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Home Intrusion pt. 2 :: SEX DO NOT READ IF OFFENDED ::Category: sex story
Thursday, 21 February 2008
05:43:23 PM (GMT)
Terri was watching all of this in amazement. Maria was 
now gasping deep breaths, recovering from the throat 
fuck she just received. "Your turn," I told Terri. 

"Please, I can’t do that!" she cried. 

I straddled her body; my cock pointed right at her 
mouth. "Open up," I ordered. 

"Please don’t, you will strangle her!" Maria gasped. 

"Shut up bitch," I told her. I grabbed Terri by the 
hair on top of her head and pulled her face toward my 
cock. "Start sucking!" I ordered. 

Terri opened her mouth and I forced my cock past her 
lips. I slowly fucked back and forth, letting a little 
more of my cock slide in each time. I could feel the 
head hitting the back of her throat and I still had six 
inches to go. I realized that this teenager would never 
be able to take it all, but I wanted to feel her throat 
around part of my dick. "Relax your throat, breathe 
through your nose," I told her. 

Maria watched in fascination and horror as I slid four 
inches of my cock down her daughter’s throat. I stopped 
short of sliding it all the way in; I didn’t want to 
kill her! I still had plans for the evening. I pulled 
my cock out of her throat and slowly fucked her mouth. 

My cock was throbbing and leaking juices. I could feel 
the cum boiling in my balls and knew that I couldn’t 
last much longer. The sight of this fifteen-year-old 
girl sucking my cock was enough to drive me wild. I 
pulled my cock out of her mouth and smeared juices all 
over her face. 

I grabbed Maria by her hair and pressed her face 
against Terri’s. I stuck my cock into Maria’s mouth, 
and then Terri’s, each taking turns sucking on my cock. 
I started stroking my cock, feeling my orgasm 
approaching. I pulled my cock out of Teri’s mouth and 
shot a load of cum directly into it. She gagged and 
spit in reflex. My next shot hit Maria across her lips 
and dripped down her chin. I shot another wad onto 
Terri’s face, hitting her in the forehead. 

"Open your mouths," I shouted. 

Both girls opened their mouths and I shot a huge wad 
into Terri’s throat, followed by another that dripped 
off her lip. I stuck the head into Maria’s mouth and 
shot a stream of cum directly into her. 

Maria slid her tongue across the head of my dick, 
causing it to send another eruption onto her lips and 
tongue. My balls felt like they were coming up through 
my dick. I kept stroking and shooting wad after wad 
onto their faces. They were both covered with cum. It 
was dripping off of their chins onto their chests and 
tits. I smeared the cum around with the head of my 
dick, pushing it into each of their mouths. 

"Lick my cock clean," I told them. 

They both licked and sucked the cum off of my cock. 

"Now lick each other clean," I ordered. 

Maria and Terri began licking the cum off of each 
other’s faces, and I bent down and licked the cum off 
of their tits and chests. I then grabbed each of them 
by the hair and kissed them, sticking my tongue into 
their mouths and swirling the cum around inside.

I pulled them both down onto the bed so they were lying 
on their backs. I tied Terri’s hands behind her back 
and I tied Maria’s feet together. I left them and went 
searching through the house. I found Terri’s room and 
looked through her stuff. I found a small quantity of 
pot in her dresser. I came back to the bedroom and 
looked through Maria’s things. She had a nice 
collection of lingerie in her dresser. Underneath it I 
found a vibrator, shaped like a cock. 

"Well, well, look at what we have here," I exclaimed. 
"It looks like your husband either travels a lot, or 
doesn’t keep you satisfied," I said. The vibrator was 
about ten inches long and two inches in diameter. It 
was covered with flesh-colored latex to make it 
resemble a cock. The switch was on the base and the 
further you turned it, the more it vibrated. "Nice!" I 

I searched through the dresser and found a bottle of 
strawberry-flavored lotion. "I see that you like to 
enjoy yourself, does your husband know about this, or 
is this a private pleasure?" I asked. 

