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Tuesday, 29 January 2008
08:08:17 PM (GMT)
Seven years have passed since Kayla's mom's death and it took toll on her. Kayla's
eyes that once sparkled with happiness now seemed dark and cold.Her long black hair
that was waist length now was shoulder length and had two silver spots at the top of
her head. Her once happy and bubbly personality turned quiet and cold. Kayla's
birthday had always been her least favorite day. That day the death of her mom always
swam before Kayla's eyes.
       The alarm clock rang at 7:00 next to kayla's bed. "dang alarm clock.." Kayla
muttered as she shut it off and heaved herself out of bed. Kayla got ready for school
that day. When Kayla ran down the stairs she was sporting a Linkin Park t-shirt with
a pair of skinny jeans with black converse and black and silver arm warmers. In the
kitchen her Aunt Brooke stood there making breakfast. Her kind face was slightly
wrinkled with age. Brooke's long brown hair was streaked with gray. "Morning Aunt
Brooke." grumbled Kayla as she grabbed a peice of toast to eat."My, aren't we in a
cheery mood today!"replied Aunt Brooke as she sat down with a plate of eggs at the
table and began to eat. Kayla just slung her bag on her shoulder. Something slipped
out. 'What's this?' Kayla thought as she picked up the sheet of paper. It
was.............homework!'I'll need that' Kayla thought as she stuffed it back in her
bag. She took a look at the clock."Holy crud I'm gonna be late!!" Kayla shouted as
she ran out the door."Bye!" Kayla called as she ran to the bus stop. Just then the
bus came. 'Phew! Just in time." Kayla thought as she got on the bus and sat on her
own as usual.


"AUNT BROOKE!!!! I'M HOOOOME!!!" Kayla shouted as she walked into her aunt's house.
Silence answered her shout. An air of disturbance surrounded her.'Please oh God,
please don't let this be what I think it is!!' Kayla thought as she ran into the
kitchen. Thankfully there was no body. A note was there though. Kayla picked it up
and read it. It said 'Kayla, Went out to get moving truck. Will be back soon. love,
Auntie Brooke'. "I'm moving now? Greeeaat." Kayla said aloud to herself. After a
couple minutes Kayla left to pack her room.
    Five minutes later Kayla was almost done with her room when a small slip of paper
slipped out. "Hn..?" Kayla hned as she picked up the paper. It was the note her mom
gave her. Kayla read the note, her face contorted in shock. "I am a what??"

you shall find out in the next chapter what kayla is!!
Last edited: 8 March 2008

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