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Katie Chapter 4Category: horror story
Thursday, 17 January 2008
10:04:16 AM (GMT)
"It's not fair." Katie sobbed into her dad's shoulder, she couldn't bare the sight
of seeing her mom's body being taken away.
"Shush, it's okay."
"No! No it's not! I should've saved her." Katie cried harder. "IT'S ALL MY FAULT!!"
She screeched, the paramedics looked at her.
"Erm. Hi, i'm Buddy." A tall man with a bushy beard wlaked up to Katie and her
family. "I'm a detective, i'm searching for clues about this murder." He looekd at
"No! Adam would never do something like kill mom." Katie portested stand up to the
man, it turned out that Katie was taller than him, and even she wasn't that
"I'm sorry, I can't take judgements just inquirys. Can I speak to you first."

"Look. You said, 'Listen everyone this stadium will be alight.' How in the world of
hope and glory did you know that?"
"I dunno. I saw it, I guess."
"You can't guess that you saw something as horrific as that." Buddy exclaimed.
"Listen, Buddy, I DON'T KNOW!" Katie said, she moved to his face. He could smell the
strawberry bubble gum she was chewing.
"Okay." He said wincing at the smell. "How did you know your mother was going to be
killed by a fan."
"I saw an image of fan." She paused. "That wasn't there."
"Uh huh."
"True story!" Katie held her hands up.
"Okay, did you cause your mother's death?" Buddy asked sighing.
"No!" Adam protested. "If you're saying to me that I should give up so you can win an
award, then bum nuggets to you."
"Okay. How old are you Adam?"
"How old is your sister."
"Thank you Adam." Buddy shooed him away.

"I'm so sorry." Selena said to Katie on the phone.
"I know you are."
"It's my fault."
"No! No it isn't!" Selena told her. Katie smiled.
"You're a good friend."
"Wanna go shopping tomorrow."
"Su-" Katie paused, she thought she could see something pale blue floating towards
her. She blinked. Gone.
"Sure, sound's like fun."
"See ya."
"Yeah, see ya." Katie turned back to where the 'pale blue cloth' was. Selena said her
favourite colour was pale blue, and she liked boys wearing pale blue. Something in
Katie's mind clicked. "SELENA!"

AnimeFanOVGY says :   17 January 2008   125942  
"I know you are." Katie wailed. "It's my fault."


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