Maria just looked at me, saying nothing. She was 
obviously embarrassed. "Answer me!" I demanded. 

"I use that stuff when he is away for long periods," 
She said. 

"How long has he been gone this time?" I asked. 

"He has been gone three weeks, and will be back 
tomorrow," she said. 

"Three weeks is pretty long, I bet you're nice and 
horny by now," I said. 

Maria didn't reply. "How about you Terri, do you 
masturbate?" I asked. 

"S-sometimes," she said. 

"I bet you like to masturbate after you get stoned," I 

Terri looked at me and then glanced nervously at her 
mother. "Yes," She said. Her mother looked at her in 

I climbed up on the bed with the vibrator, oil, and 
joint. "Let’s get stoned together!" I said. I lit the 
joint and inhaled deeply. It was very good pot. I put 
the joint up to Terri’s mouth and told her to smoke. 
She took a deep drag. I then did the same to Maria. She 
tried to turn her head, but I grabbed her hair and 
pulled hard. "Smoke bitch!" I told her. She took a 
drag, coughing on the smoke. I passed the joint back 
and forth between them, forcing them to smoke the 
entire joint. 

I turned the vibrator on low and slowly rubbed Maria’s 
tits with it. Her nipples instantly became erect. I 
then rubbed Terri’s nipples, and they, too, became 
erect. I alternated between them, rubbing the vibrator 
on their tits, kissing and sucking on their nipples. 
They were both responding to the combination of the 
pot, the vibrator, and the licking and sucking. 

I reached down and slipped my finger into Maria’s 
pussy. It was already wet. I untied her feet so I could 
spread her legs. I ran the vibrator up and down her 
cunt, pressing down on her clit. Maria started rolling 
her hips from side-to-side, clearly turned on. 

Terri was watching her mother respond to the attention 
I was giving to her pussy. "Remember how your mother 
ate your pussy?" I asked Terri. 

"Yes," she said. 

"Did it feel good?" I asked. 

"Yes it felt good; I had never had an orgasm like that 
before," she whispered. 

"I think it’s only fair that you return the favor," I 
told her. I rolled Maria over onto her stomach and 
untied her hands. "Reach up and grab the headboard," I 
told her. 

Maria grabbed the top of the headboard and I tied her 
hands to it. I then moved her up onto her knees. I 
pulled Terri under her mother and positioned her with 
her head directly below her mother’s cunt. I placed a 
pillow under her head, bringing her face in contact 
with Maria’s pussy. "Now, lick and suck your mom’s 
pussy, just like she did for you," I ordered. 

"Please don’t make her do this!" Maria cried. 

I smacked Maria on her ass hard. A red handprint was 
visible. "Shut up!" I told her. 

Terri started kissing her mother’s pussy, pressing her 
mouth against the pussy lips. I reached under and 
pulled Maria’s pussy lips apart. Her pussy was already 
wet from the stimulation I gave it with the vibrator. 
"Lick and suck her cunt!" I ordered. Terri started 
licking Maria’s cunt up and down with her tongue. I 
slipped a finger into her cunt hole and let Terri lick 
the juices off of it. Maria started moaning in spite of 
herself. She moved her hips up and down, giving Terri 
better access to her clit. 

"See this little bump?" I said as I pointed out Maria’s 
clit. "This is your mom’s clit, make sure you lick and 
suck on it."

Terri pressed her lips around Maria’s clit and sucked 
on it. "Ahhhh!" Maria exclaimed. She ground her pussy 
down onto Terri’s face. Terri was licking and sucking 
Maria’s pussy all around the clit, sticking her tongue 
into her cunt hole. 

I took the vibrator and pressed it against Maria’s 
cunt. Terri continued licking around it, as I slid it 
into Maria’s cunt. Maria let out a long moan. "Aggggh, 
that feels so good!" she cried. I slid the entire ten 
inches into Maria’s cunt and turned the vibrator on 
full. Maria was dripping juices out of her pussy and 
Terri was busy lapping them up. 

