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In the mind of boys...From the Girls piont of viewCategory: (general)
Saturday, 16 February 2008
11:56:58 AM (GMT)
Date:  	  Feb 14, 2008 9:26 PM
Body: 	Why Boys are so weird:

1.They have to be MANLY

2.They never are supposed to express their feelings(usually)

3.Until Boys are about 12 or 13 they actually act mature (bummer)

4.Boys mostly like girls for their BODY And Looks (Thats Stupid, I know)

5.Boys have this weird instinct of not using common sense.

6.Boys think girls.. should have to do the DIRTY WORK not true at all ..

7.Boys can't keep a secret..

8. Most boys are Judgmental

9. Sensitive boys are LOVES best friend, but seem to be PUSH OVERS ..

10. Boys are a problem for girls to get over and to get along with to choose rather
or not to go out or to flirt. THATS HOW GIRLS GET MAD AT EACH OTHER! <>>>

Yet I found the perfect boy and he can keep a secret.
Last edited: 17 February 2008

Kirti says:   16 February 2008   731682  
umm not really true.

they do feel they have to be manly true, but they aren't really mature
till they're 27 as far as i can tell.

I'm already 13, and i haven't met a mature boy yet!

some can keep secrets i s'ppose. i haven't actually shared a major
secret with a guy. minor things sure, but somethings just need to
still between girls.

ive talk to guys about the body and looks thing. they say it's just
what first gets them interested, then they talk to the person
inside the body. and since they all like differnt looks, and
differnt personalities, that's not bad. and its not like girls dont
get interested because a guy is hot, and thats why the start
talking to him. that happens all the time, both genders.

Judgmental about what?

girls would get mad even without boys.

like this.
A:"hey! those are the same Ugs i got two days ago! you copied me!"
B:"no these are better looking. oops, thats just me!"   
A:"are you kidding, you could never pull these off!"
C:"guys, all Ugs are ugly. they are hideous and made from the skin of
dead cattle."
A&B:*begin removing Ugs and whacking each other with them for insults,
plus C just for giving them a reality check.*

oh common you know it would happen.
rosie_bluee says:   23 February 2008   362257  
she said there mature TILL they get to 13 
you practicaly just repeated what she said .
you just have guy isuess, 
find a friend and talk to someone about it.
i know the truth hurts.
rawr_ima_frog says:   1 March 2008   984542  
Guys are all buttheads until they are like 50, but girls learn to
look past their stupid flaws and love them for who they are.
Like, me i have the world's most perfect boyfriend, he talks to me
like i am human and not some stupid girl and he listens and keeps
secrets and is really funny, he can make me laugh harder than anyone
has before, but the only problem is he won't kiss me
baby__123 says:   28 March 2008   845641  
no boy on the face of this earth can keep a secert and i have trusted
too many boys to kno that
xhott_chickx says:   3 June 2008   135656  
i have 2 guy frends that are awesome 

i go owt with 1 of them but ..... tha other 1 is crak up 
sure we are immature but we get used to eachoda and now we are
sure i tell them every thing and yes it gets weird but i can trust
i can trust them more than gurls .... flirting yerr.... it happens but
its all for fun ... yes i flirt with them even tho i hav a bf but 1 of
them is ma bf sooo yeah .... gurls sum tyms annoy me but these guys
are awesome and they look past ma body and ma face and they see me for
the real me ... the think im hot but they hav gotten used to me and
now talk to me for just me no perks just the works .. lol !!!
yeah i thought id write on here jst to get ma point across cuz honeslt
GUYS ARNT WAT U SED THEY ARE ( well not all guys any way )

