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Saturday, 23 February 2008
09:53:26 AM (GMT)
Nicked off Le DuckStar

Nemii's Survey -; Part One

What Time Is It: 2:31 pm


1.Name: Katia
2.Age: Sixteen
3.Birthday: Feb 27th
4.Hair Color: At the moment, a dark red.
5.Eye Color: Mixture. mostly blue.
6.Relationship Status: Taken, babeh!
7.Gender: Female


8.Color: Black and Pink (together)
9.Number: 7
10.Non-Alcoholic Drink: Water
11.Alcoholic Drink: Erm, I dunno
12.Food: Pizza
13.Month: August
14.Day Of The Week: Saturday
15.Lesson: Erm, any...
16.Teacher: Miss McS
17.Language: English
18.Season: Summer
19.Smell: Cinnamon
20.Book: Georgia Nicolson series xD
21.Film: Don't know...
22.Songs: Dunt Have One!
23.Soup: Chicken
24.Type Of Tea: Normal Tea, with sugar/milk etc
25.Band: None

:-This Or That.

26.Spring Or Fall: Spring
27.Night Or Day: Day
28.North Or South: North
29.Summer Or Winter: Summer
30.Train Or Tricycle: Train
31.Life Or Death: Life
32.Ruby Gloom Or Gloomy Bear: Gloomy Bear
33.Asda Or Co-Op: Asda, babeh!
34.Vanilla Or Chocolate: Vanilla
35.Pink or Blue: Blue
36.Shower Or Bath: Shower
37.Cheese Or Ham: Cheese
38.Pen Or Pencil: Pen
39.Scarf Or Teatowel: Scarf
40.Lipgloss Or Eyeliner: Eyeliner
41.McDonalds Or Subway: McDonalds
42.Straightners Or Curlers: Straightners
43.Lager Or Bitter: Lager
44.Morning Or Evening: Evening
45.Stars Or Stripes: Stars
46.Hugs Or Kisses: Hugs
47.Dogs Or Cats: Cats
48.China Or Japan: Japan
49.Eeyore Or Tigger: Eeyore
50.Muffin Or Cookie: Cookie
51.Chocolate Chip Or Blueberry: Chocolate chip
52.Light Or Dark: Dark
53.Paris Or Milan: Paris
54.New York Or L.A: New York
55.Adam or Eve: Eve
56.Apple Or Pear: Apple
57.Spend Or Save: Spend
58.Ocean Or Pool: Pool
59.Shark Or Crocodile: Crocodile
60.Pins Or Needles: Pins
61.Polka Dots Or Swirls: Polka Dots
62.Hello Kitty Or Betty Boop: Hello Kitty
63.Mickey Or Minnie: Minnie
64.Deodorant Or Anti-Perspirant: Deodorant
65.Drive Or Walk: Drive
66.Bus Or Car: Car 
67.Inside Or Outside: Outside
68.Play Or Relax: Both?
69.Google Or Yahoo: Google
70.Myspace Or Bebo: Myspace
71.Trousers Or Skirt: Trousers
72.Bicycle Or Motorbike: Bicycle
73.Tea Or Coffee: Tea
74.Floor Or Ceiling: Floor
75.Sitting Or Standing: Sitting
76.Asleep Or Awake: Awake
77.Fruit Or Vegetable: Fruit
78.Double Bed Or Kingsize Bed: Double bed
79.Purse Or Wallet: Purse
80.Money Or Love: Love
81.Countryside Or City: City 
82.Health Or Happiness: Happiness
83.By Accident Or On Purpose: Accident

:-Right Now.

84.Is Your Hair Messy: Yes
85.Are You Listening To Music: No
86.If So, What: None
87.Are You Eating: Yes
88.Are You Drinking: No
89.What Time Is It: 2:40pm
90.What's The Weather Like: In the middle
91.What's Your Current Mood: Tired but hyper
92.Are You Wearing Make-Up: Mascara and eyeliner
93.Do You Need A Pee: No :D
94.Are You Watching TV: No
95.Where Are You: In my house
96.What Does It Smell Like: Erm, toast xD
97.Is There Anyone With You: Yes
98.Where Would You Rather Be: In bed
99.What Are You Wearing: Skinny jeans, comfy hoodie, and frog socks