Terri continued to lick Maria’s cunt lips around the 
vibrator. I slowly fucked Maria’s cunt with the 
vibrator as Terri licked her pussy. Maria was pumping 
her hips up and down, grinding her pussy against her 
daughter’s mouth and then back against the vibrator 
held in my hand. "Ahhhhh, I’m cumming!" she screamed. 

Suddenly a torrent of juices flooded out of Maria’s 
cunt and down into Terri’s mouth. They dripped down her 
cheeks as she tried to catch them. I slid the vibrator 
out of her pussy and joined Terri in licking her juices 
together. Terri and I licked and sucked on Maria’s 
pussy and on each other’s faces. 

Maria collapsed her body down onto her daughter; her 
hands tied to the headboard and her ass in the air. I 
knelt behind her and rubbed my cock against her cunt, 
lubricating it with her juices. "Suck on my cock, get 
it nice and wet," I told Terri. She opened her mouth 
and I slid the head into it. I felt her tongue swirling 
around the head, getting it wet. I pulled it out of her 
mouth and slipped it into Maria’s wet pussy. 

She let out a loud moan, "Ahhhhh, it’s too big!" I 
grabbed her hips and slammed forward, burying all 
eleven inches up to the hilt. Maria shrieked in 
surprise and a mixture of pain and pleasure. 

I pulled back until only the head was in and told 
Terri, "Lick my cock as I fuck your mom." I could feel 
her tongue licking the exposed portion of my dick. I 
began to fuck Maria from behind in long slow strokes. 
Maria was grunting and panting like an animal. 

I took the lotion and dripped some onto her asshole. I 
started probing her asshole with my finger as I slid my 
cock in and out of her pussy. At first she didn’t 
realize what was happening, until I slipped my finger 
into her ass. Maria tried to pull away, but she had 
nowhere to go. "Nooooo, please don’t," she moaned. 

I slid my finger all the way into her ass and started 
finger fucking her asshole at the same time I was 
fucking her cunt. It was incredible feeling my cock and 
finger in her at the same time. Maria started moaning 
and pressing her ass back toward me. I could still feel 
Terri licking my cock and her mother’s pussy as I 
fucked her with long slow strokes. I pulled my cock out 
of Maria’s pussy and slid the vibrator into her cunt. I 
pressed the head of my cock against her asshole and 
forced the head into it. 

"No!" Maria shouted. 

I continued forcing my cock further into her ass. I 
could feel the vibrator in her cunt vibrating against 
my cock. I got about four inches into her ass and 
stopped to let both of us catch our breath. I slowly 
fucked her ass, each time going a little deeper. 

Maria was grunting, "Uh uh uh uh," over and over. I had 
about eight inches in her ass and was still slowly 
fucking her in and out. I could feel my orgasm building 
so I grabbed her hips and slammed the remaining three 
inches into her. I could feel my cock bang up against 
her internal organs. 

Maria screamed, "Ahhhhhhggggggh!" I started fucking her 
ass with a steady long stroke. I would pull almost all 
the way out of her ass and then slide all the way back 
up inside. As my orgasm approached, I started pounding 
in and out faster and harder. I could feel my cock 
swell, and so could Maria. She let out another scream 
as my cock exploded deep inside her ass. 

I kept pumping in and out as I filled her ass full of 
cum. I pulled out of her ass and it made a popping 
sound, like a cork from a wine bottle. I slowly pulled 
the vibrator out of her pussy. Maria shivered as I 
pulled it out. I pulled Terri out from under her mother 
and made her lick my cock clean of cum and ass juices. 
Her face was smeared with the cum and juices that had 
leaked out of her mother’s cunt and ass. 

Terri licked and sucked the juices off of my cock and 
then licked her mother’s ass clean, sucking the cum out 
of it. Terri was becoming a nice little cum-slut and 
she was still a virgin.

