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229 things about meCategory: me
Friday, 15 February 2008
01:24:27 AM (GMT)
Name: Dana

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Screen name: Hinata_Hyuuga_294

Birthday: Jan 9

Race: white


Job: not old enough

Status: Single

Hometown: all righhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht

Current Town: killer

Parents still together: yes

Siblings: 2 sisters

Pets:4 dogs

Smoker: not old enough

Drinker: not old enough

Orientation: strait

Drugs: not old enough

Hair color: sandy blond

Is it dyed: highlighted 

Eye color: greenish blue

Height: im small

Style:kinda punky/emo

Glasses/contacts/none: glasses

Freckles: none

Body Type: Athletic

Shoe size: 3 halfs

Peircings: ears 

Want more: i want one on my lip

Tattoos: none

Want more: none


Overall best feature: my smile

Overall worst feature: my ass

Do you get most of your traits from your mom or dad: dad

Favorite color: blue or LAVANDER!!!!!!!!!

Worst color: neon yellow, like highlighter yellow

Favorite number: 2

Favorite Animal: wolf

Least Favorite Animal: clown

Favorite Flower: lilac and tulip

Favorite Food: ramen

Worst food: shushi

Favorite Junk food: doritos

Worst Junk Food: dont really have one

Favorite restaraunt: panda express

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: choclate

Favorite Candy: straberry and cream lifesavers

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: to young

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink:water

Worst Alcoholic Drink: to young

Worst Non-Alcoholic Drink: soda

Favorite Genre of Music: pop

Worst Genre: rap

Favorite Band/Artist:Avril Lavigne

Worst Band/Artist: i don't really hate anyone i just don't particulary like rap

Favorite Song: unwanted by Avril Lavigne

Worst song: i love you by barney

Favorite Radio Station: the drive

Favorite Book: twilight

Worst book: idk

Favorite type of Movie: horror

Worst type of Movie: action

Favorite Movie: the chinese virson of the eye

Worst Movie: ghost rider

Favorite TV show: naruto, higurashi

Worst TV show: one peice

Favorite season of the year: winter

Worst season: summer

Best Friend: i have 2 sandy, seana

Worst enemys: a stalker, a smart ass, and miss i dont know what personal space is

Favorite Day of the Week:friday

Least Favorite day of the Week: thursday

Favorite Sport: volleyball

Least Favorite Sport: track

One thing you cant get enough of: higurashi and death scenes on naruto

One thing that you hate more than anything: clowns

Are you single: yes

If not who is your bf/gf: none

How long have you been together: none

If you are single do you like it: yes

Do you have a crush on anyone: yes

Right now:yes

First Kiss: nope

Ever kiss in the Rain: no, but that would be the ultimate kiss

In a movie theatre:no

Underwater: no

First love: no

Have you ever cheated on anyone: no 

Been cheated on: no

Used someone: no 

Been used: yes

Lied to your bf/gf: no

Ever made out with just a friend: no

Ever had sex with just a friend: no

Are you a tease: yes

Do you flirt a lot: no

Longest relationship: never been in a relationship

Shortest: no

Have you ever gotten a poem: no

Ever get flowers: no

Sweetest thing you have ever gotten: candy

Do you like valentines day:yes

Do you believe in love at first sight: no

Do you believe in "The One": no

Do you fall in love fast: no

Are you a player: no 

Would you ever hook up with some one of the same sex:no

Have you ever kissed two people in the same day: no

Kissed two people at the same time: no

Had sex with two people in one day: no

Had sex with 2+ people at the same time: no

Ever cried over someone of the opposite sex: no

Ever been dumped: no

Ever dumped someone: no

Ever been rejected: no

Do you have a lot of ex's: none

Are you a slut: no

Ever been called one: no

Ever dated someone more than once:no 

Do you ever make the first move: no

Double dates or single: double

Do you want to get married: yes 

Can you drive:not old enough

Do you have a car: no

Do you have a cell phone: no

Are you online a lot: YES

Do you like gay/bi people: they are ok

Can you speak another language: some japanise

Do you collect anything: no

Have an obsession: anime and ramen

Do you hate yourself: most times

Ever smile for no reason: yes

Talk to yourself: yep all the time even argue with myself

Do you have regrets: more than you can count

Believe in magic: no

Do you support gay marrige: its theyr life so yes

Sex before marrige:no

Do you trust people easily: no 

Forgive easily: no i hold a gruge

Do you have a secret that no one knows: of course everyone does

Do you get along with your parents: sometimes

What about people: ...

How do you vent your anger: i hit things 

Do you like George W Bush: no

Goal before you die:find the reason to life

Biggest fear: being hated

Biggest weakness: ramen

Do you play an instrument: no

What do you want to be when you grow up: nurse or a doctor

A bitch: all the time

A daydreamer: YES

Shy: sometimes

Talkative: yes

Energetic: yes 

Happy: sometimes

Depressed: most times

Funny: hell yea


Boring: idk

Mean:test me and you will get a handful of bitch

Nice: yep

Caring:i guess

Trustworthy: of course


Friendly: yes

Smart: half and half

Sarcastic: yes!!!

Dependable: yep you bet

Quiet: yes

Weird: yes

Adaptable: sometimes

Strong (emotionally): no

Strong (physically): yes 

Mature: yes

Logical: no

Religious: no

Modest: no

Indesicive: depends


Polite: yes

Creative: yep

Fun to be around: hopefully

Loveable: how would I know

Easily Amused: yes


Daring: yup

Clumsy: yes


Lazy: yes

Scary: yes

Optimistic: at times

Persuasive: yes

A good listener: VERY

Curious: Yes

Determined: yes

Artistic: yes

Honest: yep

Respectful: yes

Conceited: no

Cocky: sometimes

Controlling: no

Playful: yup

Easy going:yup

Carefree: no

Hot-Headed:at times

Serious: when I need to be

Thoughtful: yes

Considerate: i hope so

Stubborn: yes


Ambitious: Yes

Jealous: yes, sometimes

Insecure: yes

Obsessive: with some stuff

Attentive: if I feel like it

Helpful: sometimes

Punctual: I try

Rational: yes

Sincere: yes

Tolerant: of certain things

want to better yourself in life:yes
Last edited: 15 February 2008

‹ruthie .› says:   15 February 2008   391473  
Woow that must of taken a long time. I can never resist a survey x]
Hinata_Hyuuga_294 says :   15 February 2008   524348  
ooooo i know! ^-^

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