Cyaz :P:P:P:P:P

shayanne says:   18 June 2008   845448  
boys r'ent mature until they are 18.
please, I've seen 13 yr olds acting like 3 yr olds.
27?? wtf???
what is wrong with yougirl?? you you on some kind of medication??
EmilyMarie16 says:   8 July 2008   424683  
ha ha they mature at 12 or 13!? im 14 and still havent met a mature
CLOVER555 says:   12 August 2008   419617  
Ugh,don't I know it!
‹<3 Alison› says:   7 September 2008   677482  
hey boys can too keep secrets. I told a boy who I had a crush on, and
he never discused it with anyone but me.
‹<3 Her lips taste like a loaded gun</3› says:   12 October 2008   862426  
i agree with rawr_ima_frog
‹A_Little_Girl_With_a_Big_Heart› says:   28 October 2008   383643  
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............ boys complicat things too much
pinkypincessz says:   8 November 2008   227838  
97% Guys r hornii, dats a fact - I found out da hard way...
1000s_of_kitties says:   14 December 2008   496356  
I have TWO mature boys in my middle school.And even Jose acts
immature every now and then.Then the other Jose hangs with the girls
so much and acts like one its really unnerving.
1000s_of_kitties says:   14 December 2008   333976  
And I definately agree with raven_halo.Boys do.Thisone boy in my
algebra class is so immature.And he's 13.Plus,my friend went through
elementary with him,and knows he was immature there.
‹a lifeless rebel in a dying world› says:   29 December 2008   461273  
Ok I'm not really imature most of the time. And I can keep a secret!
I like girls for personality, looks are just a bonus. I don't like to
show my feeling. I guess I act manly, well not really.

Yeah I'm probably not supposed to be commenting cause this is supposed
to be from a girls perspective but I was curious
‹a lifeless rebel in a dying world› says:   29 December 2008   295449  
Also I don't really use common sense a lot lol. What do u mean
judgemental? I don't think girls should have to do the dirty work. I'm
a pretty sensitive guy but I am no push-over.
shawnman says:   1 January 2009   752593  
lol dat funny as i get older lol i get less  machur lol
‹iFUCKINGloveHATS› says:   14 January 2009   618935  
When did maturity have anything to do with a relationship? When
you're 13/14 you aren't mature. When you act mature and you're 13/14.
you're actually just acting like you're mature, acting like you're
mature isn't mature at all.

Same with boys think girls should do all the work. That's not totally
true, it's the guy's job to provide, right? Ever heard of that before


I disagree with 10. Boys are a problem for girls to get over and to
get along with to choose rather
or not to go out or to flirt. THATS HOW GIRLS GET MAD AT EACH OTHER!

That problem goes both ways, ladies.
seeitloveit says:   21 February 2009   364775  
Hey thats offensive to me
Yusuke_hearts_Keiko says:   24 February 2009   299998  
Most boys tend to act stupid at times. My cousin is 18,and I doubt
he's matured much in the past year since I've seen him.I mean
seriously,last year he ran away from home for 2 weeks just before
Christmas.Apparently at 13 he started smoking.And he's actually dumb
enough to cuss out his mom.I've only know one mature boy at my
school.And he acts silly occasionally.And at my old school, in 4-5th
grade,a boy was practically my best friend.We always played together
when recess came.I miss him,but I know I'm probably not going to see
him.If I did,he'd probably be even stupider than the guys in my class.
‹Ninja.Pocky(っ>ω<)っ› says:   7 March 2009   161152  
I have lots of friends that are boys and they are so kind to me. They
are not the weirdest thing in the world. They are very nice and
caring. They listen with your problems (sometimes) And they make you
laugh. I don't agree with you that much but i'm talking about my
friends. Not what you are talking about.
Sexii_Boii says:   5 April 2009   955196  
Girl, u need to stop acting like u know everything about guys because
enless you have a penis dangling between those legs you don't have a
damn clue wat guys are like.
Serpent says:   11 April 2009   663585  
lol, sad thing is o.o he's right well o.o cept that last part,
anyways you can't know what we think, because we ourselves don't know
that. So if you made that yourself, it's wrong, and if you chained it,
please stop.
twilight_fan45 says:   16 May 2009   176711  
‹JessyARGH› says:   18 May 2009   768247  
Oh no.
Guys do not mature at 12 or 13.
Oh god no.
Maybe around 16+
Trust me.
‹Strider› says:   23 May 2009   562182  
That's almost 100% bull. -_- Jesus, it's sad how much some women
really don't know.
roseannelivesinherownworldandlivesherownlife says:   1 September 2009   942661  
KINDA true but KINDA crap.