I got off of the bed and went into the bathroom. I 
washed off my cock and brought in a towel to clean up 
Maria and Terri. Terri was laying on her side, her 
hands and feet tied. Maria was still tied to the 
headboard. I untied her and laid her on her back and 
tied her hands together. 

I cleaned them up and went back to Terri’s room and 
rolled another joint. I went back to the bedroom and 
sat on the bed between the girls. I lit the joint and 
again forced them to smoke it. They were both quite 
high by now. I untied their hands and feet and let them 
use the bathroom. I made Maria try on different 
lingerie outfits. She looked stunning in a white teddy 
with white stockings. I made her keep it on and made 
Terri put on some black stockings. They both looked 
very sexy. 

I sat on the edge of the bed and made the two of them 
kneel in front of me. "I want you both to suck my cock, 
just like earlier," I told them. Terri was the first to 
lean forward and take my cock into her mouth. She 
sucked on the head, using her tongue in the slit on 
top. Maria started licking the shaft up and down. She 
took one of my balls into her mouth and gently sucked 
on it. She did the same to the other one. 

She started licking and sucking on them one at a time. 
They were too big to both fit in her mouth at the same 
time. Terri continued working on the top of my cock, 
licking and sucking it. She could take about five 
inches into her mouth before it filled up. My cock was 
hard as a rock again. 

I pulled Terri up onto the bed and laid her on her 
back. I pulled Maria up next to her and laid her on her 
back as well. I poured lotion on my cock and rubbed it 
up and down, soaking it in strawberry flavoring. I 
began fingering Terri’s and Maria’s pussies. 

Maria was still wet from the fucking she had earlier. 
Her cunt felt stretched and I could easily slip three 
fingers into it. I only used one finger on Terri. Her 
pussy felt nice and tight and I could feel her cherry 
if I stuck my finger up far enough. 

"Please don’t fuck me," Terri said, as I finger fucked 
her. "I'm a virgin," She said. 

"I know you’re a virgin, that’s why this is going to be 
special," I told her. "I want your mother to ask me to 
fuck you."

Maria was moving her hips in rhythm with my fingers and 
didn’t realize what I said at first. She suddenly 
noticed that Terri and I were looking at her. "What?" 
she said.

"I want you to tell me to fuck your daughter," I 

"Please don’t ask me to do that," She cried. "You have 
already raped us, please don’t fuck her, she’s just a 

I got down off the bed and tied Terri’s hands to the 
headboard. I then tied Maria’s hands behind her back. 
"I told you not to question me and to do as I say," I 
told them. "It appears that since we've been fucking, 
you don’t remember who makes the rules," I said. "It’s 
time for a little lesson." 

I took the stun-gun in one hand and used the other to 
spread Maria’s cunt lips open. I gently licked and 
sucked on her pussy until her clit was erect. I took 
the stun-gun and put the electrode against her clit and 
pulled the trigger. I could see the electricity pass 
right through her clit. 

Maria screamed, "Ahhhhhhh!" Her pussy contracted and 
suddenly shot piss all over my hand. I wiped my hand on 
the teddy she was wearing and moved up to her tits. I 
placed the electrodes against one of her nipples and 
pressed the trigger. Maria let out another scream and 
her tit was rock hard for an instant. "Do you want me 
to continue?" I asked. 

Maria was crying, "No, please stop." She said. 

"What do you want me to do?" I asked. 

"Please fuck my daughter," she cried. 

Terri began crying, "Please don’t," she begged. 

I climbed back onto the bed and spread Terri’s legs 
apart. I again began to slowly finger fuck her cunt. I 
bent down and kissed her hard on the mouth, forcing my 
tongue into her mouth. I moved to her tits, licking and 
sucking them, making her nipples hard. I placed the 
head of my cock against her pussy and rubbed it up and 
down her slit. I forced the head into her tight hole. 
Terri let out a loud moan, "Ohhhh no!" 