100.What's The Most Rock And Roll Thing You've Done Today: Erm, got up at 2:00?
101.Do You Possess A Kettle: Yes
102.Do You Like Kettles: Yessiree
103.If You Had A Kettle, What Would You Call It: Steamy
104.Do You Want To Be A Kettle: No
105.Do They Fascinate You: Not really
106.Is There A Bin In The Room: Yes
107.What's In It: Rubbish... duh
108.When Did You Last Empty It: No idea
109.Would You Ever Consider Having A Sex Change: No xD
110.Do You Think It'd Be Fun: No... 
111.Do You Have A Deckchair: Yes
112.What Do You Have Next To You: An Xbox 
113.Do You Suck Your Thumb: No
114.Do You Snore: No
115.What Sexuality Would You Say You Are: Straight
116.Do You Sleep Walk: No
117.Do You Talk In Your Sleep: Yes
118.Have You Ever Cut Yourself: Not purposely xD
119.Which ONE Word Sums You Up: Random
120.What Make Is Your Phone: Samsung?
121.Do You Sleep With A Stuffed Toy: Yes
122.Have You Ever Been To Nottingham, England: No
123.Do You Use Public Transport: Yes
124.Do You Have A Bedtime: No
125.Would You Ever Call Yourself A Paramaniac: No?
126.Do You Even Know What One Is: No xD
127.Have You Ever Watched Porn: No
128.Did You Enjoy It: No
129.Have You Ever Downloaded Porn: No
130.Have You Ever Been In A Caravan: Yes
131.Do You Have Any Pets: Yes
132.Do You Like Goldfish: Yes
133.Have You Ever Tried Pocky: No
134.Are You Afraid Of Spiders/Bugs: Yes
135.What About Clowns: Nah
136.Do You Have A Large Kitchen: Yes
137.Are You British: Yes
138.Have You Ever Been To London: Uh-huh
139.Do You Smoke: Nope
140.Have You Ever Done Drugs: Nah
141.Do You Know What TWLOHA Means: Erm, Totally Whatever Like Omigosh Hi Awkay?! So
no xD
142.Do You Support TWLOHA: Eh?
143.Have You Ever Been To A Wedding: Yes
144.What About A Funeral: Yes
145.Do You Like Singing: Yeppers
146.Would You Like More To Be Done About Global Warming: Yes!
147.Do You Own A Barbie: No 
148.Do You Wear A Lot Of Jewellery: Sometimes
149.Do You Have Any Siblings: Yes
150.Do You Shower/Bath Daily: Yes
151.How Often Do You Wash your Hair: Every other day 
152.Do You Like Monkeys: Uh-huh
153.Have You Ever Put Some one Other Than Yourself Into Hospital: No
154.Have You Broken Any Bones: No

:-One Word.

155.I Am: Katia
156.I like: You!
157.Today Has Been: Fun
158.I Can Smell: Toast
159.My Hair Is: Red
160.I Am Listening To: Nothing
161.My Dad Is: Working
162.My Mum Is: Here
163.The Lightswitch: Off
164.I Am In: Chair
165.I Can See: Computer

:-Something You Can See That Is...:

166.Old: My old desk
167.New: Computer
168.Mucky: Mousemat
169.Green: Start button on computer?
170.Pink: A notebook
171.Ugly: The wall?
172.Boring: Printer
173.Bright: The lamp
174.Lucky: My socks
175.Comfy: My clothes
176.Sexy: Nothing
177.Gay: Nothing
178.Brown: Desk
179.Copper: Coin
180.Cheesy: Cheese?
181.Fluffy: My blanket on the chair
182.Orange: A button

:-More Random:

183.Do You Like Potatoes: Yes
185.Do You Watch The Weakest Link: No
186.Do You Hug A Lot Of People: Yeah
187.Do You Have A Best Friend: Yes
188.What About A Worst Enemy: Kind of
189.Is it The afternoon: Yes
190.Does Your Mum Still Buy All Your Underwear: No
191.Did You Ever Own One Of Those Over Grown Pencils That Are Hard To Write With:
192.Did You Notice 184. Was Missing: Yes
193.Did You Just Scroll Back To See if I was Telling Porkies: No

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