I mean yeah, everyone knows a guy like the above, or who has at least
one thing in common with the above. 
But we all know guys who are NOTHING AT ALL like it, and who are sweet
and mature. 
THE ONLY PROBLEM IS girls sometimes go all bitchy about guys (I'm not
saying you in particular, but girls in GENERAL) and guys can go botchy
about girls (ditto). The thing is, only about 30% (or something like
that) are like the opposite sex is the best thing in the world,
they're so kind, and mature, and my god, I love them!
My best friend grew up with her cousin, who is a boy, and so she
always looked on guys as friends, and not like to date. She would
never say a bad things about boys, because they're like, her best
One of my other best friends always hangs about with girls, and thinks
guys are the most vulgar things on the planet. She would ask one out
and if they said no she would go all like, MY GOD HOW COME I EVER
move onto another guy, and it would happen all over again . . . .
With guys, my friend's cousin is like my best friend. He looks on
girls as friends, and not to go out with. He thinks I'm the most
annoying person on the planet, ad his best friends all agree. (^^) But
they still hang around with me, talk to me, and 


This goes for guys as well as girls.
‹Cassidy916› says:   21 September 2009   797616  
guys dont mature fully until there 25 i know that for a fact
jajah says:   21 October 2009   134894  
oh and i more thing the get really jealous
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   29 October 2009   786043  
1.They have to be MANLY
Nope =D
2.They never are supposed to express their feelings(usually)
Nope =D
3.Until Boys are about 12 or 13 they actually act mature (bummer)
Lolwhut? Nope =D
4.Boys mostly like girls for their BODY And Looks (Thats Stupid, I know)
Okay, yes.
5.Boys have this weird instinct of not using common sense.
6.Boys think girls.. should have to do the DIRTY WORK not true at all ..
Definitely not =D
7.Boys can't keep a secret..
Nope =D
8. Most boys are Judgmental
9. Sensitive boys are LOVES best friend, but seem to be PUSH OVERS ..
10. Boys are a problem for girls to get over and to get along with to choose rather or not to go out or to flirt. THATS HOW GIRLS GET MAD AT EACH OTHER! <>>>
SuperTechDude says:   12 March 2010   689896  
8. = Hyporcrite much?
neyda says:   23 May 2010   582727  
wow..................she kind of has a
piont.....................there is like a bunch at boys at my skool
that only like u for your body..........stupid rite?!?
KawaiiNekoChan says:   31 May 2010   191990  
dunt forget how they always have to be right and are gross :D
abbiecadabbie98 says:   23 January 2011   400724  
Every boy is different, but i ont judge them , cuz until u have went
out with EVERY SINGLE BOY/MAN ON THIS EARTH, you have no idea.. So i
like a boy for who they are around me and what they r like when im not
around. Give them a break! I mean yeah some guys can be kinda pervy,
but not every single on eis like that, and they cant help the way they
feel about something.. So just give it up plzz. thx.. and btw girls
are just as bad.. its called a whore? kay??
1Midnight3Sky7 says:   10 February 2011   952417  
(lol Imma call them DUDEZZ)
:U most boys are my friends 'sept those annoying ones i thought this
dude was annoying and mean but really he was actually lonely that was
weirdddd... Like, not all boys r like that. 
(and some are saying they r manly when a girl punches them HARD, but
then my friend once called and scolded me for hurting him =.= *he was
actually hurt*)
musicluva says :   15 June 2013   313565  
i use to catch on but like im popular because im fierce, nice, cool,
and keep secrets oh you should parshly cross out the last one but not
ussually. um... i think of my crush and... im a traitor, and i think
of him all the time! i dream about him!... i dont want to be one but
for him i will be one.


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