I slowly pushed my cock deeper into her cunt. I 
couldn’t believe how tight it was. I could feel the 
head bump up against her cherry. I only had about an 
inch inside her. I slowly began moving the head back 
and forth inside the opening of her cunt. Her pussy 
started getting wet, providing additional lubrication. 
I pushed my cock forward until it pressed against her 
cherry, then pulled back and then forward again. This 
time I pushed another four inches up inside her. I 
could feel her hymen tear as she let out a cry, 

I slowly pulled back and forth, letting her get used to 
being fucked with about five inches of fat cock. Terri 
started responding to the sensation of being fucked. 
Her pussy was getting wetter and her hips were starting 
to move a little. I slowly started moving in and out, 
each time a little deeper. I had about ten inches in 
her cunt when I felt it banging up against her cervix. 
I then began to fuck steadily. 

My strokes went from the head of my cock just inside to 
the head banging against her insides. Terri was lost in 
the sensation. Her eyes were rolled up into her head 
and she was rocking in rhythm to my fucking. Suddenly I 
felt her cunt squeeze my cock and she let out a shout, 
"AHHHHH I’M CUMMING!" she shouted. 

I felt the juices from her pussy squirting out around 
my cock. I kept pounding away at her pussy, feeling my 
own orgasm approaching. I looked over at Maria and she 
was watching with a look of horror on her face. I reach 
over and grabbed her by her hair and laid her head down 
on Terri’s stomach facing my pounding cock. Now she had 
a great view of her daughter getting fucked for the 
first time. I could feel my balls tighten up and I 
rammed my cock as deep as I could into Terri’s cunt. 

She let out another scream as my cock swelled up and 
shot a massive load of cum deep within her. I pulled 
back until the head was just inside her cunt lips and 
shot another wad. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and 
aimed at Maria’s face. Shot after shot of thick cum 
squirted all over her face and Terri’s belly. I smeared 
the cum all over her face with my cock. 

"Lick my dick off," I told her. 

Maria licked the cum off of my dick, sucking the last 
of the load from the still oozing cum-hole. I dragged 
her up to Terri’s face and told Terri, "Lick your mom’s 
face clean." Terri licked my cum and her cunt juice off 
of her mother’s face.

Maria asked me, "Are we finished?"

I looked at her and she refused to meet my eyes. "Let’s 
ask Terri if she’s had enough," I said.

Terri looked at her mother and then at me. "I’ve had 
enough, please go and we won’t tell anyone," She said. 

"Yes, please go, we won’t call the police," Maria 

I looked at the both of them and actually felt sorry. 
They had cooperated and the sex had been terrific. The 
room smelled like a whorehouse. I don’t think I had 
another load left in me. They had drained me. I tied 
them up and left.

HotSexyDude says:   21 February 2008   997786  
Your such a talented writer.
Sex_stories_author says:   21 February 2008   589294  
Thank you 
BabyHaily says:   22 February 2008   679363  
that made me so horny
FerretMasta says:   16 April 2008   612848  
Yes i agree with hotsexdude, very talented.
rosebabe says:   19 April 2008   915225  
doesn't the title say if u feel offended don't read 
‹Pain; The Bunnie o(≧▽≦)o› says:   13 November 2008   733642  
you can make me feel so horny and so bad at the same time 

your writing is awesome but this kind of makes me upset cause i got
raped when i was 13 

but i love your stories and you are an amazing writer cant wait for
the next one
‹+ThErapY-haZArarD+› says:   2 January 2009   767821  
wowowo thats awsome ur an awsome righter
Sex_stories_author says:   26 January 2009   568968  
Oh, lord, please, you read the first one, and realized it was going
to be force, so, why the fuck would you read the second when you were
so offended by the first? Dumb twats.
cjthemantaylor says:   22 September 2010   810151  
wow fucking amazing
Ryou_Misaki says:   21 October 2011   274171  
i wish there could be a part where he comes back some time later
dessdemona says :   14 October 2012   648711  
You are truly talented.

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