haagen-Daaz and Will and Grace. A perfect match. Your motivation for tomorrow? Learn all my music for concert this weekend. Do you know what you will wear tomorrow? Jeans and probably a sweater of some sort. It's chilly.. Last person to make you laugh? Laurin. :D Last thing you ate? A handful of Sour Cream and Onion chips.. Do you ever go a few days without changing your underwear? Ew. Just...EW. Have you ever accidentally eaten an insect? Oh yes. Many a time on the bicycle... Do daddy long legs freak you out? Not especially... Have you ever cleaned up someone elses vomit? Well. My dog's, but I guess that really doesn't count. :/ Have you ever dropped food on the floor and eaten it? Five second rule, beeyotch. :D Do you kiss your pets on the mouth? I kiss them on the nose...♥ Do you talk baby talk? Hahaha, all the time.. :] What serial killer do you find most disturbing? Ted Bundy. Do you watch court tv? Sometimes, when there's nothing better to do.. Would you ever work in a retirement home? Just because I think old men are cute doesn't mean I want to work with 'em. Do you believe plants have feelings? A little. Do you laugh at people with bowl haircuts? Ohyes. :] And then I ask for their number.. Do you have nervous twitches? My leg will twitch up and down. Are you ever purposely irritating? All the time :] If you could fly, where would you go first? Greece... Do you prefer boats or planes? Boats. I'd rather be sailing.. Love or lust? Love. One best friend or 10 acquaintances? One effin amazing best friend Favorite food? Good ol' Southern Cooking. Or Crawfish. :D Do you believe that your first love never dies? I believe that there will always be some sort of attraction. What upcoming event are you waiting and ready for? Spring Break, babyy! Current smell? Tacos. xD Do you get your nails done? I've never actually gotten them professionally done, but my friend wants to work at one of those places, so she does it.. :D Most favorite person? I don't have one. What was the last thing you ordered at McDonalds? I really despise McDonalds with a passion.. Are you an emotional person? Oh yes. I rule with my heart more than my head. Do you like your name? Of course! Do you have plans this weekend? Rehearsal. More Rehearsal and, oh look! More rehearsal. Do you work? I babysit in my [non-existent] spare time. Do you dance naked in your room? No. Just in my underwear :D When did your last relationship end? I had a relationship? When? xD What are you listening to right now? The Spill Canvas Biggest fear? Clowns. [[shivers]] How long have you been a part of kupika? Three days? Maybe? Favorite place to be? In a sail boat on the Gulf. What are you wearing right now? A long, black striped sweater, a cami, jeans, and my red plaid flats. Are your toes painted? Reddish-purple Does anyone hate you? I sure hope not. I don't handle hatred well. How many people do you trust fully? Seven. Did you have fun doing this? Sure. :]
Last edited: 26 March 2008

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